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Monday, 29 March 2021

100 Years Ago Today, I April 1921

 Sun (Sydney), Thursday 31 March 1921, page 4


The New South Wales Fire Brigade football (Soccer) team held their annual meeting at brigade headquarters, and the following officers were elected:— Patrons. Board of Fire Commissioners: president. Mr. N. C. Sparks, chief officer; vice-presidents, Mr. F. Jackson and Mr, H. Webb: chairman, Mr. J. M. Lamborne: hon. secretary and treasurer. Mr. L. Pearson; captain. Mr. A. Addnall : vice-captain. Mr. H. Bissett. The brigade has got together a very strong side. They commence on Saturday next with a practice match against Callan Park.

Photo of the (unrelated) 1939 Wagga Fire Brigade Soccer Club

Albany Despatch, Thursday 31 March 1921, page 3



(By "Right Wing.")

The first match played under, the rules of the A.B.F.A was disposed of on Saturday, the opposing teams being two of the newly-formed ones, the Corinthians and Thistles. The weather was everything that could be wished for. Some delay took place at the commencement owing to the members having to erect the goals, but a start was made at 3.30, Mr. Davies having charge of the whistle. The Thistles won the toss, and decided to take advantage of the down grade. In the first half give and take play was indulged in, neither side being able to find the net. All the new members gave a good performance, and great credit is due to those who played their first game for their performance. With a bit more practice they should prove of great assistance to their individual teams. The second half proved more exciting, as the Corinthians set up an attack on the Thistle goal right from the start and it was only through Billy Fells, who put up a great performance between the sticks, that saved them. Try as they would, the Corinthian forwards could not get the ball past him. Just prior to full time, however, the Thistle forwards broke through, and from a centre put in by Sam Penter, Jack Dempster scored the winning goal. Harry May was the beat to the wide, he having charge of the Corinthians goal. The ball was sent down to be centred, but the referee sounded full time, leaving Thistles winners by one goal.

I have heard it rumored that "Boatswain" May is going to be the Association goal-keeper in all the future big matches this season. Good luck, Harry! l am sorry to hear that Mr. Fortuyn had the misfortune to get hurt, but hope he will put in an appearance for Corinthians in their first League match.

Daily Standard (Brisbane), Wednesday 30 March 1921, page 2


The following team will represent first grade Thistles against Corinthians at Raymond Park on Saturday at 3 p.m.:

Daily Mail (Brisbane), Tuesday 29 March 1921, page 7


Wynnum Disappoint

The crowd which assembled at Raymond Park yesterday afternoon to witness the match between Corinthians, the premiers, and the newly-formed Wynnum Club was sadly disappointed. The Wynnum players failed to turn up, and the steady rain which fell throughout the afternoon further depressed spectators. Mr. Sam Cohen, the Corinthians' secretary, cites that Wynnum confirmed the fixture by tele-phone, and that he was at a loss to understand why they did not appear. The Q.F.A, secretary (Mr. Hildreth) when spoken to last evening said he had heard that the majority of the Wynnum players missed the train.

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, Wednesday 30 March 1921, page 8


A large number of Soccer supporters, returned soldiers, and their friends, assembled in Shedden's Hall, when a number of presentations took place. Mr. R. Oliver presided, and was supported by Mr. T. Crawford in the vice-chair. After the loyal toast had been honoured, Mr. J. Middleby presented to Mr. R. Dickman, on behalf of the footballers, a silver-mounted inkstand. Mr. Middleby referred to the keen interest Mr. Dickman had always taken in all branches of sport since he had been in Weston, and especially the assistance and support he had given the local Soccer team, who during the time of Mr. Dickman's presidentship had attained the coveted honour of State champions. On behalf of the club, he wished him a safe and pleasant voyage to the Old Country, and hoped to see him back among them all again after his trip. After a few musical items, Mr. Hancock presented to Messrs J. Mather, J. Gilmour, H. Bellamy, J. Bellamy, R. Tweddle, playing members who have been recently married, a number of silver cruets and fruit dishes, also to Mr. F. Austin, a returned player, a shaving outfit. Mr. Hancock, himself a keen football enthusiast, referred to the pleasure it gave him to be associated with the Weston team, and hoped they would go well up in the coming season. Several of the recipients responded. Mr. Oliver, on behalf of the returned men and numerous friends, spoke of the regret they all felt at losing Mr. Dickman's services as president of the Weston branch of the R.S. and S.I.L, but trusted that in the near future he would be back among them again. He then called upon Mr. Hy. M'Donald, secretary of the Weston branch, to present Mr. Dickman with a handsome gold watch and roll of Treasury notes. Mr. M'Donald spoke of the enthusiasm of the friends outside the League, who had so generously subscribed to the testimonial, clear proof of the esteem in which Mr. Dickman was held by the general public in the town. On behalf of the subscribers he wished him bon voyage and a pleasant trip abroad. The rest of the evening was spent in harmony. Included in the company were visitors from Sydney, Newcastle, Maitland, and Cessnock. Those who contributed to the evening enjoyment included Mr. M'Donald (piano), Mr. G. Wilson (violin), Mr. S. Pearce (cornet), Mr. J. Dobie (hypnotist), songs Messrs M'Tinney, Randall, Pugh, Oliver, Mather, Bailey, Dixon. The singing of "Auld Lang Syne" by the company terminated an enjoyable evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dickman sail from Sydney on Saturday, 1st April, by the Orient liner Omar, formerly the German Koenigen Louise [taken as part of reparations]. 

