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Monday 25 June 2012

They've called it the Wanderers, yeah the Wanderers, they roam around . . . etc

So, 'Wanderers' it is!

The new Western Sydney team's name has been announced and the club can now get on with the business of organising the less symbolic and more substantive aspects of running an A League team.

Like all such processes this naming has produced great consternation - something that is, admittedly, not all that difficult to create within soccer circles. While I didn't have a great stake in the outcome, I'm quietly pleased that the FFA has gone with the Wanderers. For once they might have got something right.

* * *

The Wanderers was the name given to the very first organised team in Sydney in 1880. Even the first game played by the team was out west, at the King's School in Parramatta.

In July of 1880, a movement seemed to emerge in Sydney. A number of letters to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald were published, advocating the playing of football under the English Association rules.

This long letter from John Walter Fletcher published in the SMH on 17 July 1880 sums up the interest and takes the important step of suggesting a meeting. It is an important, if not founding, document.


Sir,-I was glad to see in your issue of this morning a letter advocating the introduction of the English Association game into New South Wales, and I am a little surprised that some old English player has not made the suggestion before. I have reason to think from conversations I have had on the subject that if the game could properly be started it would become very popular, not only with players, but with the public. Unfortunately, a very general misapprehension appears to exist as to the nature of the game, a great many people I have spoken to evidently confusing it with the Victorian Association game, whereas the two games have not a single point in common. As to its chances of popularity, let any one read in Bell's Life the accounts of International or club contests in Glasgow, Sheffield, London, &c. witnessed often by from 10,000 to 12,000 spectators. It is, I think, about twelve years since the game was first started in England, though its principle, that football is a game for feet and for hands, had long existed in the Eton and Harrow games. At the present time the football players of Great Britain, playing under Rugby and Association rules, are about equally divided, and the two games exist side by side without one interfering in the least with the other, save that of late the value of good dribbling has become universally acknowledged in the Rugby game. I feel that we are rather late in writing in advocacy of the English Association game, inasmuch as a large sectïon of the football players of New South Wales, dissatisfied with Rugby rules, appear to have committed themselves to the adoption of Victorian rules. Nevertheless, there must be many old English and Scotch Association players, or old Eton and Harrow men, who would be glad to see their old game played here, and who would make an effort to introduce it; and I am quite sure that the principle of the game, which forbids the use of the hands, except by goalkeeper, and does away with scrummaging, collaring, mauling, &c, will commend itself to a very large section or this community. The game is essentially a scientific one, requiring, above everything else, unselfish and organized combination. I do not wish to attack the old Rugby game, which, properly played, is interesting and exciting to players and spectators; but must enter a protest against the introduction of the Victorian game, which, though certainly interesting and amusing to look at, is, I believe, rougher than the Rugby, and violates the fundamental principle of all games like football - I mean the law of off side. The very thing condemned under the name of "sneaking" in the Eton game is here encouraged and applauded, and in fact may almost be said to be the chief art of the game. In the brief space of a letter it is impossible to say all that one would in behalf of the introduction of the rules of the English Association; but I hope that, since at the present time a radical change is demanded in the present code, football players and the public generally will give the matter a more thorough investigation than it has yet received before committing themselves to the Victorian game. I should be willing to communicate with gentlemen willing to assist in starting a club under the rules of the English Association, and perhaps it might be possible to convene a meeting to consider the whole question. I am, &c.,


Union Club, July 14.
In what seems very little time a meeting is convened for 3 August.


A meeting convened by Messrs. J. W. Fletcher and J. A. Todd will take place this evening, at Aaron's Exchange Hotel, " to consider and promote the introduction of football under English Association rules." All football players and others who may be interested in the improvement of the winter pastime are invited to attend. (SMH, 3 August)
And two short weeks later, the first game is played with the second already planned.


The first match in New South Wales played under English Association rules was played on Saturday last, by the newly formed club, against the King's School boys at Parramatta. The visitors had a very fair team, allowing for the fact that hardly one of them had played football for some years. This advantage was, however, balanced by the fact that the boys had not played these rules before. The game was well contested for an hour and a half, and terminated in favour of the visitors by five goals to none; the number of goals must not, however, be taken as a criterion of the play, which was remarkably even, particularly after half time, the boys on several occasions only failing to score on account of their want of familiarity with the art of passing and middling the ball. On the side of the English Association Club all played up well, but the play of D. Roxburgh as back was remarkably good and invaluable to his side, and Scott's goal-keeping deserves praise. On the King's School side the play of Fenwick was very fine, and he would make a grand Association player; all, however, played well. Mr Savage, an old International player, played with and coached Kings School. The names of the club players were -T.A .Todd (captain), W.J. Baker, T.W. Fletcher, C.E. Hewlett, C.F. Fletcher, Wastinage, W. Robertson, W. Simson, Chapman, D. Roxburgh, J Scott (goal).

A match has been arranged, under English Association rules, on Moore Park, for next Saturday, against the Redfern Club. (SMH, 18 August)
Interestingly the team did not yet have a name. This situation was rectified at a meeting on 19 August at which the name was determined and a number of other decisions were ratified, including the decision to seek membership of the Football Association:


A committee meeting of the newly-formed English Association Football Club was held on Thursday evening last, at which the following resolutions were proposed and carried -
1. "That the club be called 'The Wanderers.'"
2. "That the uniform be white jersey and cap, with badge southern cross, and blue stockings."
3. "That an account of the proceedings be sent to England to the secretary of the English Association, for publication."'
4. "That the club be enrolled (with permission) in the English Association." (SMH, 24 August)
The first game under the new name saw the team score another win, this time against a team from Redfern FC.
REDFERN v. WANDERERS.-The second match under the English Association Rules took place at Moore Park on Saturday last, and resulted in a win for the newly-named Wanderers by two goals to nil, both of which were secured in the first 10 minutes, after which the game was very even. Redfern Club, being strangers to the rules, played up well, ably assisted by W.J. Baker. For Redfern, J. Mulcahy and North played well, whilst for the Wanderers J. Fletcher, Harbottle, and M'Donald, were in grand form. (SMH, 28 August)

The Wanderers name pops up in match reports throughout the rest of the decade. In 1888 a healthy competition seems to have been established in the Sydney region, one which is oriented significantly to a Scottish sensibility (thereby marking a long tradition in Australian soccer). The following article suggests that up to fourteen clubs, including the Wanderers, were active in metropolitan NSW at this time.


The annual meeting of the Southern British Football Association was held on Tuesday night, at Hodge's Commercial Hotel, Mr. John Wallace occupied the chair, there being about 25 members present. The annual report stated that a new series of rules had been drawn up on the lines of those used by the Scottish Association, certain alterations being made to suit the game here. During the past season there were seven clubs in the association, viz.:- Parkgrove, Granville, Rovers, Wanderers, Caledonians, Hamilton Athletics, and Pyrmont Rangers, whilst almost an equal number did not join, but two of these - Bulli and Joadja - have joined for this season.
Yet from here the Wanderers name appears to fade from the records. Indeed, a subsequent use of the name in July 1888 is in reference to the Parramatta Wanderers, a Rugby team!

