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Thursday, 29 August 2019

IYKYH 29 August 2019

  • #sokkahtwitter legitimately sad about Bury but what about the demise of older Australian Clubs? Modern football
  • Players pretending to have more substantial careers: let's get people to send in their examples
  • Victor Brincat. Como Cup.
    We have a cup at George Cross named 'The Como Cup'. Engraved on it is 'Inaugurated on the 150th anniversay of Victoria'. This was in 1985. Do you or anyone know any details of this cup?
  • Tony Persoglia's new site is up
vicfootball 1991-2018

Welcome to vicfootball, the home of Victorian association football. 
The purpose of this archive is to catalogue the records of players,
clubs and referees that have participated in the state's elite competition since 1991,
the season which gave birth to the inaugural Victorian Premier League.
Primarily compiled by
Tony Persoglia, with significant contributions from John Punshon,

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