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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Mayeffa, Mazeppa? Newcastle historical soccer notes 16 May 1945

The following article is from page 15 of the Newcastle Sun, 16 May 1945. It has some lists that are interesting to me and that might be interesting to some hstorians. I am particularly interested in the names of the Mazeppa's juniors in 1909 to establish which club they ended up with and whether they went to WW1.
NB the dot points have been introduced.

Mr. Wilfred Maloney, well known Newcastle pressman, has a celebrated 'past' in Soccer.
In the 'Golden Age' of English amateur football, Mr. Maloney was a clever inside-left for the Ilford eleven, which was at the beginning of the century one of London's outstanding 'lilywhite' combinations. In one big game, he rubbed shoulders with the renowned amateur, C. Wrexford-Brown, of the Corinthians. 'Honors on that occasion were far from even,' said Mr. Maloney, when describing the guile and craft of the former Cambridge scholar.
Soccer History 
Years later, in 1937, wnen the English amateur eleven took Sydney by storm, these two again met in the foyer of a leading Sydney hotel. On that occasion, Mr. Wrexford-Brown was the manager of the visiting combination, while Mr. Maloney was acting the part of interviewing press man.
A CORRESPONDENT, who has asked for the early history of a soccer club, called Wallsend Mayeffa [Mazeppa?], is informed that it played in the third grade in 1909 under the direction of Mr. P. Dobinson, and that its colors were green and yellow. The players registered with the club for, the year mentioned were:
  • H. Patrick, 
  • W. Patrick, 
  • J. Scott, 
  • R. Scott, 
  • W. Robertson, 
  • J. Robertson, 
  • J. Robson, 
  • C. Parsons, 
  • H. Wanless, 
  • D. Baird, 
  • D. Steel, 
  • H. Hancock, 
  • R. Parkinson, 
  • R. Patterson, 
  • H. Parkinson, 
  • T. Dobinson and 
  • P. Dobinson. 
Mention of these names evokes memories of such other old-time clubs as
  • Teralba Rangers, 
  • Dudley Thistles, 
  • Minmi Clippers, 
  • Killingworth Rangers, 
  • Minmi Pirates, 
  • Adamstown Rosebuds, 
  • West Wallsend Bluebells, 
  • Wallsend Royals, 
  • Merewether Advance, and 
  • Broadmeadow Royal Arthurs, 
with which one or another was associated after passing from Wallsend Mayeffa third grade ranks. An old-time Soccer enthusiast, in supplying the above information, re marked: 'Them were the days!' 

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