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Saturday, 9 June 2012

South Hobart FC v Clarence United FC, Washington St, 09/06/12

Washington Street at 2.30 and my first chance to see Clarence play.

Can't find all that much about them on the web but I got this from Wikipedia:
In the 1970s there was a lack of association football clubs in the Municipality of Clarence on Hobart's eastern shore, with most of the southern clubs located in Hobart. A group of keen players, many of whom were from the Scottish Australianexpatriate community held a meeting in October 1977 to discuss thepossibility of forming a new club to enter the 1978 southerncompetition. The club was formed in 1978 as Phoenix Rovers Soccer Club,and originally wore a Scotland International strip for home matches,and a plain red t-shirt as an alternative away strip.
Clarence has the third best defensive record in the league and I expect they are going to have trouble maintaining that record today. They will have to muster all the reserves that have achieved that standing against a South Hobart team to will be looking to score a few goals today.

I'm going with South to win at their home 4-0. If this fires up the Clarence team to do something about that, well and good!

My usual rider: I'll give my impressions but if it's knowledge and substance you are after check out either or both of these blogs: Walter Pless's blog & The Back Post

I hope to be at the ground and blogging from about 1.15.

As promised. Here in time to see South Hobart reserves pull one back to make it 1-2 just before half time.

The ground is still sloping and still has its special character.

Second half underway. Even tussle. Hilarious moment when sh 8 gets hit where it hurts and the Clarence player putting it out nearly hits him again. The player saw the funny side if things through gritted teeth.

Good attacking play by c nearly pays off a couple of times.

The players are soulful and put together some nice moves. I know I'm starting to go on a bit but the decision making when under the slightest of pressure is a problem.

Poor tackle by Clarence 4 gets yellow.

Goal. On level terms now.

Good keeping by Clarence coming out to prevent certain goal.

A couple of wild shots and a botched sure thing.

Clarence one on one after defensive error. Keeper came out to close angle and just not enough loft on the chip.

Now Clarence dominating.

Enjoying this. A goal is always looking likely.

The most awful offside flag against Clarence. Taka About 3 metres on when the ball was kicked.

Goal. Sh free kick against bar onto keeper and in. 3-2 south.

Full time. 3-2. Draw would have been a fairer result.


No way will the game start on time.

Underway. South attacking the Washington st end.

2.38. Underway. South attacking the Washington st end.

2.42. Good interpassing leads to stinging shot by Brennan. Goalkeeper beats down and gathers.

2.43. Play goes other end keeper gathers in scramble. South attack. Another shot by Brennan. Not enough power to get past keeper.

South putting together some good moves.

2.48. Hickey free kick from left. Beautiful. Headed in by Williams. South 1-0. Walter picked it.

2.50. Brennan rattles bar. Follow up player called offside.

2.51. Merkuzic down hurt. Stretcher called for.

2.55. Game resumed. Good attack by South. Put behind for corner. Headed wide.

2.58C larence look threatening but with Hickey in control South's build ups look so much better.

3.00 South attack looking likely every time they go forward.

3.01. Clarence shot from distance by cairns. Wide.

3.02. Bad tackle by Ludford. Yellow.

3.03. Cairns down hurt after being checked in a one- two.

Macintyre walks after being red carded.

3.06.  Macintyre ledger tackle on ludford. Red.

3.07. Consecutive corners to South.

3.09. Clarence botches good lead up work with poor final ball.

3.10. Good work by Clarence down left. Cross too close to keeper.

3.12. Good cross by Brennan deflected by defender over waiting attackers head and away.

South lead up work great. At their best they are untouchable.

3.14. Brennan hampered by his one-footedness.

3.16. Clarence free kick left 18 out. Behind for corner. Clarence looking dangerous but ball cleared.

3.17. South go to other end. Corner. Maintain pressure.

Hickey shining, especially with the extra space.

3.20. Good attack by Clarence. Hoppitt should have scored. Brilliant save.

3.21. Morton cross. Own goal. South 2-0.

3.25. Weak shot by Brennan. Saved comfortably.

3.26. Good run by cairns. Shot just wide and high.

3.28. Half time. South have a deserved lead of 2-0.

This is some of the best football I've seen this trip. Hickey a general and a bunch of attackers who play with good touch and trust each other. Clarence have looked good in patches and should have scored just before south's second. But with 10 men they will struggle. 4-0 as predicted is on the cards.

3.41. 2nd half underway.

3.43. Good attack by Clarence. Cairns showed his strength and tenacity going through about 4 South players.

3.46. South corner left. Goal Postma. 3-0.

3.48. Clarence attack breaks down. South attack quickly.

3.49. Clarence attack nice cross from right. Man at back post can't control. Saved and Cleared.

3.51. Successive corners to Clarence. Shot behind for goal kick.

3.52. Good play by cairns not read by teammates.

3.53. South counter. Seems like a while since they've attacked.

3.55. Clarence botch another after great lead up work by cairns.

3.57. Attack down right. Cross put behind for South corner.

3.58. Still chasing that elusive goal, Brennan blazes wide.

4.00. Tsakiris working hard for Clarence. Competing well. Clarence shot just over.

4.02. South attack again. Behind for goal kick.

4.03. Nice strike by Brennan. Diving save well held.

4.04. Stevens coming on for Clarence. Replacing Lewis.

4.06. Hickey runs through c defence without changing course. His reputation preceded him. Shoots just wide.

4.07. Nice shot from Cairns. Just covered.

4.08. Pin point ball from hickey releases winger. Cross headed behind for corner. Morton heads over.

4.11. Lovely back heel from Brennan blasted over. But only just.

4.13. Clarence corner. Steven juggle and shot. Blocked.

South having trouble penetrating. Clarence looking more likely. This half pretty even, especially considering Clarence are a man short.

4.21. South free kick, left-hand edge of box 10 out. Brennan balloons over.

4.24. Ref has a word with Tsakiris.

4.25. South looking curiously gun shy in final third.

4.26. Good save by keeper from Max Clarke close in. Puts corner over. Ball in net but called offside.

4.27. Full time. South 3-0.