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Monday, 11 June 2012

Lakoseljac Cup, New Town Eagles v. Glenorchy Knights, KGV, 11/06/12

Off soon to KGV. I'll be there from about 9.45. I won't blog the game the way I have been because that will be too hard to maintain all day. So I'll be even more impressionistic than usual!

Looking foward to seeing the younger players and the women play today to get a sense of the relative strength of the Tasmanian game in these areas.Click below to go to the finals linked:
5.30pm - Lakoseljac Cup, New Town Eagles v. Glenorchy Knights

The three curtain raisers are linked above. I enjoyed the two I watched (U19 boys and the Women) and was left with a great sense of expectation for the final of the Lakoseljac Cup.


Lakoseljac Cup, New Town Eagles v. Glenorchy Knights

Eagles warm up.

Knights' coach Cris Hey nervously waiting for the big game to start.

Eagles coach, Steve Pitchford.

Neither coach willing to make a prediction, both suggesting that there will be one goal in it.

How's this for a mad stab? Knights 3-1. The Clarence women will have shown the Knights just how irrelevant league form is.

5.30. Underway on time.

5.31. Early corner to Knights . Out for goal kick.

5.33. Good goal to Knights . Well- worked move slotted past keeper. 1-0

5.35. Corner eagles. Cleared ball skied over bar by winger.

5.37. Free kick Eagles left. Kicked into box and headed behind for corner. Corner cleared and returned. Cleared again.

5.39. Good Knights attack. Foiled and cleared.

5.41. Good run by strang down right. Poor cross. Long throw creates a little trouble before being put behind.

5.43. Eagles attack down right. Out for goal kick.

5.46. Goal. Carbon copy of first Knights goal. 2-0.

Knights on top in an intense game.

5.48. Eagles corner. Cleared.

5.52. Eagles attack. Shot from right. Keeper well down.

5.53. Knights corner left. Out for goal kick.

5.54. Great move from eagles down right meets great defending.

5.56. Well struck shot saved by Knights keeper. Strang at other end beats defence but can't get a firm enough shot away.

Game needs a breather. 100 miles an hour ATM.

6.00. Penalty to Eagles. No complaints from knights. Scored. 2-1.

Intensity has dropped down to 110%.

6.05. Knights under pressure. Good save from keeper.

6.06. Knights free kick. 25 out on left. Deflected out for right corner. Cleared.

The crowd is really up for this.

6.11. Knights corner left. Keeper gathers easily. Eagles go to other end. Keeper forced to boot it out for throw.

6.13. Strang hot and cold down right.

6.14. Good ball to Justin down left. Bests keeper cuts back. Out for corner. Corner evades everyone. Out for goal kick.

Frenetic action. End to end before half time.

Half time. Knights lead 2-1.

What a game! This has no apparent correlation to the game these two teams played eight days ago. The intensity and passion have been ramped up. The knights really want this. The Eagles don't want them to have it. The second half promises to be a thriller.

6.32. 2nd half underway.

6.35. Possibly the wildest kick yet. Knights way over from 25.

6.36. Free kick Eagles. 30 out in front.

6.39. Goal. Strang breaks. Cracks one across the keeper from edge of area. Fabulous goal and nothing the keeper could do about it.

6.44. Mckewan yellow.

6.45. Good cross well met by strang. Dawes heads over.

6.46. Knights free kick 30 out. Corner. Headed down and cleared off line.

6.49. Eagles free kick 30 out. Nudged behind for goal kick.

6.51. Eagles corner right. Headed clear. Pumped back in. Headed clear again and away.

6.52. Eagles free kick 30 out. Saved and fumbled and regathered by keeper.

6.53. Eagles keeper saves well after break.

A happy Olympia supporter in the crowd of 750.

6.56.  Super goal by Eagles. Headed clearance calmly put in top corner by Scott. Keeper stuck to the spot. 3-2.

7.04. Good build up by Eagles. Claims of obstruction as keeper gathers. Following attack Knights keeper saves bravely.

7.09. Yellow to Huigsloot.

7.10. Corner Knights on right. Scooped over by forward.

7.11. Eagles press. Nearly. Called offside.

7.14. Cracking Eagles shot into side netting. Eagles supporters erupt in front of us believing it has gone in.

7.17. 6 minutes added time.

7.18. Whitehall yellow.

Game is tense. Players tired. Guts-effort all round.

This game has everything. Ref does a hammy with 2 to go!!

Well into Fergie time now.

It's all over. Knights win 3-2. 

I can't believe how good that game was! Especially after seeing them play each other 2 weeks ago when the Eagles were OK and the Knights weren't very good at all.

Knights captain speaks to the crowd with a backdrop of flare smoke !


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