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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

100 Years Ago Today, 25 March 1921

Age, Thursday 24 March 1921, page 10


A special general meeting will be held at the Amateur Sports Club on Wednesday next, 30th March, at 7.45 p.m, and the council of the V.A.B.F.A. trusts that all clubs will be fully represented. Mr. W. A. Cumming, the acting hon. secretary will be pleased to hear from the various secretaries, communications to be sent to the Caledonian Club, Queen's Walk, Melbourne.

Albany Despatch, Thursday 24 March 1921, page 3


A scratch match under the British Association football rules will be played on the Perth-road ground on Saturday afternoon between representatives of the newly-formed Thistle and Corinthian clubs. The game -will start at 3 o'clock. The Thistle combination will be chosen from: Fell. R. Robins, Van Wyk, Booth, Price, C. Robins, S. Penter, Jennings. Williamson, S. Brown, Dempster, Scott, J. Reddin and Murray.

Week (Brisbane), Friday 25 March 1921, page 21





An Important move is afoot in Soccer football circles. With the entry of 16 senior clubs in the metropolitan competition as against nine last year, the Queensland Football Association is faced with the problem of dividing them into two divisions—to be known us division 1 and division II.—to the satisfaction of the players concerned. 

It should not be difficult, however, for the QFA to decide which clubs shall be in the respective divisions. The performanccs of individual clubs last season will assist them in this. The 16 senior clubs in clude four from Ipswich, and four, newly formed, in Brisbane. Ipswich will probably claim to have at least two of their clubs in division I; the four new clubs will naturally go to division II. 

Judging by last season's performances of the various teams, as shown by the premiership tables,the clubs will possibly be divided as follows:—


Corintlhans                Pineapple R. 

Thistles                      Bulimba 

Pineapple R.              Booval

Queen's Park             Blackstone 

Brisbane City            Toowong

S. Brisbane U.           Kangaroos

Bush Rats                  Western Suburbs 

Bundamba                 Wynnum

The first six clubs in division 1 appeared in the order named in the metropolitan com petition table, at the end of last season. Bush Rats, were premiers, and Bundamba runners-up, in the Ipswich and West Moreton competition.

Pineapple Rovers, it will be noted, appear in each division. This year the club will field two senior teams, and as it is unlikely that the second eleven will be stronger than the first, one would expect to see it start off in division 2. Toowong, Kangaroo Athletic, Western Sub urbs. and Wynnum are the new clubs, whilst Booval, Bundamba, Blackstone, and Bush Rats .are the Ipswich clubs, who, as a result of a con ference with the Brisbane clubs on Saturday last decided to play this year in the metropolitan competition. Home and away matches will be played each week between Brisbane and Ipswich clubs.

As anticipated in my notes last week, there have been important changes in the personnel of the various clubs. Thistles' half-back line will comprise Callum, Peebles, and Love; all of whom represented Queensland against New South Wales in the southern State last season: Callum last season played for Brisbane City and Love for Queen's Park. South Brisbane United have been strengthened In the half-back line by the inclusion of W. Hanson and Peter Spence, formerly of Ipswich Railways. Spence represented the A.I.F. against H.M.S. Renown, and in 1914 he played for Queensland against New South Wales. Mathewson, of Pineapple Rovers, has signed on with Corinthians.

Forty-three clubs, as compared with thirty six last season, have to date affiliated with the Q.F.A. The 16 senior clubs have already been named; the junior clubs are as follows:—

First Grade
Fairfields, Kedron United, Gym. Football Club, Rosalie Rovers, Latrobes, Thistle, Corinthian, Brisbane City.

Second Grade
St. Lucia. Gym. Football Club. Oxley. Toowong, Merthyr, Bulimba Rangers, Kangaroos, Glennallen, Brisbane City, Thistle. Corinthian. Ellenas.

Third Grade
Bulimba Rangers. Merthyr. Caledonian, Ovals,- Nundah, Toowong, Wilston, Pineapple Rovers. Westwood, Thistle. Shafston Rovers, Corinthians, Violets. Kangaroo, Rangers.

Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate, Saturday 26 March 1921, page 2

Granville District Football Association. 

The Annual Report. 

Annual report and balance-sheet for season 1920 was presented at the annual general meeting, held at the School of Arts, Granville on Tuesday, March 22:-


After a most successful season I have pleasure in presenting, on behalf of the management committed, their annual report and balance-sheet. 

