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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Timeline of Soccer in Mildura 1911 – 1914

Very frustrating that I can't find the last few weeks of the 1914 season before it all goes pear shaped. The last game was a scratch match on 4 July. The article mentions a game planned for the following Saturday and notes there are "newcomers" to the game.







6 Sep

Messrs Dawes and Keil organising association 14 or 15 players


12 Sep

Meeting at Shire Hall 8pm


16 Sep

Report on Meeting: about 30 present

Practice match selected from Meredith, Devenport, Nutall, Cohen, Leach, Stevens, Harding, Hilton, Melros, Buchecker (2), Blackburn, Ginn, Dawes, Goodman, Blackburn, Lochhead (2), Keil, Malloch, Holme, Black, Wiltshire, and others.



23 Sep

Benefit match

Mildura 3

Ginn, Cohen, Meredith, Keil, Gordon, Mallock, Hart, M'Cowan (Capt.) Alex. Lockhead, Dawes and Wiltshire.

Merbein 2 (inclusive of Old Mildura)

Hilton, Home, Bashecker (2), Black, Loram, Hardy, Stevens, Davenport (Capt.), Leach and Nutall.

Referee Clark

Linesmen Keil and Urquhart

Poor attendance considering it was a hospital benefit. Ended up £6 6s (suspect the players topped that up)






4 Sep

Game between Englishmen and Scots mooted as a fundraiser before the footy fundraiser


14 Sep

game advertised.

Ends up 0-0

MC 7 Sep;





17 April

Meeting to form League in Risbey’s Chambers. Called by L.P. Ginn.

President, Mr E. J Willis: vice presidents, Messrs J. J. Kiel and F. W. Pickering; secretary, Mr P. L. Dix; treasurer, Mr P. Mallock; committee, Messrs Ginn, Nuttall, J. Kiel (Jnr.) and Stevens.

It was decided to form three teams-captains and vice-captains for each to be appointed by the committee. Game described as “King of Sports”

MC April 9

MC 19 April

3 May

“The Association propose to lease five acres in Tenth-street, near the town, for use as a playing ground. It will make a splendid pitch if secured.”


10 May

Working Bee

Ground: left hand side of 10th Street past Dr. Cameron's and close to railway crossing.

“very likely that the Caledonian society will organise a team.”

MC May 7

MC 10 May

MC 14 May

14 June

Scratch Match. 18 players fronted

Ginn’s team 1 (Best: Smith, Ginn, Harding and J. Malloch)

Home’s team 5

Scorers: Cowan (2), Home and Springhall (2)

Meeting later that evening acknowledged Irymple players were yet to be organised but decided that the two teams would play on a “representative’ basis

MC 18 June

21 June


Mildura (white) 4 (3)

Irymple (blue) 2 (2)

MC 25 June

28 June 28


Mildura 5 (Perry (GK), Ginn) (scorers: Pearson (2))

Irymple 1 (Boyd, Harrison, Home (GK), Cowan, Springhall,)

Referee J. Hart

MT 1 July

July 5


Mildura 6 (Best: Ginn, Harding, Pierson, Springhall and Dix) Hill

Irymple 3 (Best: North Home, Morrison, Becket, Cowan and the Campbell Bros.)

Referee Mr Arllow

MT 4 July

MC 12 July

MT 11 July

July 12


Mildura 4 (Ginn, Pierson, Springhall, Hart)

Scorers: Springhall, Pierson (2), Hart

Irymple 0 (Leach (G), Burns, J. Campbell,

MC 16 July

MT 18 July

July 19


Mildura 1 (Best: Pierson, Harding, Stephens, Dix and Ginn) Hill (G)

Scorer: Harding

Irymple 3 (Best: Becket, Morrison, Goodman and R. and J. Campbell) Leach (G)

Scorers: Becket (2), J. Campbell

Referee: W.J. Arlow

MC 26 July

26 July

Scratch  Match on account of not wanting to cause a distraction from the footy Town v Country

MC 2 Aug

6 Sept

Hospital Benefit 2.45pm

Mildura 1 (Friend (G), Ginn, Cowan, Dicks [Dix], Bell, Hall, Smith (C), Stephens, Pearson, Harding, Springhall, Arlow, Evans (2))

Irymple 3 (Blue and Gold)(Leach (G), Brown, Hodgson, Home (C), Campbell, Morrison, Beckett, Campbell, Goodman, Malloch, Stevens

Referee E.J. Willis

MC Sept 3

MC Sept 6

MC Sept 10

MT Sept 5

MT Sept 9

Oct 1

Presentation Night. Trophy struck but not awarded this year

Attendance of around 40.

