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Sunday, 17 June 2012

New Town Eagles FC v South Hobart FC, Clare St, 17/06/12

Yesterday a clash of the cellar dwellers. Last night a middle-storey battle. Today a visit to the Penthouse. South Hobart basically get their chance to establish a 7-point break on all opposition today. A position from which they would almost certainly win the league. The Eagles get a chance to narrow the gap to 1 point.

Hopefully it'll be a cracker. I'm going for Andy Brennan to break his drought in a 2-1 loss for South.

I'll blog it from about 2pm. The game 'starts' at 2.30 -- but if you believe that will happen I have a plot of land on the moon to sell you.


Here at 1.45. South leading 3-0 in the reserves just after Half time.

South shot just wide.

There's a line there somewhere.

South penalty. 4-0.

Full time. South 4-0.

2.35. Game underway after minute's silence.

Very physical game predicted by someone who should know.

2.38. Corner south tight. Headed over.

2.41. Brennan scores. Ball squirts through keeper's legs from a long shot. South 1-0.

2.43. Eagles fk left edge of area. Wasted over.

2.45. S corner left. Short to hickey. Eagles struggle but clear inthe end.

2.48. Good eagles attack. Corner left. Not cleared. Mckeown slots it from edge of area. 1-1.

2.50. Nice eagles attack.

2.51. South counter. Corner left.

2.52. Eagles goal. Left wing cross header saved. Follow up kicked into crossbar. Headed in to make sure. Eagles 2-1.

2.56. Eagles corner left. Headed behind for goal kick.

2.57. South corner left. Cleared.

Things have quietened down now.

3.03. Eagles fk right 30 out. Crossed and nearly met on left. Behind for goal kick.

3.05. Brennan tries from too far out. Doesn't get the power of the shot when he scored.

3.06. Eagles shot from distance. Keeper Well down.

3.08. Good work south on left. Cross over not met by Morton.

3.10. Another long shot by south. Easily gathered.

3.11. Eagle fk left edge of area. Push not seen by ref.

3.12. Brennan shot into side netting after rounding keeper.

3.14. Eagles attack. Defused.

3.15. Eagles fk. Long to wing. Cut back in. Striker bundled over. No foul.

3.18. South corner left. Cleared. Worked back to right. Brennan put through but can't beat the ball to the goal line.

3.20. Brennan crosses in to ludford. Good save from close.

South starting to dominate. Eagles only getting forward on the break.

3.22. Half time. Eagles 2-1.

Good game so far. South looked the better team but Eagles defending well. But for a Keeper error eagles would be two up.

3.38. 2nd half underway.

3.39. Good attack by eagles down right. Cut back. Shot from left just over.

Good opening spell to Eagles. Looking tidy and organized.

3.44. Shot from right by eagles. Just wide.

3.46. South counter. Brennan on right crosses back. Poor shot wide

3.48 South corner tight. Shot just wide.

3.49. Another eagles attack. Last ditch tackle robs striker and keeper gathers.

3.52. Eagles cross from right. Just behind.

3.54. Good lead up work by eagles. Cross from right and forward just fails to get enough on it. Goes behind.

3.56. Scott hurt in bad tackle. Yellow to south player. Could have been red. Scott returns to field.

3.59. South cross from left. Too hard and goes behind.

4.01. Good work from eagles. Long shot. Not enough on it.

4.03. Brennan looks to have hurt his groin.

Game now a bit of a to and fro struggle. Engrossing.

4.10. South corner left. Put behind for another.

4.11. Hickey slices a 9 iron from 40 out.

4.12. Weak eagles shot from left saved by keeper.

4.13. Eagles corner left.

4.15. Brave keeping. Eagles player lucky to avoid second yellow.

Eagles inexplicably rattled ATM.

4.16. South fk. Ends in overorganised farce. Cleared.

4.17. Scott in one on one. Shoots to early and too low.

4.19. Deflected shot saved by eagles keeper.

4.20. Eagles break down right. Last ditch tacle out for corner.

4.22. Attacking throw to south. Cleared.

4.23. South handles clearance. Fk from circle. Ball in Eagles attacking left.

4.24. Full time. Eagles. 2-1. 

Good enjoyable game. Eagles deserved it from their 2nd half performance more than the 1st. The result also breathes some life into the Southern Premier League. South have buckled three times recently when facing good teams who seem to want the game more than them.

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