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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Green Gully v South Melbourne, Green Gully Reserve14/4/12

South Melbourne: Gavalas, O'Dor, Tsiaris, Rixon, Trifiro G, Norton, Byles, DeMoraes, Trifiro J, Joryeff, Matthews. Res: Payne, Gasparis, De Nittis, Saldaris, Keenan.

Green Gully: Keane, Jones, Cicak, Vargas R, Hayne, Sanders, Robson, Basma, Medjedovic, Munoz, Ederero. Res: Roganovic, Fleming, Fisher, Nikolic, Dib.

Kick off 3.01.

3.05 Floated free kick caused some grief in gully goal box.

3.09. Blazed over by gully from the left

3.12. Cc banner causing drama. Meanwhile gully scores own goal. South lead 1-0.

3.14. Apparent gully handball (red cardable) not picked up by ref.

3.15. Period of south domination produces yellow and free kick on edge Of D. Fernando tries to curve it over wall. Too high.

3.21. Gully press. Shot over.

3.23. Rixon blazes over after good lead up. Deserved better.

Ederero heads wide. Should have scored.

3.28. Good period for gully.

Ederero subject to some searching treatment. Jason Trifiro up-ends him.

3.38. Goalmouth scramble after Gavalas drops the corner. Gully equalize. 1-1.

3.45. Ederero down again.

Gully finish the half strongly. Half-time. 1-1.

4.04. Second half Underway. South with the sun at their backs.

Scrappy first few minutes.

4.13. Yellow to Sanders.

4.17. Yellow to Ederero for dissent

4.21. Rixon hurt and stayed down for while.

4.22 Tsiaris yellow. Rixon hurt again.

4.23. De Nittis on for Rixon

4.26. DeMoraes blazes over from right.

4.28. Keenan on for DeMoraes

4.30  Sanders turns and shoots wide for gully.

4.33. Good positing by Byles to clear off the line after a poor fisted clearance by Gavalas.

4.34. Sanders goal. Gully 2-1. Miskick by Gavalas.

South looking scrappy in midfield. Gully free kick 30 out. Cleared.

4.39. Hayne blazes over.

4.41. Good work by Keenan on right leads to cleared shot.

4.43. Good lead up work leads to shot by Robson put around for corner. Corner directly in from Hayne. Gully 3-1

4.45. South being shown up. Keeper having a poor game. Too many bad choices made in defence. Ending badly

4.51. Ederero hits the post. Probably deserved a goal. Full-time 3-1. The hoodoo still in place after south looked likely early

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