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Monday, 26 April 2021

Merewether Advance Roll of Honour

I've brought this up to date given that the replica board is well under construction.

Northern Times 23 October 1917 reported that "a pleasing feature as far as Newcastle was concerned, that since the war began, and recruits had been called for, the numbers that had gone from the Newcastle district were far in excess in average, of any other district in Australia." The piece argued that the "Merewcther Football Club had done that part well by sending 71 of their members who had made a name for themselves on the battlefield, as well as the football field." These were words spoken at the occasion of the unveiling of the Roll of Honour for the MAFC enlisted players.

The board was described as being "constructed of Queensland maple, measures 6ft wide by 5ft. 6in. high, with canopy top, supported by fluted pillars and scrolls, and bearing the Union Jack and Australian flags and a football. The colours of the club are hung on each side ot the board, which is inscribed: Merewether Advance Football Club, Roll or Honour; for King and Country."

Unfortunately, the board seems to have been lost, perhaps demolished along with the arts building that housed it. Hopefully it was rescued and is sitting somewhere ready to be discovered when I venture to Newcastle this Saturday for a bit of a research and discovery trip.

Below I have transcribed the names as best I could. I'm still haing difficulties with a few (see the asterisks). Also, the board lists only 67 names and not the 71 claimed so there are more names to find. A subsequent article suggests that the number was as high as 76

Merewether Advance Roll of Honour 1914 – 1918

E. Back
A. Lewis
F. Poole [D]
E. Poole [D]
W. Victor
R. Betholli
H. Wallace
C. Pickersgill
J. Pickersgill
A. Shepherd
W. Westhead
E. Clark (E. Clarke was killed)
J. Bartley
J. Doyle
A. Jennings
J. Thorpe
T. Wardaugh
F. Albert [D]
E. Richardson [D]
H. Grey*
F. Newburn
P. Coppock
D. Lloyd
J. Pearce
W. Powell
J. Jones
G. Adamthwaite
H. Finch
E. Peacock
A. Jones [D]
T. Allanson [D]
J. Allanson
E. Firth
J. Ferguson [D]
F. Banks [D]
C. Stewart
J. Powell
G. Ruddy [D]
J. Stewart
C. Hobson (wounded)
T. Hope
J. Gill
R. Twist
W. Twist
J. Ruddy
A. Wright
T. Bell
R. Trimingham
R. Mallen
A. Searle
G.* G**** (Alfred Gibb?)
F. Thopmpson
G. Houghton
G. Barnes
A. McLean
J. McKenzie
F. Harvey
D. Williams
G. Searle
W. O’Neil
J. Elliott
E. Sparkes
A. Williams
J. Blackburn
J. Banks
J. Mitchell
J. Winters
M. Gidley
J. Hobson

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