While the archives are sketchy, Phil Mosely's brilliant thesis, 'A Social History of Soccer in New South Wales, 1880-1957' gives a good coverage of the early history. We learn from it that the first Sydney Wanderers were a spent force by the 1890s. Maybe their spirit lived on in the Auburn Wanderers (referenced in 1893 and 1898) and the Balmain Wanderers in 1899, but it is hard to tell. Nonetheless, the Wanderers were a substantial force in the establishment of soccer as a competitive and organised sport in Sydney - no matter how historically fleeting their presence.

There were plenty of candidates for the new name of the West Sydney Club. None of them, however, had the claim to history that the 'Wanderers' has. Whether this was a good point or not was not for me to decide. There are many other names and arguments that needed to be looked at. But I'd love to think that a sense of this history is what gave the name the edge. What I do know is that I and some other (though by no means all) soccer historians are pleased that an acknowledgment of the game's historical roots and longevity have been made in the naming of the Australian soccer's newest professional club.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Kingborough United Lions FC v. South Hobart FC, Lightwood Park, 24/06/12

This will be a cracker. The Lions have an opportunity to really pull South back to the pack (second place in fact) if they can win today. If they lose, the league will be a two-horse race. It could be a season-defining game.

Andy Brennan - the goal-scoring machine - has been running a bit clunky lately, scoring only one goal in a long time. He needs to find form again.

I reckon he'll get a couple in a 2-all draw today.

It'll be blogging light today because it might yet be my last game of the trip and I want to pay more attention to the game than blogging allows. Go to the Back Post for thorough tracking of the game.


Arrived 1.50.

South won u19s 3-2.

Ressies 2-2 match still in progress.

Goal to lions. Trent pearce. 3-2. Can't be long to go now. All over, 3-2.

Sweep Running
  • Julius. 2-1 south
  • Callan. 3-2 lions
  • Rod. 2-1 lions
  • Ian 2-2
  • Walter 3-1 south

Everyone confident that a few goals will be scored.

Who will find the pot of gold today?

Due to the great strip clash controversy south are playing in Lions' second strip. Grey tops and red shorts. The galahs?

2.36. Underway.

South pressuring to begin with. Lions having trouble getting out of their own half.

2.44. Good lead up work by south through the middle with Brennan playing deeper. Morton through and scores. 1-0 south.

Weather coming in. This could get miserable.

2.54. Lions free kick. Floated in from 35 out. Bobbled on heads and goes to keeper. First decent threat by Lions.

2.58. South free kick right. Floated in and cleared. Returned and cleared.

3.07. Long period of South dominance results in shot that clips crossbar.

3.10. Morton shoots at keeper.

3.11. Brennan shows great control and turns in box. Shoots just wide.

3.12. Morton heads just wide.

3.18. Lions get down the other end. Free kick from right. Headed behind for corner. Corner cleared.

3.21. Lions nearly score. Ludford clearance just misses!

3.22. Half time.

South will wonder why they are only one up. Matt Rhodes needs to get out the hair dryer and get his charges 'warmed up'. The most one-sided premier league game I've seen this trip.

3.37. 2nd half underway.

Kingborough looking a lot better already.

3.46. Brennan hits crossbar from 25 metres.

3.47. Williams misses a shocker at back post.

Lions getting some field position.

3.49. Ince shoots for South. Keeper down to it.

3.54. Good work by Cowen for Lions on right. Good cross. Cleared.

3.55. Lions free kick 30 out. Floated in headed back to spot and no one there to pounce.

3.58. Brennan scores. Beats keeper from left 20 out. South 2-0.

4.01. Morton right footed free kick from left. Hits back post.

4.01 Kingborough score. Farquhar takes the ball into the box and crosses for Cowen who slots an easy goal. South 2-1.

4.05. Lions Penalty appeals waved away.

Out of nowhere the game has lifted. And there's some tension in the press box. Julius wants the score to stay as it is. I want lions to get one and Callan wants lions to get 2. Walter wants south to get one more.

4.09. Lions free kick left 25 out. Floated in and cleared.

4.15. South free kick 40 out. Worked left. Brennan fires wildly.

4.19. Lions Schuth ruled offside. Shows dissent and gets yellow.

4.21. Brennan botches goal. Deliberately to stuff up walter's chances of winning sweep?

4.24. Lions free kick. 25 out on right. Floated over. Smashed out by Lions forward for throw in. Last chance.

4.25. All over. South win 2-1. Julius wins $20

Not the cracker I'd expected. Poor first half where Kingborough weren't in it and South couldn't bury them. Second half much better and Kingborough could have snatched a draw if possibly legitimate penalty claims had been upheld. South needs to convert its dominance into goals while it is dominant. Opposition teams will always feel like they are in it while South are looking good everywhere but the scoreboard.

A very cold looking Mt Wellington in the distance as we leave Lightfoot Park

Saturday 23 June 2012

Taroona FC v. Metro FC, Kelvedon Park, 23/06/12

I promised myself when I came that I'd get to see a game at Kelvedon Park and also get to see some non-Premier League games. It's taken me a while (with only one weekend to go) but I will get there this afternoon for the Division 1 clash between Taroona and Metro, which starts at 2.30.

Some History


There's a fascinating history here. On the website it seems to say two slightly different things. The Taroona Football Club Summary claims
Founded: 1978
  • The first Taroona club was Taroona Ajax (1972) who won Div 1 in 1973, gaining promotion to the Premier League for 1974.
  • They were relegated in 1974 and the club disbanded.
  • Lindisfarne St Mirren merged with Taroona Junior Club to form the current Taroona Football Club in 1978.

The History column claims
Taroona was founded in 1972 out of the disbanded Taroona Ajax Soccer Club and immediately made an impact on southern soccer circles by winning the Metrolpolitan League Division Two. The club gained promotion, but due to dramatic personnel changes they were relegated the following year and even failed to field a senior side in the 1976 and 1977 seasons, entering only junior sides.
Nonetheless I get a sense of the club's founding as a Dutch Club, a momentary collapse and a brief period when it played under the banner of Taroona St Mirren.

Metro Claremont was founded in 1941. It isthe second oldest surviving club in Tasmania. Its formation came aboutthrough the hard work of Cyril Parks, Alec Stuart and Hugh Blackburn,dedicated followers of the British Code and keen to organise a side inthe New Town Metropolitan area. The name has no ties with the HobartMetro bus service as some onlookers outside the game may think.Many Metro players in the early days were former students of the HobartTechnical College, New Town (nowadays New Town High School).
Adapted from Chris Hudson's
A Century Of Soccer 1898-1998 A Tasmanian History

Metro is a club with a great history that probably considers itself as having come down from greater heights. As a Sunderland and South Melbourne supporter, I have an inkling of just how they feel. (For those who think lower mid-table in the EPL is not really all that low have a look at this, Sunderland's sixth championship in less than 50 years. In 1936!)

