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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

100 years ago today 5 September 1919

Discuss Paul Nicholl's comment about limits of one date

Saturday August 30

V.A.B.F.A. Metropolitan League
  • Northumberland and Durham United 3 (Soames, Dillon, Robinson) Albert Park 1 (T.Anderson) Middle Park Ref: H.Baker
  • St David's 2 (Nelson, Kerr) Spotswood 2 (Owen2) Middle Park
  • Preston 2 Windsor 3
  • Melbourne Thistle 0 Footscray Thistle 3 (Rowlinson, Thomas, Rowatt)

Saturday September 6

Once more nothing in the papers

Dockerty Cup Final

Footscray Thistle v Windsor Middle Park Ref: J.Downie

Toowoomba Chronicle (Qld. : 1917 - 1922), Friday 5 September 1919, page 6

It were well if those returned boys who have already expressed their willingness to play with other sporting club teams, could be relieved of their responsibilities to play with the Returned Soldiers' Club team. At the meeting held at the Soldier's Church of England Rest Rooms last night, this appeared to be the big difficulty in forming a cricket team for the ensuing season. With that sportsmanship, characteristic of the boys on the battlefield, they are determined, as soon as they. can, to get an eleven together--whether they are mediocre or not--to take part in the senior competition in Toowoomba. Captain Kimber (president of the R.S.S.I.L.A.) presided, and included among those was Lieutenant B. Nicholls (secretary). The Chairman in introducing the business said that object was to discuss the ways and means of the desirability of forming a returned soldiers' sports club, under the auspices of the league. All the men should take part in sport—clean sport—and he thought that they should endeavor to foster the sporting instinct in the men, and football, cricket, etc., would help it. They had the men in their ranks, enough to form cricket, football and baseball and, if necessary, bowling teams. It was a bit late now to discuss the football season, but the cricket season was coming along and they should have a team in the competition. This year, in football, they had come out with a Soccer team and so far they had not lost a game. (Applause.) Lieutenant Nicholls desired to know if the sports club would be open to league members only or open to all returned soldiers. It was decided to open membership to all returned soldiers. Mr. V. Rawlings moved that the club be affiliated to the Toowoomba Cricket Union. Mr. H. Poon said that many good cricketers were coming homeland with en like Charley Burness, Geo. Phie and Alf. Walker and others, they could get a good team. Mr. W. P. Stewart moved that a re-turned Soldiers' Sporting Club be formed. This was seconded by Mr. J. Graham, and carried. Captain Kenyon raised the question of finance, and asked would the league find that or would the clubs contribute to it—would the Returned Soldiers' Cricket Club be independent? Would the members mind paying their subscription to the Cricket Union as well as to the association? The chairman remarked that the gathering was not as representative as it might have been; there were a good few downstairs who did not bother about coming upstairs. He added that a sports club would bring the men together a lot more.
Mr. W. P. Stewart then moved,— "That next season a cricket team be formed, as there were sufficient cricketers among the returned boys to form a team next year."
This was seconded by Mr. B. Reid, and carried. Mr. Rawlingjs thought that about £10 would be sufficient to start the club. Mr. Brett asked if it were not necessary to appoint sun-committees to deal with the various sporting associations. Mr. Graham moved,—-'That a subcommittee bo appointed, to deal with tiie formation of a cricket team, and the following wore appointed:— Messrs. If. Puon, A."?. (ircen, V. Rawlings, L. Urett and .(. Graham. These were appointed to see prospective pfavers and report at a future d:'te. Messrs. X. Oelkers and V. Rawlings reported their inability ' to play with the soldiers' team, on account of their having promised their services to other teams i:i the competition.

Arrow (Sydney, NSW : 1916 - 1933), Friday 5 September 1919, page 4


The Kerr Cup match, Hamilton v. Annandale, created a sensation. Though Hamilton were leading by four goals to one at half-time, Annandale made such a splendid finish that they won by six goals to four. The local team is still wondering what happened. These games have not proved the attraction they have in the past, but Fernleigh. Annandale and Canterbury have made such reputations here that any future visit thev may make to the North will attract a large crowd. This week both the Wallsend Park and the Showground will be utilised for Gardiner Cup games. Adamstown and Minmi will meet at Wallsend Park to decide which will enter the next round. They have met twice, once at Minmi (a draw of one goal all), and again at Adamstown were Minmi defeated by three to nil. Minmi should turn the tables to-morrow as their cup team is an exceptionally strong one. Their renowned centre-forward, Cramp, will probably be with them, having recovered from his illness. Adamstown may be unable to play Doyle and Hayes, but Sneddon will be in his place and the genial Jocker will assist materially. Hamilton and West Wallsend will clash for the fourth time this season at the Show Ground. Hamilton will drop Williams owing to an injured foot, and will play Merrion in his stead. They are confident of winning, but as West Wallsend are playing their Ellis Cup team there's an element of doubt about the matter. Adamstown and Woodpeckers appear to be unable to reach finality, and will re-play their semi-final for the Lyall Cap again this week. The junior semi-final between Rovers and West Wallsend will also be played, and thus some few representative players who took part in the Newcastle v. Sydney and Maitland matches are raising the question of payment for their services. This matter is serious and considerable discussion is expected at the full delegates meeting tomorrow night. If they receive the amount they suggest they will immediately become professionals, and it will be interesting to note how their status with the Gardiner and other cup matches will be affected. 

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