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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tasmanian Statewide Cups and Rich Heritage

Down to FFT headquarters at KGV at 10.30 for a press conference. Chris Hey (Glenorchy Knights) and Steve Pitchford (New Town Eagles) were there to promote Monday's final of the Lakoseljac Cup. Given that New Town had just hammered the Knights 4-0 the coaches were a bit cagey. Lots of 'all-bets-are-off-it's-a-cup-final', 'different-conditions-on-the-day' rhetoric failing to hide the fact that Glenorchy know they have a job to do and New Town will be uber-confident.

Chris Hey, John Boulos (FFT CEO), and Steve Pitchford face the media scrum
Chris Hey responds to Mercury journo Julius Ross

Steve Pitchford deals with a curly one from Walter Pleass.
The photo doesn't do justice to what I think is an attractive and iconically Tasmanian trophy.

The four games will be played on Monday 11 June at KGV Park. I'll try to blog them all!
10 am - Under 19s Cup, Kingborough Lions v. Clarence United
12.30 pm - Vase Final, Olympia Warriors v. Devenport
3.00 pm - Women's Final, Olympia Warriors v. Clarence United
5.30pm - Lakoseljac Cup, New Town Eagles v. Glenorchy Knights

With the presser out of the way I took the opportunity have a snoop around and find some great photos from Tasmania's soccer past. Bad angles and poor quality notwithstanding, they speak to Tasmania's rich soccer heritage. Let me know if you want specifics of the photos and I'll try to decipher them for you. If that fails I'll ask Walter Pless.

Corinthians, nd.

Commonwealth Football Association 1922

Commonwealth Football Association 1921

Corinthian Football Club, Tasmanian Premiers 1914

Tasmanian team that visited Adelaide in 1923. What a stern looking lot!

Tasmanian team that visited Adelaide in 1923.

Corinthian Football Club, Tasmanian Premiers 1913



  1. 2002 was a good year Ian! By far the best match I have ever been involved in!

    1. Come on then Callan. Some more details!!