Taroona is coming off two losses and Metro hasn't picked up a point since April.

Walter Pless has this preview on his web site:
Fifth-placed Taroona host sixth-ranked metro at Kelvedon Park at 2.30pm tomorrow in what should be a fiercely contested game.
Andrew Tye, the Taroona coach, is a former Metro player. 
“Our side to meet Metro this week has undergone a number of changes for varying reasons including availability and injury,” said Tye. 
“Rob Hortle comes in to the side for his first start of the year as a result of an injury to John Burridge, while Hugo Luttmer, Gary Hamilton and Darragh Carey also return.
“Hugo’s inclusion bumps the average age of our side up to 22, which shows that the team is still relatively inexperienced, but with youth comes energy, enthusiasm and an eternal optimism. 
“Whilst our last couple of weeks have been poor, the team has trained well and are a talented enough group that I feel 90 minutes of consistent football is just around the corner. 
“Metro are a team that will always provide a stern contest, as they showed in our last match, where they came from behind to beat us. 
“They have players that can hurt you and are particularly strong in the air. We will have to be at our very best to beat them.”
I'm looking forward to going to my second favourite ground in Hobart for the game today. Blogging from about 1.45.


Here at 1.40. Taroona ressies up 1-0.

See what I mean? Excuse thumbs!
Metro coach, George Krambousanos - a work in progress?

Reverves game. 1-0. Full time.

John Meehan. Taroona president.

Just heard a very relaxed rendering of the taroona victory song. Based on horto magiko!! . . .  No. Actually the south Melbourne footy club song. 'Thunder from the sky etc.'

Glenorchy knights still with the best song in Hobart!

2.30. Underway on time. Taroona attacking the city end.

2.32. Taroona corner left. Comes to nothing. Taroona attack right. Out for gk.

2.33. Metro attack left. Keeper out to clear.

2.34. Taroona corner left. Cleared.

2.35. Metro counter. 19 shoots from left across keeper out for goal kick.

2.37 Taroona corner left. Through to right wing. Crossed back. Shot over. Goal kick fired back. Another goal kick.

2.38. Metro counter. Mix of poor and strong defending. Cleared and comes back to keeper.

2.40. Metro kick midfield. Comes to nothing.

2.41. Taroona attack right. Cleared for throw.

2.42. Taroona attack down middle. Through ball. Goal. 1-0.

2.44. Taroona Attack. Ballooned shot from left well over. Cross better option.

Taroona dominant and deserve lead.

2.45. Metro attack down left. Forward beats. Shoots across face of goal. Sustained period of attack for Metro.

2.46. Taroona break. Goal kick. Poor kick. Ball returned. Goal. Taroona 2-0.

Taroona left winger no 8 looking useful and threatening.

2.50 Taroona attack. Accidental handball. Seen them given before. Could've been a pen and game over.

2.51. Metro attack down left. Weak shot and keeper mishandles into goal. OG. 2-1. Game on again.

2.52. Metro attacks again. Defensive mix up. Nearly another.

Good end to end game now. There's a few goals left in this game.

2.56. Taroona free kick on right. Crossed in. Keeper gathers.

2.57. Metro through ball too hard. Keeper gathers.
I know I should be focused on the game but that's an amazing sky!
I was sitting on that. A good shot from Metro player. Just misses and destroys chair.
3.03. Metro midfield starting to get some possession but not giving good final ball.

3.04. Ordinary offside against Metro.

Peanut gallery up on hill. Lots of banter!

3.07. Taroona cross from right. Too long. Behind for goal kick.

3.08. Metro free kick. 25 out. Into wall. Cleared long.

3.10. Good work by Taroona down left. Puts wide when should have scored.

3.11. Metro attack left. Shot identical to goal. Keeper gathers this time.

3.12. Taroona build down left. Sustained attack. Comes to nothing.

3.14. Taroona cross from right. Keeper gathers. Metro long ball out for goal kick.

Good moment when the ref suggests two players should get off the field and take up boxing instead.

3.15. Half time. Gary Hamilton scored both of Taroona's goals. Good energetic football. Some technical deficiencies compared to premier but pretty wholehearted stuff.

3.30. 2nd half. Metro free kick 40 out. Onto Metro head. Caught by keeper.

3.32. Yellow to Taroon.

3.33. Yellow to Metro 4.

Pretty willing so far without either side settling.

3.36. Metro long ball. Striker air swing.

3.37. Taroona counter. Possession in dangerous territory. Free kick relieves pressure.

3.38. Taroona cross from left. Keeper gathers. Didn't repay the own goal favor.

3.39. Getting cold now.

The two benches.

3.41 Good Taroona counter. Pen appeals. Goal kick.

3.42. Metro counter. Close offside call with striker on goal.

3.43. Metro free kick. Nodded on. Keeper saves high.

3.45. Bustling run by Taroona 10. Fouled 25 out. Kick just over.

3.48. Taroona no 10 gets space down right. Has trouble crossing. Seems hampered by injury.

3.50. Period of Taroona pressure. Cleared.

Game is a bit formless at the moment. A lot of undirected overhit balls.

3.55. Taroona corner right. Too long behind for goal kick.

There's a older silver- haired Geordie playing for m. Everything he does drips with residual quality. He'll deliver a killer ball soon.

3.59. Fk to m. 30 out. Great save by keeper out for corner.

4.00. Equally good save other end. Ball coming back and keeper puts around his left post. Corner comes to nothing.

4.02. Disputed m offside. Kick long to keeper.

4.03. Taroona offside. And another.

4.04. Long throw. Keeper punches clear.

4.05. Good attack by Taroona 8. Put out by defence. Corner crossed. Header blocked. Cleared.

Series of free kicks to Metro. Metro looking likely.

4.09. Taroona break. Good save by Metro keeper. Another soft Metro free kick.

4.10. Great work from Taroona 8. Cross. Botched goal.

4.11. Taroona corner right. Cleared.

4.12. Good ball from Taroona left back 2 to no 8 down left.

4.13. Cross. Another botched goal.

4.14. Good work by Metro 20 on right.

4.14. Goal. Taroona break. Toby Dove rounds keeper and scores. 3-1.

4.16. Full time. 3-1. 

Probably a fair result. Even though Metro started to work better in midfield as the game went on, Taroona had the better chances and put three of them away. Metro keeper had a good game so it could have been worse.

