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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Walter Pless: National Treasure goes above and beyond again

This has to be one of the most heroic enterprises upon which a soccer follower could embark. Walter Pless documents his measuring of every senior soccer ground in Hobart and environs

Ground sizes in southern Tasmania - an investigation

Written by Walter Pless | Monday, 23 April 2012 21:25

Photo:  KGV Park, the home of football [PlessPix]

The size of grounds in southern Tasmania has sometimes been the subject of debate. When Warrior Park became Olympia’s home ground, for example, people said it was way too small.

Well, I recently decided to end the arguments and measure all the grounds.

Photo:  The excellent ground at Cambridge has been used by Clarence United for practice games [PlessPix]
A couple of weeks ago, Mark Phillips and I spent a Wednesday measuring 13 grounds. We started at Pontville at 10am and called it quits at 4.30pm at Olinda Grove. We drove 134.1 kilometres in the six-and-a-half hours.

Brian Dale, of Kingborough Lions United, kindly measured the three grounds in Kingston for us because we just weren’t going to make it down there before darkness set in. These were Lightwood Park, Gormley Park and Sherburd Park.

Mark and I were going to use a trundle wheel, but we found it was inaccurate before we'd even finished the first ground. We recalibrated it, but it was still not giving accurate measurements, so we switched to a 30-metre tape-measure and measured all the grounds with that. It probably took longer that way, but we are certain of the exactness of the measurements. [more . . .]

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