A very painful accident occurred in Hebburn Colliery on Tuesday morning. A wheeler, R. Hawke, employed in the east section of the new tunnel, was leading his horse around the turn when he swung over and jambed the boy against a prop, breaking his jaw and his arm just below the shoulder. He received first aid in the mine, and was carried to the surface, where he was examined by Dr. Wood, who ordered his removal to the hospital, where he is making good progress.

Newcastle Sun, Friday 1 April 1921, page 4


Newcastle cricket competitions will enter upon the final stage to morrow, and arrangements are well in hand for the inauguration of the great winter sports, Rugby and Soccer football. ...  Perhaps the best feature of the cricket competitions is that they will be completed without trespassing upon the seasonal privileges of the footballers — an example which should win reciprocal restraint. Last year the followers of football played their games far beyond the recognised winter months, to the detriment of public interest in their own sport as well as in the commencement of the summer game. Both classes of football look forward to new records of 'gates' and matches. The Soccerites are welcoming the men from Great Britain who have come to swell the industrial ranks of the district. League sympathisers will doubtless also draw upon the new blood. On the football fields there should be cemented a friendship whose benign influence will extend to workshops and factories. For playing the game in sport must inevitably help to a better understanding of human character and a minimum of friction and unrest in the more serious responsibilities of life.

South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus, Friday 1 April 1921, page 9

The members of the Woonona Soccer Football Club greatly appreciate the action of the many ladies who assisted to entertain the West Wallsend footballers during their recent visit to Woonona.

Townsville Daily Bulletin, Wednesday 30 March 1921, page 3



Quite the best exhibition of soccer the Malaya men have given us during their visit was that on the Singapore B.C. ground when they met the clever Chinese team. It was a day which suited the sailors — not too hot and a nice dry ground— with the result that they were able to show their proper form in a game which greatly pleased the spectators. The S.C.F.A. [Singapore Chinese Football Association] also are to be congratulated on a good display, especially considering that four regular players, Chua Seng Chye, centre half, Lim Yong Liang, the captain, Cheong Seng Chye, outside right, and Tan Cheng Seah, the goalie, were all absent. Their substitutes were good, however, particularly the goalkeeper, who played a great game. It was a fast and most even contest, and a draw was a very good result. Mr. B. H. Gale was the referee, and the teams were: -

H.M.S. Malaya: Miller, O'Keefe and Aldridge; Wright, Burchett and Clayton; Leatherby, Kenny, Swales, Dean and Hadkiss. 

S.C.F.A.: Tan Boon Eng: Chua Cheng Yew and Toe Kwang Nghee; Chan Chiap Song, Cheong Chee Lim amdd Teo Joo Bong. Cbla Kwang Hong, Tan Beng Ann, Heng Cheng Yeok, Fong Un Sun and Chan Keng Song. 

From the start it promised to be a hotly contested game, and the promise was amply fulfilled. Things went at a dingdong pace, but both sides were kept away, and at half time they were the same as when they started. In the second half both goals had narrow shaves, and the keepers rose to real heights. The Chinese custodian twice saved shots which otherwise would have just got under the bar. At the other end Miller did some brilliant work, clearing sometimes when a goal seemed inevitable. In the last minute he just managed to save in great style, and the whistle blew for a goalless draw. Both teams played clever football, and it was an excellent game to watch.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), Friday 1 April 1921, page 7



The following team has been selected to represent the Rockhampton United Club in a soccer match at Nerimbera to-morrow, players to leave Stanley-street by train at 2.30 p.m. 

[nb. piece on Nerimbera Magpies by Joe Gorman from 2015]

Herald (Melbourne), Saturday 2 April 1921, page 5 


Association to be Formed


V. N. T. Karagheusian, a recent arrival from France, is seeking to form a Rugby Football Association in Melbourne. His efforts are backed by the support of the Rugby Union of New South Wales.

Prior to the war Albert Park was the scene of many a hard fought tussle between Melbourne Rugby teams on Saturday afternoons, and it is likely that it will this year see a revival of the great English game. Rugby football always has been the predominant winter game in New South Wales, and the authorities of that State are anxious to see the game revived in Victoria, in view of the visit of the South African team in June next. ...

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