And maybe this explains some of the poor ball control from time to time.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

An Englishman's View of Footy, 1952

This piece was published in the Argus on 9 May in 1952. It's a bit silly but a bit interesting. It resonates with me for all sorts of reasons.It's a bit unfair on footy and it's surprising the Argus went with it. I've been trying to find responses but I've found nothing yet.

A young Englishman came into "The Argus" Magazine office the other day and rather diffidently offered us a typewritten manuscript. "It's an article about Australian Rules," he said. "Oh, you mean football," we prompted him. "No," he said quite firmly. "Not football. Australian Rules." Candidly, we weren't enthusiastic, but we read the article, dutifully, after he'd gone. It was an experience we would like you to share. True or false, we thought, these views possibly reflect those of thousands of English people now living among us, And that, you will agree when you've finished the article, is a chastening thought.

"A RACE of humans living in the south-eastern corner of a south-eastern continent: passionately addicted to a ball game that other men tend to find confusing and dull."

That's what an anthropologist might report on the people of Victoria.

As enthusiasts of this game you call Australian Rules Football, you are more rabid than any other State.

It was In Mount Isa, up in North Queenland, that I first made a real acquaintance with Victorians. Two young fellows from Melbourne: sensible, well-balanced fellows, with a sense of humor, too - until one day I asked, rather casually, "What's that funny sort of game you play down in Victoria - Australian Rules, or whatever you call it?"

Eyebrows shot upwards, pupils dilated, then features froze into a mask of supreme indifference. I was made to feel like a man who had strolled into the Kremlin and asked "Who was Karl Marx, anyway?"

I was a man among strangers; the unbeliever within the temple. As one who did not know the first thing about Australian Rules, I was given to understand that my universe was necessarily limited.

A couple of years later, picking grapes in the Murray Valley, the fruitgrower's young sons asked me if I were interested in football. When I asked them what they meant by football, they said, rather puzzledly, "Australian Rules, of course."

By then I had passed through Melbourne, and walking across a park one afternoon I had seen a game of Australian Rules being played by two local teams. Thus I was able to inform my young friends on the fruit block that there was only one true game of football soccer - and that their interest in such an unworthy and perverted offspring as Australian Rules could only be explained by the fact that they had never seen a well-played game of soccer.

When I returned to Melbourne, however, I resolved to see a game played by two big name teams. Perhaps I had missed something in that scratch game on the park. After all, there was the democratic maxim that a million people can't be wrong. A game which could hold such sway over such numbers must have something to recommend it.

The other Saturday I went to see one of these big games.

Having inquired the way to the football ground, I began walking across a pleasant parkland, studded with trees, fringed by old sedate looking houses. Suddenly a mighty roar and screaming rent the quiet weekend air, a thunder of human noise. The game had obviously started.

As I neared the ground I got involved with a stream of other late-comers, who were rushing forward with Intense and urgent air, as though on the brink of a revolutionary uprising.

Inside, the tiered stands were full of men and women shouting, gesticulating, muttering following the fortunes of the game with a rapt and unswerving absorption, as though the muddied and panting young men on the field were Olympian gods tumbled among us mortals for one precious hour.

The pitch seemed all wrong to begin with. It was kind of circular in shape; not the rectangle that one expects all proper football pitches to be.

BEHIND the odd-looking goalposts, two portly gentleman with flags waved to each other at intervals in some weird and outlandish semaphore; then two men In spotless whites, presumably referees, would scamper halfway down the pitch with the ball, like two ageing aspirants for the Stawell Gift.

The players were everywhere; far too many of them. Wherever the ball went, a pack, a ruck, a veritable mob would follow, reducing the game to a perpetual melee.

However could this continual jumping and kicking and booting and jostling and pushing, this bewildering flurry of arms and legs, arouse such passion in the breasts of civilised men and women?

Thinking, perhaps, some subtle chess-like precision of the game was escaping me I climbed some steps to watch from a higher level - but the game preserved its overwhelming and uninspiring pointlessness.

It began to rain, a slow, grey drizzle, which made the spectacle even more depressing. People retreated back to the covered stands, but the unfortunate players continued in defiance of the elements, slithering about on the greasy turf.

The one redeeming feature of the game was that It went fairly quickly. There had been a short Interval; they had changed ends.

The final blast went.

As I made my way, not unjoyfully, to the gates, I could not help but notice that most people were not moving. Inquiry elicited that it was only half-time; unlike proper football, they changed round four times in the course of a game. People were looking forward to seeing yet more.

When I left the ground, the screaming, the groanings, the commandings, the exhortations were on again.

I felt like a sober man among a crowd ol happy drunks; like a wise man among idiots who were thankful for their idiocy.

It was when they said. "You'll never be at home In Victoria if you don't like Australian Rules" that I started looking up time-tables back to Queensland.

--Harry Williams.

Sunday 17 June 2012

New Town Eagles FC v South Hobart FC, Clare St, 17/06/12

Yesterday a clash of the cellar dwellers. Last night a middle-storey battle. Today a visit to the Penthouse. South Hobart basically get their chance to establish a 7-point break on all opposition today. A position from which they would almost certainly win the league. The Eagles get a chance to narrow the gap to 1 point.

Hopefully it'll be a cracker. I'm going for Andy Brennan to break his drought in a 2-1 loss for South.

I'll blog it from about 2pm. The game 'starts' at 2.30 -- but if you believe that will happen I have a plot of land on the moon to sell you.


Here at 1.45. South leading 3-0 in the reserves just after Half time.

South shot just wide.

There's a line there somewhere.

South penalty. 4-0.

Full time. South 4-0.

2.35. Game underway after minute's silence.

Very physical game predicted by someone who should know.

2.38. Corner south tight. Headed over.

2.41. Brennan scores. Ball squirts through keeper's legs from a long shot. South 1-0.

2.43. Eagles fk left edge of area. Wasted over.

2.45. S corner left. Short to hickey. Eagles struggle but clear inthe end.

2.48. Good eagles attack. Corner left. Not cleared. Mckeown slots it from edge of area. 1-1.

2.50. Nice eagles attack.

2.51. South counter. Corner left.

2.52. Eagles goal. Left wing cross header saved. Follow up kicked into crossbar. Headed in to make sure. Eagles 2-1.

2.56. Eagles corner left. Headed behind for goal kick.

2.57. South corner left. Cleared.

Things have quietened down now.

3.03. Eagles fk right 30 out. Crossed and nearly met on left. Behind for goal kick.

3.05. Brennan tries from too far out. Doesn't get the power of the shot when he scored.

3.06. Eagles shot from distance. Keeper Well down.

3.08. Good work south on left. Cross over not met by Morton.

3.10. Another long shot by south. Easily gathered.

3.11. Eagle fk left edge of area. Push not seen by ref.

3.12. Brennan shot into side netting after rounding keeper.

3.14. Eagles attack. Defused.

3.15. Eagles fk. Long to wing. Cut back in. Striker bundled over. No foul.

3.18. South corner left. Cleared. Worked back to right. Brennan put through but can't beat the ball to the goal line.

3.20. Brennan crosses in to ludford. Good save from close.

South starting to dominate. Eagles only getting forward on the break.

