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Friday, 8 June 2012

Glenorchy Knights FC v. Kingborough Lions United FC, KGV, 08/06/12

OK. I've seen three games so far since I've been in Hobart. Twelve goals in total and one of the games was a nil-all draw (which could just as easily been 3-3). Some lovely play and some exciting young players - but defence has been ordinary at best.

Was tossing up which game to go to. I'd love to see Woolley and Wadawu improve their combination and run amok but I think the game at KGV seems like it will be important. It will be a measure of how well the Knights can recover from Saturday's hiding at the hands of New Town. If they can 're-boot' and put in a good peformance they will enter Monday's state final with some confidence.

Kingborough know they can score goals. They also know they can let them in. It's their chance to tighten up their defence against a team that would love to score a few tonight.

Form suggests another high scoring match - maybe a 3-3 draw. But I'd love to see a well-fought close one. Even a 0-0 draw where both teams work hard would be satisfying. Let's go for 2-0 to Knights.

Blogging from around 7pm.

As I said last week, I'll give my impressions but if it's local knowledge and substance you are after check out either or both of these blogs:

I'll also be keeping an eye on the South Melbourne v. Port Melbourne Mirabella Knockout Cup match tonight. We lost against Port last year and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. [Unfortuantely we lost 2-1 again!]

Arrived at 7.10. Colder than last week but now I've acclimatised I'm fine!

Knights leading lions in ressies. 1-0.

Poor shot goes wide.

Lions doing most of the attacking ATM.

Knights defender puts behind for corner.

Lions doing a lot of attacking especially down the right flank. Haven't troubled the keeper yet though.

Left corner for Lions. Headed over.

At last Lions equalise deservedly. 1-1.

Still attacking. Shot blazed over.

Another one over.

Knights break. Corner. Cleared. Full time. 1-1.

Lions will feel a bit stiff. They were all over the knights for just about all that half.

I think I need a better camera. Kingborough warming up.
Mintes silence

8.04. Underway. Knights attacking FFT headquarters.

8.05. Kingborough score. Cooper latches on to through ball. 1-0. This could be messy.

8.08. Good work by Lions on right.

8.09. Lions kick on Hal way. Floated in. Put out behind for corner right.

8.10. Long corner. Headed over.

8.11. Good work by Knights Strang. Undone by poor final ball.

8.13. Good by Strang again. Through ball to down wing. Cross goes behind.

Knights getting some control in midfield.

8.15. Lions counter. Comes to nothing.

8.16. Wasted cross from Knights goes behind.

8.17. Good work down left by Strang. Throw. Leads to smart save.

8.18. Knights free kick. 30 out. Floated in. Cleared. Pumped back and caught by keeper.

After looking the better team lions are now looking a bit frail defensively. A good period for the Knights.

8.22. Lions break. Cross to noone. Cleared. Hard shot wide.

8.24. Lions Cross from right. Headed behind for corner. Corner too long. Knights break.

8.29. How did Strang miss? Great work by Marney delivers perfect cross. All Strang had to do was pop it in from a metre out. Over the bar!

8.31. Lions kick from forty. Keeper catches unmolested.

Knights still pressing.

8.33. Good Knights move breaks down. But then looped shot hits bar!

Knights still pressing. They need to turn this into a goal.

8.36. Lions defender puts behind for right corner. Cleared. Long return shot well wide.

8.38. Lions long ball down right. Crossed in. Offside called.

8.39. Lions long ball straight to keeper. They don't seem able to work the ball forward.

8.40. Kick to Knights by keeper. Out for throw on half way.

8.41. Lions break down right. Good covering tackle. Throw produces shot that slices out for a throw in.

8.44. Good attack by Knights. Calls for a penalty. Waved away. Lions break. Shot way over.

8.46. Knights error gives lions a free shot on goal. Keeper gets down well.

8.49. Agricultural tackle. Chel hurt and stays down. Lions kick just outside the area. Kick returned and rocketed back. Excellent save.