The following competitions were controlled by the committee: Juvenile (R.T. Young Memorial), won by Ryde Junior (Nurse Cup) won by Auburn Starlight; All-age (Granville Challenge Shield), won by Auburn District; Cottam Memorial Cup, won by Two Blues. District Team.-The District team, managed by a sub-committee, consisting of Messrs. J. Macdonald, F. Robertson and A. Peatty (acting for R. Fairweather, who was in hospital most of the season), had a fairly successful season, and, although only securing 11 points in the Metropolitan First League competition, reached the final of the Gardiner Cup, being beaten by Balmain Fernleigh by 2 goals to 0. They also competed in the Nurse Cup (South Coast competition), winning one match and losing one. The complete record is as follows:-Won 14, lost 8, drawn 6, goals for 69, against 36. 

G. Dane and H. Wheat were included in the N.S.W. team that toured Queensland, and also in the matches v. Queensland that took place in Sydney. W. Dane was included in the latter matches, and also Metropolis v. H.M.S. Renown. H. Spurway secured a position in the Metropolitan v. Queensland, in this, his first year. of senior football. 

The primary and High schools again availed themselves of the use of the pitches under our control. Rosehill won B grade competition, and were beaten in the district championship by Alexandria, the ultimate winners. In the combined district matches Granville District reached the final, then lost to Bankstown.

Mackintosh and Malcolm represented Granville District in the tour of the New South Wales boys in Queensland. The thanks of the schools' authorities are tendered to Messrs. P. T. Williams. R. Fairweather, Hopkins and Flynn for help during the season. 

The Senior and Junior teams of H.M.S. Renown were visitors to Clyde, and, before a record attendance, the visit
ing Seniors were victorious; whilst our Juniors triumphed over theirs after a splendid game. The visitors were entertained to lunch before the matches; and victors and vanquished sat down to dinner at the town hall after the games. 

The local Rechabite football team entertained another Rechabite team from Newcastle, the locals winning. The visiting boys entertained at a social at night, and a motor trip through the Hills the following morning, and voted Granville hospitality A1. The Queensland team also paid a social visit to Granville, and were entertained by local supporters, departing with the most pleasant of memories. 

The council and management committee held 30 meetings, and attendances of committee were as follow: F. Barlow 25, H. Epps 4, R. Fairweather 5, J. Fairweather 23, J. Gill 2 (elected Sept. 28th), B. Hyslop (elected Aug. 24th), W. Knight 29, H. Membrey 3, J. Macdonald 24, A. Peatty 8, J. Pollock 21. F. Pontin 9 (resigned), J. Riordan 21, G. Robertson 22. Fred Robertson 21, J. Thurston 12 (elected July 6th).  

The Association suffered a severe loss owing to the death of the late Albert Epps, who was hon. secretary for many years. A movement is on foot to perpetuate his memory, to which we hope you will subscribe. Late in the season J. Fairweather resigned the secretaryship, and was succeeded by W. Knight. 

A feature of the season was the splendid work of the referees. Forming an association at the beginning of the year, they carried through our fixtures without a hitch, displaying the highest standard of efficiency and control that it has been our pleasure to record. We tender our heartiest thanks to them. 

A staggering blow was dealt us owing to the sale of Clyde Oval, for so many years the home of Granville Soccer and the scene of carnivals that have raised many hundreds of pounds for charity. The new owners the English Electric Company of Australia, have, however, treated us with the utmost consideration and kindness, and have allowed us to 
use portion of their land until it is required for the extension of their works. The making of a new playing area, fencing it with pickets, removing dressing rooms, taking down and re-erecting seating, and enclosing the whole with a post and rail fence has been very costly, the ground trustees having advanced the funds to enable us to meet you without a deficit. Owing to the efforts of Messrs. J. T. Lang and W. T. [Bill] Ely, M's.L.A., the Sydney Meat Preserving Company have generously granted us the use of part of their property at Auburn (known as Gee's paddock), and thus we have temporarily replaced the two pitches on the old ground. We have again cause to thank Messrs. J. T. Lang and W. T. Ely, M's.L.A., as, owing to their unceasing efforts, there is a definite promise from the Government that, in the very near future, an area of land will be resumed, to provide recreation ground for all purposes for the children and youth of the district. 