3.22. Half time. Eagles 2-1.

Good game so far. South looked the better team but Eagles defending well. But for a Keeper error eagles would be two up.

3.38. 2nd half underway.

3.39. Good attack by eagles down right. Cut back. Shot from left just over.

Good opening spell to Eagles. Looking tidy and organized.

3.44. Shot from right by eagles. Just wide.

3.46. South counter. Brennan on right crosses back. Poor shot wide

3.48 South corner tight. Shot just wide.

3.49. Another eagles attack. Last ditch tackle robs striker and keeper gathers.

3.52. Eagles cross from right. Just behind.

3.54. Good lead up work by eagles. Cross from right and forward just fails to get enough on it. Goes behind.

3.56. Scott hurt in bad tackle. Yellow to south player. Could have been red. Scott returns to field.

3.59. South cross from left. Too hard and goes behind.

4.01. Good work from eagles. Long shot. Not enough on it.

4.03. Brennan looks to have hurt his groin.

Game now a bit of a to and fro struggle. Engrossing.

4.10. South corner left. Put behind for another.

4.11. Hickey slices a 9 iron from 40 out.

4.12. Weak eagles shot from left saved by keeper.

4.13. Eagles corner left.

4.15. Brave keeping. Eagles player lucky to avoid second yellow.

Eagles inexplicably rattled ATM.

4.16. South fk. Ends in overorganised farce. Cleared.

4.17. Scott in one on one. Shoots to early and too low.

4.19. Deflected shot saved by eagles keeper.

4.20. Eagles break down right. Last ditch tacle out for corner.

4.22. Attacking throw to south. Cleared.

4.23. South handles clearance. Fk from circle. Ball in Eagles attacking left.

4.24. Full time. Eagles. 2-1. 

Good enjoyable game. Eagles deserved it from their 2nd half performance more than the 1st. The result also breathes some life into the Southern Premier League. South have buckled three times recently when facing good teams who seem to want the game more than them.

Saturday 16 June 2012

University of Tasmania SC v Glenorchy Knights FC, Olinda Grove, 16/06/12

Classic mid-season relegation scrap today. This game could be a turning point in the season, with a resurgent Knights fresh from winning the Lakoseljac Cup having the opportunity effectively to end the relegation battle today. The home team will have other ideas of course and a Victory to them will only muddy the waters of relegation and put the Knights stone cold last.

Neither time has much to crow about in league form so it should be a good and willing encounter. But 4-1 to Knights is my prediction. The game starts at 2.30 and I'll get there about 2. I'm looking forward to the views.


The University club traces its history back to 1950. Its web site history page starts off well before thinning out just as it gets interesting.
The Tasmania University Soccer Club had its first game on Saturday the 15th April 1950 losing to South Hobart 15-1. Our goal was scored by Bill Gatehouse from the penalty spot.

We first ran out in white t-shirts but the first real strip were ex University footy guernseys and the next year a set of all yellow shirts of Proudly Empire cotton (Hong Kong). Rod Miller has a surviving First Uni shirt and one of the old “Blood and Gore” strip (Yellow & Red striped strip).

The Clubs first win was Saturday 17 June 1950, our sixth game, when University defeated Mount Nelson 2-1. Our Goalscorer was Malcolm Searle who scored two and best players were Jimmy Kwong, Fred Joughin and Malcolm Searle.

University players were first referred to as “the students” in The Mercury newspaper in an article on Monday the 18th July 1955.

Our first State team player was Franz Hadorn who, in July 1961, played for Tasmania against a Victorian side.
There's a slightly more substantial history on the club's old site. It includes this little snippet of scandal and strength in adversity:
At the end of the 1958 season, a group of players split from the Club to form the Arcadians Soccer Club. This devastated the "Students" and in one early roster game in 1959 only seven players took to the field. Such was the spirit of this early Uni side that one of these players was badly injured but lined-up so that the Club wouldn't forfeit the game.
Where are the Arcadians now? That's what I'd like to know. I'm surprised that neither site makes much of the fact that a team representing the University first played on 29 July 1899.


Got here at the top of the world at 2 pm.

The top of the World. The winner of the most spectacular soccer ground in Hobart prize, Olinda Grove.

Warm up/underage thrid ground

It's all over in the ressies/

Last minute goal wins it for knights reserves 2-1.

The white elephant cricket pitch and university clubhouse in the background.

Apparently cricket clubs won't hire the wicket because they are charged for the use of two fields. The bizarre outcome is that this costs $66 per hour while the top grade turf wicket down at the university only costs $33 per hour. Bureaucrats for you.

The keeper's view on olinda grove #2.
Both teams warming up. A pitch each to themselves.

2.43. Underway. University running away from the clubhouse.

I'm looking forward to seeing uni keeper Hamish Peacock's throws. He's a javelin champion who nearly qualified for the Olympics.

Both sides tentative. Not a lot or energy yet.

2.47.  Knights shot wide left.

2.48. Good hard throw by Peacock releases player on left. Cross to right played back to middle and shot missing left. Knights will have to watch that.

2.51. Knights corner right. Short. Cross missed at back post.

2.52. Peacock again starts good attack that results in poor shot.

A lot of chopping going on. Ref needs to get on to it.

2.59. Knights corner left. Along the ground. Cleared.

3.00. Scramble in uni area.  Knights starting to look on top.

3.02.  Knights fk 30 out. Bounced of an attacker's backside. Weak shot gathered.

3.03. Weak shot uni.

3.04. Dangerous moment.  Knights keeper out bravely.

3.05. Knights Andrew Robb is getting hacked constantly. Nice shot by him from right. Just over.

3.06. Uni go to other end and go close.

3.09. Dumb own goal. Knights up 1-0. Maybe it was the only way they were going to break the deadlock.

3.12. Uni yellow. Knights fk 25 out on left. Shot wide right.

Uni too physical in trying to impose themselves. Giving away s lot of fouls.

3.15. Lobbed shot by  Knights. Caught carefully by Peacock.

3.17. Strang in one on one. Poor first touch. Keeper out well and cleared.

Messy game. Neither side looking likely to score.

3.29. Uni yellow. Fk left 30 out. Strang receives ball and shoots at keeper. Saves.

3.30. Half time. 1-0 to knights.

Missed start of second half. Talking to a couple of recently retired players, Graham Smith and Tommy Ballantyne, Hobart's biggest Motherwell fan I'm told.

Uni have come out looking to get back in the game. They are working hard and dominating possession so far.

Poor choices being made. Kiwi losing possession twice in quick succession.

