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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Toowoomba Soccer Honour Roll 1918

Paul Nicholls passed this Darling Downs Gazette article from 9 May 1918 via twitter. It is reproduced in full below. I have numbered the list to get the count right and make it easier to observe the numbers killed. It needs to be noted that by 1919 the number of enlistments registered rose to 140

Now to find the object if it still exists. 
(Drew a blank on the Queesnland register of war memorials

An, Honor board containing 110 [actually 107, out of whom at least 22 were killed] names of former members of the British Football Association, was unveiled last evening at Herriott's rooms by Mr R. Harwood a vice-president of the association. There was a large gathering, and the ceremony was carried out in due solemnity. The board itself is a striking piece of work, being solely designed and executed by Mr. H. V. Allom, the junior secretary of the association, and a pupil teacher at the Harlaxton State School. The letters of the names of the men who answered their country's call have been neatly carved out, and on the whole, the board itself reflects great credit on Mr. Allom. 

Mr. H. New (secretary of the senior association)) introduced Mr. Harwood who, before unveiling the board, suitably referred to the nature of the gathering. He spoke in praise of the gallant work that many members of the association had performed on the field of battle. To the relatives of those whose dear ones had fallen, he tendered the sympathy of the association, and trusted that those who were going strong at the front, would be spared to return.

THE NAMES. The names on the board are:— 

  1. A. Adams, 
  2. S. Adams (killed), 
  3. F. Anderson, 
  4. H. Barker, 
  5. S. Besant (killed); 
  6. J. Butler, 
  7. W. Binns, 
  8. E. Brown, 
  9. G. Board (killed), 
  10. A. Black. 
  11. J. Boule, 
  12. L. Birch, 
  13. R. Brazier. 
  14. R. Burrowes, 
  15. W. Bury (killed), [Mentioned as W. Berry elsewhere.]
  16. R. Burke, 
  17. S. Cousens, [killed]
  18. J. Cousens, 
  19. H. S. Crowe. 
  20. W. Crowe, 
  21. A. Cooke, 
  22. B. Cooper, 
  23. N. F. Coote, 
  24. A. Davies, 
  25. P. Dawes, 
  26. E. K. Davies, 
  27. P. Drummond, 
  28. H. G. Dawkes, 
  29. A. Dundasch, [killed]
  30. W. Dundasch, 
  31. F. Dunstan. 
  32. H. Falconer. 
  33. Jas. Falconer, 
  34. Jno. Falconer, 
  35. Les. Folk, 
  36. G. Foreman, 
  37. F. Fountaine (killed), 
  38. D. Gallogly, 
  39. D. Garry, 
  40. E. Garrett (killed), 
  41. C. Garrett, 
  42. F. Gilson, 
  43. J. Gilson, 
  44. L. Groom (killed) 
  45. C. Groom (killed). 
  46. W. Head. 
  47. G. Harrington, 
  48. A. Hart (killed), 
  49. A. E. Hazell, 
  50. F. Harth (killed), 
  51. G. Harth (killed), 
  52. E. Hanzell, 
  53. W. Heilig, 
  54. W. Hillocks. 
  55. E. Hillocks, 
  56. F. Hughes (killed). 
  57. W. Hughes, 
  58. W. Holmes, 
  59. W. Inglis, 
  60. J. Kelly, 
  61. F. G. Linden, 
  62. F. Martin (killed), 
  63. P. Martin, 
  64. S. Martin, 
  65. H. Martyn (killed), 
  66. W. Millward. 
  67. W. Millican; 
  68. H. Minter (killed), 
  69. A. Mollison, 
  70. D. Mollison, [killed]
  71. Jim Montgomery (killed), 
  72. Jas. Montgomery, 
  73. F. Morgan. 
  74. S. Morgan, 
  75. M.Munday, 
  76. F. Murdoch, 
  77. J. M'Leod (killed), 
  78. ?. M'Cormack; 
  79. A. M'Kean, 
  80. J. M'Kean, 
  81. J. M'Manus (killed) [listed in error]
  82. J. Proellock (killed), 
  83. A. Palmer, 
  84. F. Roberts, 
  85. J. Robson. 
  86. W. Read. 
  87. W. Ross, 
  88. J. Shearer, 
  89. G. Skuse, (killed), 
  90. A. Smith, 
  91. H. G. Smith, 
  92. T. Smith, 
  93. E. Summerfield, 
  94. J. Stevenson, 
  95. S. Tacey, 
  96. S. Tregea, 
  97. A. Tregea, 
  98. W. Tregea, 
  99. S. Townson, 
  100. D. Vance, 
  101. A. Weis, 
  102. J. Wiley, 
  103. A. Williams, 
  104. D. Watson, 
  105. H. Younger, 
  106. J. Yule, 
  107. W. Yule.

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