During the year the following sums were raised and handed over:-Widow of tile late J. Vairey, £20 ls 6d; St. Joseph's Hospital (Auburn), £2 2s; Parramatta District fospital, £2 2s; Granville Cottage Hospital, £2 2s (the latter were Cottam Charity Cup receipts); Granville Soldiers' Permanent Memorial, £91 0s ld; making a grand total of £117 7s 7d. N.S.W. Association.-At the beginning of the year a New South Wales Association was formed, but, owing to the procrastination of officers and the lack of board outlook by delegates, its first year has been anything but successful. The management requires drastic alteration. 

The receipts for the year constitute a record, totalling £672 2s 7d. Although the same remark applies to expenditure, owing to reasons previously stated, we face the comining season with every confidence.

Advance of the Game.
The Soccer game is advancing rapidly, and our area is spreading. Liverpool and Cabra-Vale were added to our playing district last season, and the near future gives promise of additions from each township between Liverpool and Granvillle. 

Incoming Committee.
We recommend to the incoming committee to arrange similar competitions to last year; to organise a District team to compete in the Metropolitan Senior League and State championship (Gardiner Cup); and to secure any ground that is available for recreation. Also to tender a benefit to Mr. P. T. Williams, in recognitioh of the services he has rendered to the game dur ing the past 30 years. 

Press and Public.
We desire to express our hearty thanks to the Press for the space that they accorded us, and hope that their columns will again be open to us. The public we thank for their support, and trust that it will be continued in the future. 



INCOME.                                                                  £    s    d 

Club fees                                                                    23   3    0  

High School fees                                                         1   13   3 

Refunds, Met S.F.A protest fee                                   0   10    0 

Refunds, ticket tax                                                       2    7    5 

Refunds, loan to N.S.W.F.A                                        15   0    0 

Refunds, municipal,
council rates ES. Co. of Australia 
                               7   10   0

Refunds, clubs for extra medals                                   2    1    0 

Selling rights                                                                1    1     0 

Hon. members' subscriptions                                       2    1     0 

Share band carnival.                                                     7    4     0 

Gate receipts                                                              319   3     6 

Eight-Hour Day Gala (Soldiers Memorial)               141   7     8 

Grazing fees                                                                  5    0     0 

Sales: Fencing £1 10 0; piping £9 2 6                         10  12    6 

Advance; ground trust fund (a/c. closed)                      87  8     3 

                                                                                   £627  2      7 

Donations, acknowledged with thanks: Tanner and Peters, Auburn, complete set goal posts; Meggitt Ltd., Parramatta, one case oil (8 galls.).

EXPENDITURE.                                                   £    s     d 

Football material                                                       6    14    0 

Medals and engraving                                               3     5     3 

Referees' fees                                                            17  14    4 

Magpie a/e., £11 5s 2d;
fees, N.S.W. £1 13s:
M.F.A. £3 14s 3d 
                                                      16  12    5 

Goal posts, £6 15s 6d;
goal nets, £5 10s 
                                                       12   5     6 

Grounds, maintenance £19.0s 6d;
marking and caretaker, £21 3s 5d 
                             40   3    11 

Grounds, rent £4 18s 4d; rates, £30 4s ld;
insurance, 7s 1d 
                                                         35   9    6

Amusement tax                                                          22   0    5 

Ticket sellers and checkers                                         8    5    0 

H.M.S. Renown, £27 4s 6d:
Lithgow, £1 13s 
                                                        28   17   6 

Share of gates:
N.S.W., £30 18s 2d;
M.G.F.A., £3 13s;
Hospitals, £6 6s 
                                                         40   17  2 

Eight-Hour Day Gala expenses                                 50    7    7 

Eight-Hour Day,
net proceeds to Soldiers' Memorial Fund 
                  91   0    1 

Vairey benefit match, gross pro ceeds                        20   1    6 

Loan to N.S.W. S.F.A.                                                15   0    0 

Printing, £6 ls;
room rent, £5 8s 6d;
sundries, 16s 5d 
                                                         12   15 11 

The late A. E. Epps:
Honorarium, £5;
wreath, etc., £1 11s 
                                                     6    11  0 

Hon. see., petty cash, £4;
bank fees, 10s;
cheque book, 8s 4d 
                                                     4    18   4 

Clyde Oval alterations                                               133   3    2 

Auburn ground preparation                                       10     0    0 

Balance                                                                      19    10   0 

                                                                                 £627   1     7 

Audited and found correct.
WM. ROWELL ALEX. McGill, Auditors.
March 22, 1921.

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