3.57. Uni long ball easily defused.

3.58. K corner to back post. Headed over for goal kick.

4.02. K corner left. Penalty. Goal. 2-0.

4.08. Uni players getting enough threatening possession but the cut back from the right is always at the wrong angle. Often brought back too far to no one.

4.10. Uni attack again. Half decent through ball over weighted in the end.

4.11. Nasty tackle. Yellow to uni.  Knights fk 25 out. Comes to nothing.

4:13. Uni attack once more. Defused.

4.14. Long ball uni.

4.14. Letiko misses sitter. Side foots wide when it was easier to put in net.

4.16. Kiwi is getting s lot of ball but his distribution is letting down his tenacity.

4.17. Uni corner right. Uni head clash. Ball headed over for goal kick.

4.19. Knights fk 30 out in front. Floated in for peacock to catch.

4.20 Uni go to other end. Cross from right headed wide.

4.21. End to end. Knights keeper gathers a dangerous through ball on the bounce.

4.22. Cross from right. Letiko missed header.

4.24. Knights corner left.

4.25. Uni counter. Poor cross from right.

4.26. Card to Robb. Uni fk 40 out. Kick cleared and pumped back in. Penaly appeals. Cleared and counter.

4.28. Knights corner. Lovely shot from Robb. Keeper got touch.

4.29. Corner cleared. Uni counter. Booted clear.

4.30. Uni working hard. Shot cleared off line by desperate defence.

4.33. More good work by uni. Poor cross from left.

4.34. Uni fk. 40 out. Defused and cleared.

4.36. Full time. Knights 2-0.

Enjoyed the second half more because uni seemed more in it. Knights deserve win. But they won't take much away from it.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

MCG from the air, 1956

A great photo of the MCG from the air in 1956 as Melbourne was preparing for the Olympics. In the background, Olympic Park and to its left the site of the Bubbledome. The Old Scotch College Oval is in the middle ground to the right.

WCQ (we wuz robbed but so wuz they) and Disc Golf. A good night in North Hobart.


Every now and then you meet someone or learn something that really does add to the way you see the world.

Tonight I went to the Waggon and Horses in North Hobart to watch the Australia v Japan game. Quality by the way. We have a real rivalry that will sustain the game for years to come. We should have won 3-1 again but were lucky not to lose. Dumb send off, dumb penalty, dumb send off etc. Felt tense, felt miserable, felt slight elation. All we needed was for TIMMAY to pop up and score and I would have been back in the back bar of the North Fitzroy Arms in 2006 feeling the feeling that rarely comes but when it does is rare joy.

Of course we had to have Mr Rofl wandering round the bar bagging sokkah, "0-0, 0-0, 0-0." He said nothing after Japan scored. He'd kind of set a stall from which he had no room to move. And no bites. Well done North Hobart sokkah people. Well done me!

Great night, Five pints of Fat Yak! So that might explain things from here on. But then again maybe it really is a good Neos Osmos type story.

Sat with Richard Sampson, coach of Sandy Bay under 7s and severely cheerful bloke. Played soccer in England and three years in Hobart before injury/old age cut in.

No. Not Adam Gilchrist. Richard Sampson.

But that didn't stop him. His thing now is frisbee disc. And his special thing is disc golf. Frisbee played like golf with par threes, fours and fives, holes in one and drivers and all the other discs you might expect over eighteen holes. Each hole looks like a regular golf hole - though the fairways don't need to be so fair - with a bizarre spaceship contraption (see above) as a the 'hole'. A par 3 is about 120 metres, a par 5 around 200. 

The golfers have sets of discs that give them options for different situations. Richard plays with a set of around 20. Some go left, some go right and some hold their line. 

And yes. Richard has had the odd hole in one.

Richard is in the top ten in Australia and has a world ranking of 978. Before you scoff, if you were the world's 978th best soccer player you'd have all your 'mates' lining up to borrow money from you if they could get past the security guards.

Unfortunately the money's not so good in disc golf. Even the gun professionals get by on the odd tournament win. $10K is top-end prize winnings. It keeps them going to the next tournament.

Richard loves the game and the community he has met through it. He speaks about it with passion and knowledge and while he doesn't make any grand claims about his sport you can tell he'd be pleased if it managed to find a better footing in Hobart and elsewhere. The council has been supportive and he and a few mates have been able to rejuvenate the Poimena disc golf course at Austin's Ferry.

Saw a great game. Had five pints. Learnt something new. Had a good night.

Monday 11 June 2012

Lakoseljac Cup, New Town Eagles v. Glenorchy Knights, KGV, 11/06/12

Off soon to KGV. I'll be there from about 9.45. I won't blog the game the way I have been because that will be too hard to maintain all day. So I'll be even more impressionistic than usual!

Looking foward to seeing the younger players and the women play today to get a sense of the relative strength of the Tasmanian game in these areas.Click below to go to the finals linked:
5.30pm - Lakoseljac Cup, New Town Eagles v. Glenorchy Knights

The three curtain raisers are linked above. I enjoyed the two I watched (U19 boys and the Women) and was left with a great sense of expectation for the final of the Lakoseljac Cup.


Lakoseljac Cup, New Town Eagles v. Glenorchy Knights

Eagles warm up.

Knights' coach Cris Hey nervously waiting for the big game to start.

Eagles coach, Steve Pitchford.

Neither coach willing to make a prediction, both suggesting that there will be one goal in it.

How's this for a mad stab? Knights 3-1. The Clarence women will have shown the Knights just how irrelevant league form is.

5.30. Underway on time.

5.31. Early corner to Knights . Out for goal kick.

5.33. Good goal to Knights . Well- worked move slotted past keeper. 1-0

5.35. Corner eagles. Cleared ball skied over bar by winger.

5.37. Free kick Eagles left. Kicked into box and headed behind for corner. Corner cleared and returned. Cleared again.

5.39. Good Knights attack. Foiled and cleared.

5.41. Good run by strang down right. Poor cross. Long throw creates a little trouble before being put behind.

5.43. Eagles attack down right. Out for goal kick.

5.46. Goal. Carbon copy of first Knights goal. 2-0.

Knights on top in an intense game.

5.48. Eagles corner. Cleared.

5.52. Eagles attack. Shot from right. Keeper well down.

5.53. Knights corner left. Out for goal kick.

5.54. Great move from eagles down right meets great defending.

5.56. Well struck shot saved by Knights keeper. Strang at other end beats defence but can't get a firm enough shot away.

Game needs a breather. 100 miles an hour ATM.

6.00. Penalty to Eagles. No complaints from knights. Scored. 2-1.

Intensity has dropped down to 110%.

6.05. Knights under pressure. Good save from keeper.

6.06. Knights free kick. 25 out on left. Deflected out for right corner. Cleared.

The crowd is really up for this.