Hang on! Irymple awarded the premiership

MT 3 Oct

MC 4 Oct





18 Apr

“The members of the British Mildura Football Association met in Risbey's Chambers on Saturday evening and made arrangements in connection with the coming season. Mr L. P. Ginn occupied the chair. It was agreed to commence operations on Saturday, Ist May, when sides representing Mildura and Irymple will oppose each other. The following office-bearers were appointed :-President, Mr E. J. Willis; Vice-Presidents, Messrs J. J. Keil, N. Home and J Lochhead; Captain of Mildura, L. P. Ginn, Vice Captain and Secretary, W. J. Smith; Captain of Irymple, N Home ; Vice Captain, P. H. Beckett; Secretary, J. Campbell; Secretary of Association, W. J. Smith. Last season's balance sheet showed a substantial sum on hand.”

MC 22 Apr

2 May

Opening Game

“record turnout” ball burst after 20 minutes

MC 2 May

MC 6 May

9 May

Scratch Match

Ginn’s team 1

Scorer: Pierson

Beckett’s team 2

Scorer: Beckett (2)

Johnstone stood out in defence for the winners

MC 13 May

16 May

First Official Match of season.


Ginn, Harding, Budd, B. Friend, Pearson, Paton, Nicholls, Hart, Springhall, Harston, Smith, Newman and Stevens.


Leitch, Hodgson, Young, Johnstone, Campbell (2), Morrison, Home, Steven, Beckett, Wadham.

Game cancelled due to non-appearance of some players and a scratch match played instead

Ginn’s team 1

Scorer: J. Campbell

Beckett’s team 4

Scorers: Beckett, Harding, Steven and Gammon

MC 16 May

MC 20 May

30 May


Irymple 3

Leitch, Johnstone, Hodgson, Home, Morrison, Newman, Steven, Beckett, Hart, Campbell (2), Wadham. 

Scorers: Smith, Steven, Beckett

Mildura 1

Springhall, Ginn, Gammon, Gilpin, Harding, Stevens, Smith, Nicholls, Cowan, Pearson, Paton, Lauder.

Scorer: Hart

Kick-off 3.30.

Note: “Owing to the players desiring to see the League match between Irymple and Merbein no soccer game was played last Saturday.”

MC 27 May

MC 30 May

MC 6 Jun


6 June


Mildura 2 Ginn, Smith, Cowan

Scorers: Newman, Smith

Irymple 1 Campbell, Paton, Johnstone

Scorer: Campbell

MC 10 June

13 June


Irymple 4

Mildura 2

Good attendance with many women

MC 17 June

20 June

Match. Scratch match due to absence of Mildura players, the ‘poorest of the season’

Ginn’s team 0

Ginn, M'Kay (2) Mizzier, Nichols, Campbell (2) Cowan, Hart, Paton and Newhouser;

Beckett’s team 1

Beckett, Page, Leitch, Johnstone, Barnett, Surgey, Morrison, Smith, Stevens, Newman and Steven.

Scorer: Stevens

MC 24 June

4 July


Beckett’s team 5

Scorers: Steven (2), Beckett (2) and J. Campbell (1)

Ginn’s team 4

Scorers: Leach (2) R. Campbell (1) and Stevens (1)

Referee: Johnstone

“It is hoped all players and supporters will note that a further game will be played next Saturday.”


MC July 8

11 July

No sign of a game in trove. Indeed soccer news seems to disappear from here for the rest of the season



MC  = Mildura Cultivator

MT  = Mildura Telegraph

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