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Friday, 20 April 2012

Very first game of organised soccer in Melbourne?

The Argus reported on 6 April 1883 on what appears to be the very first game of organised soccer in Melbourne. It took place on the Civil Service Football Ground which is (thanks Paul) the Old Scotch Oval, located between Swan St and the Railway lines, near where the present Rod Laver Arena is situated.



As advertised, the scratch match under the British rules took place on Saturday last [March 31], in the old Civil Service Football Ground. There were about 25 players on the ground, besides a good many spectators, most of whom seemed to understand the game. It appeared rather awkward to some of the players, especially those who have been used to the Victorian game, as the rules are altogether different, but after a little practise it is the intention of the club to give the game a fair test before the Melbourne public. The game is "football pure and simple." A free kick is accorded for touching the ball with the hand or elbow and the foot and head are the only portions of the body allowed "in play." There were many old Scotchmen and Englishmen who declared the game a treat to witness, but many of our colonials thought the play very tame, there being no opportunity to show "skilful manipulations and get up a series of excitements" during the progress of the play. The club has already on its list 45 members, and after the meeting of tonight at Young and Jackson's it is expected the number will be doubled.

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  1. Civil Servive ground was not Gosch's Paddock. Probably the Old Scotch Oval.