6.11. Knights corner left. Keeper gathers easily. Eagles go to other end. Keeper forced to boot it out for throw.

6.13. Strang hot and cold down right.

6.14. Good ball to Justin down left. Bests keeper cuts back. Out for corner. Corner evades everyone. Out for goal kick.

Frenetic action. End to end before half time.

Half time. Knights lead 2-1.

What a game! This has no apparent correlation to the game these two teams played eight days ago. The intensity and passion have been ramped up. The knights really want this. The Eagles don't want them to have it. The second half promises to be a thriller.

6.32. 2nd half underway.

6.35. Possibly the wildest kick yet. Knights way over from 25.

6.36. Free kick Eagles. 30 out in front.

6.39. Goal. Strang breaks. Cracks one across the keeper from edge of area. Fabulous goal and nothing the keeper could do about it.

6.44. Mckewan yellow.

6.45. Good cross well met by strang. Dawes heads over.

6.46. Knights free kick 30 out. Corner. Headed down and cleared off line.

6.49. Eagles free kick 30 out. Nudged behind for goal kick.

6.51. Eagles corner right. Headed clear. Pumped back in. Headed clear again and away.

6.52. Eagles free kick 30 out. Saved and fumbled and regathered by keeper.

6.53. Eagles keeper saves well after break.

A happy Olympia supporter in the crowd of 750.

6.56.  Super goal by Eagles. Headed clearance calmly put in top corner by Scott. Keeper stuck to the spot. 3-2.

7.04. Good build up by Eagles. Claims of obstruction as keeper gathers. Following attack Knights keeper saves bravely.

7.09. Yellow to Huigsloot.

7.10. Corner Knights on right. Scooped over by forward.

7.11. Eagles press. Nearly. Called offside.

7.14. Cracking Eagles shot into side netting. Eagles supporters erupt in front of us believing it has gone in.

7.17. 6 minutes added time.

7.18. Whitehall yellow.

Game is tense. Players tired. Guts-effort all round.

This game has everything. Ref does a hammy with 2 to go!!

Well into Fergie time now.

It's all over. Knights win 3-2. 

I can't believe how good that game was! Especially after seeing them play each other 2 weeks ago when the Eagles were OK and the Knights weren't very good at all.

Knights captain speaks to the crowd with a backdrop of flare smoke !

Lakoseljac Cup, curtain-raiser finals, KGV, 11/06/12

Under 19s Cup, Kingborough Lions v. Clarence United

10.03. First game underway. Two minutes late. Does that mean 5 minutes early in the Hobart soccer time zone?

Clarence attacking the FFT end. Impressions are that both teams are keen. Some of the challenges have been hard - but fair.

Clarence no 9 has three chances in three seconds to put it in. 1. Airswing. 2. Slammed into defender. 3. Put over bar from two metres out.

Clarence probably shading it. Lovely through ball from Aldridge puts Browning in on goal. Tries to beat poorly positioned keeper at near post. Just wide.

Good periods for both teams. Clarence counter attacking beautifully. Central striker Aldridge is the real creative influence for them. His first touch and vision are very good and his instincts are good as well.

Another glorious chance to Clarence. Put wide when easier to score. They may come to rue these misses.

Glancing header from kingborough free kick goes just wide. Unlucky.

Goal. Beautifully timed through ball from Aldridge to Browning. Simple one on one and beats the keeper. Clarence 1-0.

Half time. Clarence deserve their lead but should be further in front. They could have had three.

View from FFT HQ in the second half.
Despite Clarence's dominance there's still a feeling that kingborough are well in it. Another goal would seal it.

Kingborough. Just over.

Lions starting to come into it. Scene is set for a tight finish. Kingborough now dominant. Browning replaced.

Good keeping in one on one prevents Kingborough goal.

Full time. Clarence win.

The victorious Clarence team.

Vase Final, Olympia Warriors v. Devenport

Won 6-0 by Olympia.There was no way I was going to be able to do all 4 games so I had to get back home for a rest during one of them. The Back Post team did a good job on it.

Women's Final, Olympia Warriors v. Clarence United

Arrived back at 2.30. A nice tension building before the women's final. Olympia have it over Clarence this season (10-1 is the most recent score) but this is, as they say, a cup final.

2.59. Underway. And the space-time continuum has just fractured.

Good energetic start. Clarence with a couple of forays.

Olympia corner. Chambers towers over defence to meet corner. Powerfully over.

Third of succession of o corners. Keeper takes well.

3.07. Cantrell swivels and shoots. Just wide.

3.09. C attack breaks down. Another attack. Good cross from left. Keeper saves.

3.12. Good Clarence attack.

3.14. Another Olympia corner. Keeper flaps. Cleared. Follow up shot behind.

3.17. Olympia attack. Clarence clear and counter.

Olympia look the better organized team but Clarence having a good go.

3.19. Olympia shot wide.

3.20. Olympia attack down right. Weak cross. Clarence counter. Long ball doesn't make goal line. Eventually behind for o goal kick.

3.22. Committed defence from Clarence left back.

3.24. Olympia looking good in build up but committed Clarence defence managing to deal with them in the final third.

3.27. "Clarence looking likely" says a back poster. Clarence have had a couple of attempts, one a decent strike from the right.

3.31. Clarence attacking free kick from left. Behind for goal kick.

Clarence still showing enough to be able to score, especially when Olympia seem a little rattled at the back.

3.36. Good break by Clarence. Terrific cover tackle by Cantrell.

3.37. Olympia one on one. Beats keeper. Beats post.

3.40. Goal. Olympia. One on one. 1-0.

Had to come but Clarence nearly pull one back straight away. Clarence have to pressure the nervous Olympia defence.

3.44. Half time. 1-0.

Olympia the better team but they have probably been taken aback by Clarence's commitment. Clarence could have had a couple but for poor finishing and poor decision making but Olympia deserve the narrow lead.

2nd half.

I change sides for the second half. And yet another stunning view.
That grandstand is full as well.

Clarence fluff another chance. Olympia break foiled by offside.

Good open game now with both sides looking dangerous.

4.15. Fantastic goal to Clarence. Well-worked break. Terrific final ball and slotted. Crowd goes off. 1-1.

4.18. Good break by Olympic. Defence up to it and puts behind for corner. Another corner. Keeper up well under pressure.

4.20. Olympic now seeming to play on counter.

4.21. Free kick from left. Nodded on and headed in powerfully by 13. Olympic back in front. 2-1.

4:23. Brave keeping from Olympia.

4.26. Olympia now dominating but Clarence still showing signs of being able to equalize.

4.28. Long shot by Olympia and good save in the end by keeper who went down too early.

4.29. Keeper fumbles. Corner. Kicked into side netting.

4.31. Clarence attacking left. Dangerous ball in. Kicked behind for goal kick.

4.33. Dangerous ball by olympia. Just too hard. Keeper gathers.

4.34. Clarence goes to other end. Forces desperate save.

4.36. Clarence free kick 30 out. Ball in. Weak shot by Clarence. Keeper saves.

4.38. Good cross by Olympia. Just too far from striker. Keeper gathers.

4.40. Dangerous Clarence break. Stopped by robust tackle.

4.42. Great cross from left to Cantrell who controls well and slams a good shot only just wide.

4.46. One minute to go.

Apparently not. Full time. Olympia win a fantastic game 2-1.

