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Monday, 11 June 2012

Lakoseljac Cup, curtain-raiser finals, KGV, 11/06/12

Under 19s Cup, Kingborough Lions v. Clarence United

10.03. First game underway. Two minutes late. Does that mean 5 minutes early in the Hobart soccer time zone?

Clarence attacking the FFT end. Impressions are that both teams are keen. Some of the challenges have been hard - but fair.

Clarence no 9 has three chances in three seconds to put it in. 1. Airswing. 2. Slammed into defender. 3. Put over bar from two metres out.

Clarence probably shading it. Lovely through ball from Aldridge puts Browning in on goal. Tries to beat poorly positioned keeper at near post. Just wide.

Good periods for both teams. Clarence counter attacking beautifully. Central striker Aldridge is the real creative influence for them. His first touch and vision are very good and his instincts are good as well.

Another glorious chance to Clarence. Put wide when easier to score. They may come to rue these misses.

Glancing header from kingborough free kick goes just wide. Unlucky.

Goal. Beautifully timed through ball from Aldridge to Browning. Simple one on one and beats the keeper. Clarence 1-0.

Half time. Clarence deserve their lead but should be further in front. They could have had three.

View from FFT HQ in the second half.
Despite Clarence's dominance there's still a feeling that kingborough are well in it. Another goal would seal it.

Kingborough. Just over.

Lions starting to come into it. Scene is set for a tight finish. Kingborough now dominant. Browning replaced.

Good keeping in one on one prevents Kingborough goal.

Full time. Clarence win.

The victorious Clarence team.

Vase Final, Olympia Warriors v. Devenport

Won 6-0 by Olympia.There was no way I was going to be able to do all 4 games so I had to get back home for a rest during one of them. The Back Post team did a good job on it.

Women's Final, Olympia Warriors v. Clarence United

Arrived back at 2.30. A nice tension building before the women's final. Olympia have it over Clarence this season (10-1 is the most recent score) but this is, as they say, a cup final.

2.59. Underway. And the space-time continuum has just fractured.

Good energetic start. Clarence with a couple of forays.

Olympia corner. Chambers towers over defence to meet corner. Powerfully over.

Third of succession of o corners. Keeper takes well.

3.07. Cantrell swivels and shoots. Just wide.

3.09. C attack breaks down. Another attack. Good cross from left. Keeper saves.

3.12. Good Clarence attack.

3.14. Another Olympia corner. Keeper flaps. Cleared. Follow up shot behind.

3.17. Olympia attack. Clarence clear and counter.

Olympia look the better organized team but Clarence having a good go.

3.19. Olympia shot wide.

3.20. Olympia attack down right. Weak cross. Clarence counter. Long ball doesn't make goal line. Eventually behind for o goal kick.

3.22. Committed defence from Clarence left back.

3.24. Olympia looking good in build up but committed Clarence defence managing to deal with them in the final third.

3.27. "Clarence looking likely" says a back poster. Clarence have had a couple of attempts, one a decent strike from the right.

3.31. Clarence attacking free kick from left. Behind for goal kick.

Clarence still showing enough to be able to score, especially when Olympia seem a little rattled at the back.

3.36. Good break by Clarence. Terrific cover tackle by Cantrell.

3.37. Olympia one on one. Beats keeper. Beats post.

3.40. Goal. Olympia. One on one. 1-0.

Had to come but Clarence nearly pull one back straight away. Clarence have to pressure the nervous Olympia defence.

3.44. Half time. 1-0.

Olympia the better team but they have probably been taken aback by Clarence's commitment. Clarence could have had a couple but for poor finishing and poor decision making but Olympia deserve the narrow lead.

2nd half.

I change sides for the second half. And yet another stunning view.
That grandstand is full as well.

Clarence fluff another chance. Olympia break foiled by offside.

Good open game now with both sides looking dangerous.

4.15. Fantastic goal to Clarence. Well-worked break. Terrific final ball and slotted. Crowd goes off. 1-1.

4.18. Good break by Olympic. Defence up to it and puts behind for corner. Another corner. Keeper up well under pressure.

4.20. Olympic now seeming to play on counter.

4.21. Free kick from left. Nodded on and headed in powerfully by 13. Olympic back in front. 2-1.

4:23. Brave keeping from Olympia.

4.26. Olympia now dominating but Clarence still showing signs of being able to equalize.

4.28. Long shot by Olympia and good save in the end by keeper who went down too early.

4.29. Keeper fumbles. Corner. Kicked into side netting.

4.31. Clarence attacking left. Dangerous ball in. Kicked behind for goal kick.

4.33. Dangerous ball by olympia. Just too hard. Keeper gathers.

4.34. Clarence goes to other end. Forces desperate save.

4.36. Clarence free kick 30 out. Ball in. Weak shot by Clarence. Keeper saves.

4.38. Good cross by Olympia. Just too far from striker. Keeper gathers.

4.40. Dangerous Clarence break. Stopped by robust tackle.

4.42. Great cross from left to Cantrell who controls well and slams a good shot only just wide.

4.46. One minute to go.

Apparently not. Full time. Olympia win a fantastic game 2-1.

Clarence worked so hard and every players put in a remarkable effort. But they were no match in the end for Olympia's quality and organization. Clarence's goal produced s tremendous roar from the crowd but olympia's goal celebration took me back to Clarendon corner. The goalscorer pointed to the supporters behind the goal and ran to their embrace. Stirring stuff. Breathtaking game in the end. Probably the one I've enjoyed the most since I've been here.

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