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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Northumberland and Durham Smoke Night 1922

The Emerald Hill Record (7 October 1922, p2) reported the annual smoke night of Northumberland and Durham United. Some interesting points: 

  1. It's a spotted history of the club's 10 years. 
  2. The recent death of the inaugural chairman Sam Hartley;
  3. We learn that Ben Stevens captained the team for the first 9 years;  
  4. J Lamb was the general dogsbody for the club and a number of others were important to its activities; 
  5. Portable goalposts! I need a description.
  6. Has the epicentre of N. and D. moved away from Footscray (intimated by the function being held in South Melbourne and reported in a local paper)?


Hold Annual Social.

The Northumberland and Durham United British Association Football Club (Soccer) held their annual smoke night on Saturday last in the Concordia Hall, South Melbourne. Mr. Albert N. Gay was the chairman, and referred to the position of the club and hoped that all present would have an enjoyable evening. Musical items were rendered by Messrs. Bristow, Craig, Davidson, Grieves, Jones, Lamb, and Thornton. The singing of Mr. Bob Davidson was particularly fine, and brought forth numerous encores. The chairman spoke feelingly on the sad loss the club had sustained owing to the death of Mr. Sam Hartley, who had been the chairman of the club since its formation. He felt sure the club as a body would do all in its power to assist Mrs. Hartley in every, possible way.

Mr. J. Lamb proposed the toast of The Captain and Players, and referred to the pleasure he got, through being connected with the club, every week, although he did have to carry the goal posts and nets and very often had to mark off the ground. However, it was more than pleasing to see 'N. and D. receiving such prominence each year. 

Mr. Ben Stevens (captain) rose to respond amid cries of "Good old Ben!" "Ben the evergreen!" etc., and stated how pleased he was to have the pleasure of responding on behalf of a team which he had captained for the past 10 years with the exception of last season. During those years they had won the League several times and the Dockerty cup twice. Of course, he knew from his long experience that secret of the success of N. and D. was the unanimity between the players and their committee. He could remember when the club first started. He had gone onto the ground with seven or eight men; and often had finished the game with a victory to their credit. (Laughter.) He thanked the committee for their staunch support in the past, and hoped for their continued good service in the future.

The toast of the committee was proposed by Mr. Grieves, and responded to by Mr. Bentley. Mr M. D. Cunningham, the genial and hard-working honorary secretary, spoke of the progress the club had made. During the three years he had been their secretary they had won the League premiership twice, and the Dockerty cup once, which was by no means a por record. He hoped the club would continue along the track of prosperity, and that next year both the cup and the shield would be on the table at their annual smoke night. (Loud cheers.) —'The Vigilante.'

Melbourne Herald (Wednesday 5 July 1922, page 18)

HARTLEY. — On the 4th July. 1922, at his residence. 160 Little Buckley street, Footscray (suddenly). Samuel Hartley. (late president of Northumberland and Durham Football Club), dearly loved husband of Elizabeth Hartley, loving brother-in-law of Mrs. Fletcher, William, Isabel, and the late David Jeffrey, aged 54 years. Deeply mourned and sadly missed. 

This obituary in the Age (18 May 1936, page 1) references some N and D figures.

DARBYSHIRE.—On the 16th May, Henry William, dearly beloved eldest son of William Henry and the late Rebecca Darbyshire, of 23 Garden Vale-road, Caulfield, loving brother of Ernest, Nellie, Marjory, Tina, Stanley, Edith and Rachel. DARBYSHIRE, H. W.— On the 16th May. From him sweet rest, For us just memories. Inserted by his loving father and brother, Stan, DARBYSHIRE.—On the 16th May, Harry, the dearly loved brother of Tina and Wilfred; also loving uncle of Olive, Edna, Lorna, Norman and Jack. Loved ones united. DARBYSHIRE. H. W.-On the 16th May. In silence we remember. —Inserted by living brother, Ern, and Vera. DARBYSHIRE, H. W.— On the 16th May. He giveth his beloved sleep. His tired, weary frame Has found sweet rest at last. —Inserted by his loving sisters, Edie and Rachel. DARBYSHIRE. —On the 16th May, H. W. In mind a silent thought, In heart a secret sorrow. —Marjory and Percy. —Inserted by his loving sister, Marjory, and Percy. DARBYSHIRE, H. W.-On the 16th May. Years fly pas, but his life to us Will always be the sweetest memories. —Inserted by his loving sister, Nellie, and Sid. DARBYSHIRE, H. W.—On the 16th May. in remembrance of my dear brother-in-law Edward Soames; Joyce Soames, Edward Henry Soames. At rest. DARBYSHIRE, H. W.—On the 16th May, in remembrance on behalf of the Northumberland and Durham Soccer Football team, Footscray. A good friend and a great sport.  

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