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Thursday, 5 September 2019

IYKYH 5 September 2019

  1. Mark Boric.
  2. More on Whyalla. Greg werner made this comment on fb: "A really fascinating chat with Darren, but interesting that there was no mention of Yakka Banovic who hailed from Whyalla and has since moved back after a stellar career."
  3. Garry McKenzie has wrecked my plans, sending me a random link that has sent me off down a wormhole. St Helens -> MIMAG -> buried history of Mt Isa soccer in its pages + phenomenally good images. Lesson about the way serendipity plays a role in our efforts as historians
  4. Paul Nicholls has sent us a fantastic piece of writing. He's trying to find a path between the data rich research of someone like Peter Kunz and other more philosophical-critical writing like mine. He's treading a really interesting path, giving a soccer tale a mythological feel
  5. I'll be off to Newcastle on a research trip friday week. Looking forward to getting acquainted with all the old clubs as well as NewcastleSokkahHistoryTwitter in the process.
  6. I'll be going to John Maynard's launch in Sydney.
  7. Victorian Historical committe survey

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