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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

100 Years Ago Today, 25 February 1921


Daily Standard, Thursday 24 February 1921, page 5



The 34th annual meeting of the Queensland British Football Association was held last night. The report stated that the season had started with nine senior clubs, six first grade junior clubs, nine-second grade junior clubs, and 12 third grade Junior clubs, and there were 740 players on the register. The season had been a financial success, and the credit balance stood at £35 12s 1d. The charity cup ties did not prove a success, a debit balance of £4 4s 4d resulting, "The season just closed," the report con cluded, "has given an Insight into the possibilities of the height that association football can reach if "carefully managed." Mr. R. Guy, one of the auditors, suggested that it was advisable to make an effort to secure a football ground near a tram terminus. He pointed out that within 10 years the amount which the association had paid in rent for the Brisbane Cricket Ground would pay the capital and interest on a ground of its own.

Mr. R. A. Riddell expressed the hope that next year the association would be able to secure the visit of an English team, or a representative combin ation from one of the Dominions.

The following officers were elected: Patron, the State Governor (Sir Matthew Nathan) vice-patron, Mr. E. J. Stevens; president, Mr. J. W. Ken dall; new vice-presidents, Colonel D. G. Cameron, M.H.R-, Messrs.-W. Bis hop, A. Peterscn, W. Donnellan, W. Cox. H. Ashworth, J. Hutchinson, A. E. Curtis, W. Finlayson, E. Fortescue, J. Delaney, J. Comrie, J. Hindman, Mr. Justice Macnaughton, Messrs. W. Bertram, M.L.A., and S. Fulcher; chairman of committees, Mr. J. W. Kendall; secretary, Mr. J. S. Hildreth; assistant secretary, Mr. C. Searle; treasurer, Mr. A. Morgan; executive committee, Messrs. R. A. Riddell, A. Petersen. J. W. Peden, A. Hurst; jun ior secretary, Mr. J. J. Winch; audi tors, Messrs. R. Guy und W. Telford; appeals committee, Messrs. J. Jack, W. Donnellan, and J. Kenton.

Toowoomba Chronicle, Wednesday 23 February 1921, page 6



The annual meeting of tbe British Association (soccer) Football Union was held at Hillock's rooms, Ruthven-street, last evening. There was a good attendance. The report and balance sheet were adopt-ed. The latter showed credit balance of £2/13/9. The ground fund also showed a credit balance of over £9. A long discussion ensued regarding the presentation of medals to the Diggers (winners of the senior premiership). Apparently there was, some misunderstanding regarding the medals, and the matter was eventually allowed to stand over to a meeting on Tuesday next to enable the secretary to make further inquiries. 

The principal office bearers elected were: Patron, Mr. T. R. Roberts, M.L.A.; president, Mr. E. Pascoe; secretary, Mr. W. Lyon; executive, Messrs. W. Young, W. Styne, H. New and two others.

Brisbane Courier, Saturday 26 February 1921, page 11


Argus, Saturday 26 February 1921, page 11



At the Deepdale football ground Preston (Eng ) in December 20 000 people saw a women's football match, played at night. Powerful acetylene lamps were placed round the touchline and although the huge searchlights lent by the War Office failed after the game had been m progress a few minutees it was possible to follow the incidents with ease. To aid the players under these novel conditions the ball was repeatedly whitewashed.


Northern Standard, Saturday 26 February 1921, page 1

[this snippet seems to foreshadow something--could well point to the impending colour bar imposed]

It is very unfortunate that any serious grounds for misunderstanding should have arisen in connection with the local football teams. They have done and are doing much, to keep sport here and deserve not only generous support but kindly, critic ism. I trust the little bit of variance will not develop, and that no one will do anything to aggravate it.


Land, Friday 25 February 1921, page 20

Around the World.

In a Romford League match between Emerson Park and Chadwell Heath, London, Williams, the Emerson Park left hook, was "knocked out" and lost seven teeth.

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