Clarence worked so hard and every players put in a remarkable effort. But they were no match in the end for Olympia's quality and organization. Clarence's goal produced s tremendous roar from the crowd but olympia's goal celebration took me back to Clarendon corner. The goalscorer pointed to the supporters behind the goal and ran to their embrace. Stirring stuff. Breathtaking game in the end. Probably the one I've enjoyed the most since I've been here.

Saturday 9 June 2012

South Hobart FC v Clarence United FC, Washington St, 09/06/12

Washington Street at 2.30 and my first chance to see Clarence play.

Can't find all that much about them on the web but I got this from Wikipedia:
In the 1970s there was a lack of association football clubs in the Municipality of Clarence on Hobart's eastern shore, with most of the southern clubs located in Hobart. A group of keen players, many of whom were from the Scottish Australianexpatriate community held a meeting in October 1977 to discuss thepossibility of forming a new club to enter the 1978 southerncompetition. The club was formed in 1978 as Phoenix Rovers Soccer Club,and originally wore a Scotland International strip for home matches,and a plain red t-shirt as an alternative away strip.
Clarence has the third best defensive record in the league and I expect they are going to have trouble maintaining that record today. They will have to muster all the reserves that have achieved that standing against a South Hobart team to will be looking to score a few goals today.

I'm going with South to win at their home 4-0. If this fires up the Clarence team to do something about that, well and good!

My usual rider: I'll give my impressions but if it's knowledge and substance you are after check out either or both of these blogs: Walter Pless's blog & The Back Post

I hope to be at the ground and blogging from about 1.15.

As promised. Here in time to see South Hobart reserves pull one back to make it 1-2 just before half time.

The ground is still sloping and still has its special character.

Second half underway. Even tussle. Hilarious moment when sh 8 gets hit where it hurts and the Clarence player putting it out nearly hits him again. The player saw the funny side if things through gritted teeth.

Good attacking play by c nearly pays off a couple of times.

The players are soulful and put together some nice moves. I know I'm starting to go on a bit but the decision making when under the slightest of pressure is a problem.

Poor tackle by Clarence 4 gets yellow.

Goal. On level terms now.

Good keeping by Clarence coming out to prevent certain goal.

A couple of wild shots and a botched sure thing.

Clarence one on one after defensive error. Keeper came out to close angle and just not enough loft on the chip.

Now Clarence dominating.

Enjoying this. A goal is always looking likely.

The most awful offside flag against Clarence. Taka About 3 metres on when the ball was kicked.

Goal. Sh free kick against bar onto keeper and in. 3-2 south.

Full time. 3-2. Draw would have been a fairer result.


No way will the game start on time.

Underway. South attacking the Washington st end.

2.38. Underway. South attacking the Washington st end.

2.42. Good interpassing leads to stinging shot by Brennan. Goalkeeper beats down and gathers.

2.43. Play goes other end keeper gathers in scramble. South attack. Another shot by Brennan. Not enough power to get past keeper.

South putting together some good moves.

2.48. Hickey free kick from left. Beautiful. Headed in by Williams. South 1-0. Walter picked it.

2.50. Brennan rattles bar. Follow up player called offside.

2.51. Merkuzic down hurt. Stretcher called for.

2.55. Game resumed. Good attack by South. Put behind for corner. Headed wide.

2.58C larence look threatening but with Hickey in control South's build ups look so much better.

3.00 South attack looking likely every time they go forward.

3.01. Clarence shot from distance by cairns. Wide.

3.02. Bad tackle by Ludford. Yellow.

3.03. Cairns down hurt after being checked in a one- two.

Macintyre walks after being red carded.

3.06.  Macintyre ledger tackle on ludford. Red.

3.07. Consecutive corners to South.

3.09. Clarence botches good lead up work with poor final ball.

3.10. Good work by Clarence down left. Cross too close to keeper.

3.12. Good cross by Brennan deflected by defender over waiting attackers head and away.

South lead up work great. At their best they are untouchable.

3.14. Brennan hampered by his one-footedness.

3.16. Clarence free kick left 18 out. Behind for corner. Clarence looking dangerous but ball cleared.

3.17. South go to other end. Corner. Maintain pressure.

Hickey shining, especially with the extra space.

3.20. Good attack by Clarence. Hoppitt should have scored. Brilliant save.

3.21. Morton cross. Own goal. South 2-0.

3.25. Weak shot by Brennan. Saved comfortably.

3.26. Good run by cairns. Shot just wide and high.

3.28. Half time. South have a deserved lead of 2-0.

This is some of the best football I've seen this trip. Hickey a general and a bunch of attackers who play with good touch and trust each other. Clarence have looked good in patches and should have scored just before south's second. But with 10 men they will struggle. 4-0 as predicted is on the cards.

3.41. 2nd half underway.

3.43. Good attack by Clarence. Cairns showed his strength and tenacity going through about 4 South players.

3.46. South corner left. Goal Postma. 3-0.

3.48. Clarence attack breaks down. South attack quickly.

3.49. Clarence attack nice cross from right. Man at back post can't control. Saved and Cleared.

3.51. Successive corners to Clarence. Shot behind for goal kick.

3.52. Good play by cairns not read by teammates.

3.53. South counter. Seems like a while since they've attacked.

3.55. Clarence botch another after great lead up work by cairns.

3.57. Attack down right. Cross put behind for South corner.

3.58. Still chasing that elusive goal, Brennan blazes wide.

4.00. Tsakiris working hard for Clarence. Competing well. Clarence shot just over.

4.02. South attack again. Behind for goal kick.

4.03. Nice strike by Brennan. Diving save well held.

4.04. Stevens coming on for Clarence. Replacing Lewis.

4.06. Hickey runs through c defence without changing course. His reputation preceded him. Shoots just wide.

4.07. Nice shot from Cairns. Just covered.

4.08. Pin point ball from hickey releases winger. Cross headed behind for corner. Morton heads over.

4.11. Lovely back heel from Brennan blasted over. But only just.

4.13. Clarence corner. Steven juggle and shot. Blocked.

South having trouble penetrating. Clarence looking more likely. This half pretty even, especially considering Clarence are a man short.

4.21. South free kick, left-hand edge of box 10 out. Brennan balloons over.

4.24. Ref has a word with Tsakiris.

4.25. South looking curiously gun shy in final third.

4.26. Good save by keeper from Max Clarke close in. Puts corner over. Ball in net but called offside.

4.27. Full time. South 3-0.