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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kingborough United Lions FC v. South Hobart FC, Lightwood Park, 24/06/12

This will be a cracker. The Lions have an opportunity to really pull South back to the pack (second place in fact) if they can win today. If they lose, the league will be a two-horse race. It could be a season-defining game.

Andy Brennan - the goal-scoring machine - has been running a bit clunky lately, scoring only one goal in a long time. He needs to find form again.

I reckon he'll get a couple in a 2-all draw today.

It'll be blogging light today because it might yet be my last game of the trip and I want to pay more attention to the game than blogging allows. Go to the Back Post for thorough tracking of the game.


Arrived 1.50.

South won u19s 3-2.

Ressies 2-2 match still in progress.

Goal to lions. Trent pearce. 3-2. Can't be long to go now. All over, 3-2.

Sweep Running
  • Julius. 2-1 south
  • Callan. 3-2 lions
  • Rod. 2-1 lions
  • Ian 2-2
  • Walter 3-1 south

Everyone confident that a few goals will be scored.

Who will find the pot of gold today?

Due to the great strip clash controversy south are playing in Lions' second strip. Grey tops and red shorts. The galahs?

2.36. Underway.

South pressuring to begin with. Lions having trouble getting out of their own half.

2.44. Good lead up work by south through the middle with Brennan playing deeper. Morton through and scores. 1-0 south.

Weather coming in. This could get miserable.

2.54. Lions free kick. Floated in from 35 out. Bobbled on heads and goes to keeper. First decent threat by Lions.

2.58. South free kick right. Floated in and cleared. Returned and cleared.

3.07. Long period of South dominance results in shot that clips crossbar.

3.10. Morton shoots at keeper.

3.11. Brennan shows great control and turns in box. Shoots just wide.

3.12. Morton heads just wide.

3.18. Lions get down the other end. Free kick from right. Headed behind for corner. Corner cleared.

3.21. Lions nearly score. Ludford clearance just misses!

3.22. Half time.

South will wonder why they are only one up. Matt Rhodes needs to get out the hair dryer and get his charges 'warmed up'. The most one-sided premier league game I've seen this trip.

3.37. 2nd half underway.

Kingborough looking a lot better already.

3.46. Brennan hits crossbar from 25 metres.

3.47. Williams misses a shocker at back post.

Lions getting some field position.

3.49. Ince shoots for South. Keeper down to it.

3.54. Good work by Cowen for Lions on right. Good cross. Cleared.

3.55. Lions free kick 30 out. Floated in headed back to spot and no one there to pounce.

3.58. Brennan scores. Beats keeper from left 20 out. South 2-0.

4.01. Morton right footed free kick from left. Hits back post.

4.01 Kingborough score. Farquhar takes the ball into the box and crosses for Cowen who slots an easy goal. South 2-1.

4.05. Lions Penalty appeals waved away.

Out of nowhere the game has lifted. And there's some tension in the press box. Julius wants the score to stay as it is. I want lions to get one and Callan wants lions to get 2. Walter wants south to get one more.

4.09. Lions free kick left 25 out. Floated in and cleared.

4.15. South free kick 40 out. Worked left. Brennan fires wildly.

4.19. Lions Schuth ruled offside. Shows dissent and gets yellow.

4.21. Brennan botches goal. Deliberately to stuff up walter's chances of winning sweep?

4.24. Lions free kick. 25 out on right. Floated over. Smashed out by Lions forward for throw in. Last chance.

4.25. All over. South win 2-1. Julius wins $20

Not the cracker I'd expected. Poor first half where Kingborough weren't in it and South couldn't bury them. Second half much better and Kingborough could have snatched a draw if possibly legitimate penalty claims had been upheld. South needs to convert its dominance into goals while it is dominant. Opposition teams will always feel like they are in it while South are looking good everywhere but the scoreboard.

A very cold looking Mt Wellington in the distance as we leave Lightfoot Park


  1. Do you happen to know the kingborough v souths u/19 score, Ian?

  2. So South turned up to the game wearing their usual blue and red shirts? O.o

  3. Replies
    1. Wow! That's rather pathetic! I bet they expected Kingborough to wear their away strip? FFT rules clearly state that South have to be the ones to change their kit... someone needs to let South Hobart know that they don't own this competition, they just play in it!