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100 Years Ago Today, 8 April 1921

Sun (Sydney), Tuesday 5 April 1921, page 5


Commonwealth Association

(By "Goalkeeper")

An endeavor is being made by the New South Wales governing body to rehabilitate the Commonwealth Football Association, which flourished in pre-war days. For many years it has been the ideal of Soccerites to have continuity in interstate games, and to gain the desired end the C.F.A. was brought into being. 

The task of bridging the gap since the war period is in the hands of Mr. E. Lukeman. Queensland is sound on the matter, and is prepared to back up the venture to bring out a team from the British Isles, in addition to participating in interstate games. Victoria, West and South Australia can also bo depended upon. The New Zealand authorities are keen on sending a team to N.S.W. or receiving a visit. The New Zealanders were last here in 1905, when they played 11 games, of which they won five, lost four, and drew two. Since then the game has gone ahead in the Dominion. 


The following officers have been elected in connection with the New South Wales Football Association: — Patrons, the Admiral and the State Governor; president, Mr. Fred Barlow; vice-president, Messrs. J. Estell, M.L.A., W. Davies, M.L.A., J. McCreadie, A. Milligan, and Gibson; secretary, Mr. A. Peaty; treasurer, Mr. C. P. Dixon; auditors, Messrs. F. West and Fred Robertson. It has been decided that once affiliated association shall be represented at council meetings by one delegate, and that the expenses of the representatives be defrayed equally by all associations.

  • CFA rekindles itself 
  • chugging along until 1925
  • collapses as an organisation of import after that but straggles on
  • last ref I could find was 1950  

Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate, Wednesday 6 April 1921, page 6

... Efforts are being made to form a Soccer Club in Hornsby.

[seem to take root]

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, Wednesday 6 April 1921, page 5


A delegates' meeting of the N.D.B.F.A. will be held in the mechanics' institute, Hamllton, on Saturday night. Entries for all grades of the competitions close on Saturday. It is intimated by advertisement that a meeting of Newcastle United Soccer Clubs will be held in the Trades Hall to-morrow (Thursday) night. Prior to the war Newcastle ran senior, third, and fourth grades of Soccer. The number of enlistments left Newcastle without a sufficient number of players, and so United lapsed. The meeting is being called to resuscitate the teams, and players and supporters of Newcastle United are invited. The district includes some excellent players, and new ones in Morgan, Hancock, Howard, have arrived, and so no difficulty should be felt in reviving the teams.

Herald (Melbourne), Thursday 7 April 1921, page 18


This is from a longish article by an unnamed Australian dancer who toured the world looking at dance practices

Our other sports, too, are generally better organised in the schools than have seen them elsewhere, though the girls go in for games which are restricted to men in Australia. At Columbia, for instance, Soccer football is part of the course for women; they regard it as preferable to hockey, as the cramped stooping position is avoid ed. In France, the Federation des Femmes Sportives takes up for women every athletic sport not provided for before the war, and their cross-countrv running events and football matches have become a regular feature of French athletic life.

Fremantle Herald, Friday 8 April 1921, page 8


The Fremantle Caledonian Football Club started the season's training on Thursday night when a fair number put in an appearance. Training will take place every Tuesday and Thursday in the Park Hotel at 7.30 p.m. and a practice game will be played on the Park about 3 o'clock. All players are requested to make a note of this and it is hoped they will do their best to attend as many nights as possible.


Geraldton Guardian, Saturday 9 April 1921, page 2

British Association Football. 

The three clubs forming the Geraldton British Code Football Association are busily engaged in making preparations for the coming season. With nearly all last season's players available, and with the arrival of several new ones, there is every reason to hope that the competitions will be even more interesting than in past years. The annual meeting of the Association will be held in about a week's time.


papers are all run by Eurosnobs. Plenty of stuff on the British internationals and English league. 

Pleased to see Sunderland beat Arsenal 5-1. 

Nothing on SA