Knights will feel aggrieved not to be ahead at half time. They've dominated the midfield and have had opportunities to score a couple of goals. Despite the blunder, Strang has impressed. Needs another busy attacking midfielder/forward to work with.

Footy from Melbourne on tv in the clubhouse.

9.05. 2nd half underway.

It's all all lions immediately after half time.

9.12. Smart work by Knights keeper cuts out a good cross.

9.14. Knights captain replaced.

9.15. Good Knights attack spoilt by bad choices in front of goal. Nowicki beats tackle and works into area only to give lame pass to wrong player. Man at back post was the obvious choice. At least is was from here in the grandstand!!

9.20. A good midfield tussle now. Lots of effort for little penetration. Though Lions go close from right.

9.21. Another good build up from Knights. Fizzles out.

9.22. Kick to Knights 40 out. High kick saved by keeper who had to recover from a slight misjudgment.

9.24. Kick to Lions floated in. Headed clear.

9.24. Callen griffin taking a significant midfield role. Needs to use his body less than his head. Good player who seems prone to responding physically.

9.25. Latiko on.

9.25. Yellow to lions Cooper. Cooper replaced.

9.27. Knights attack culminates in shot blasted over.

9.28. Knights lose possession after s short corner. Lions break. Offside.

9.29. Knights attack up right. Long throw. Cleared.

9.34. Knights Clay shot from wide right. Just over.

9.35. Selfish play by Lions' Kang going on hid own when easy lay off better option. Goes down under a good challenge.

9.36. Dipping long shot from Lions just over.

Lions turn to dominate possession and field position.

To answer querie. Yes Joel schuth is playing. Two chances according to Walter.

9.41. Good first time shot to Knights' Hey who drags it just wide.

9.43. Nice Knights move. Strang hits post and ball comes back to him. Called offside though.

9.44. Knights kick 40 out. Kicked over!

9.45. Lions shot. Always going wide.

9.47. Patient build by Knights. Comes to nothing.

9.48. Lions corner right, returned to kicker. Cannons into Griffin's arm. Free kick troublesome but cleared.

Lions starting to look like they have this. Though knights still going for it.

9.50. Knights kick. 40 out. Into wall of one and cleared.

9.53. Knights defensive error produces good shot and better save by keeper.

9.54. Full time. Lions 1-0. 

Moon in centre left of picture.

Chris Hey interviewed by Walter Pless. He was happy with his team's effort and was surprisingly positive.

Knights will take a lot out of that game, especially when University were hammered by Olympia. They looked better and more likely to deliver scoring opportuunities than the Lions and they fluffed some pretty clear cut chances. I liked Strang but he goes in and out of the game. If he could fire up for a solid 90 minutes he'd be impressive.

Kingborough had their own chances to score more goals but were kept to one solitary goal by some impressive saves from the Knights' keeper.

I'm glad it didn't turn into a goal frenzy, especially after such an early goal threatened to set the tone. I got my close game.

Though tomorrow I expect the dam to break at Washington Street and Clarence are going to have to be at their best.


  1. I've been lamenting the lack of quality defending, people don't seem to appreciate good defending underpins attacking football

  2. Thanks for covering the game Ian. For those of us at work...we appreciate it.

  3. Knights 7 will be Strang

  4. Thanks for covering the game Ian. Some of us at work appreciate it.

  5. Knights no 7 "underdone by poor final ball". Incisive commnent Ian. One touch too many is often the Knights' demise. Team game boys. I agree also Tommy, get the defence in order and then the attack can build.

  6. Ian is Joel Schuth (Kingborough No.11) playing tonight? He had to pass a fitness test after getting a corky in the game against Olympia last Sunday.

  7. Like the term 'Agricultural tackle':)

  8. Thanks Ian for your work tonight.

    I was at the game and thought that the Lions defence did signficantly better this week against a dangerous forward line in Strang, Marney and Dawes although Strang should definitely have put himself on the score sheet in the first half. Apart from that, most Knights chances were from distance which didn't cause too much concern for Leamey in goal.

    A draw was probably the fairer result but Lions were decent value for the points.