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Friday, 23 August 2019

100 years ago today 29 August 1919

Saturday August 23

Dockerty Cup Semi-Finals

Windsor 1 Northumberland and Durham United 0 Middle Park Ref: J.McCulley
Footscray Thistle 4 (Fletcher, Biggart, Rowlinson, Thomas) Melbourne Thistle 0

Nothing in the papers today about the weekend's games so Mark Boric once more

Saturday August 30

V.A.B.F.A. Metropolitan League
  • Northumberland and Durham United v Albert Park v Middle Park Ref: H.Baker
  • St David's v Spotswood Middle Park
  • Preston v Windsor
  • Melbourne Thistle v Footscray Thistle

To be fair, the Williamstown Chronicle did have this

South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954), Friday 29 August 1919, page 15

(By Observer.)

Football last Saturday was something that will be remembered by Soccer enthusiasts for a long time to come, when that good team, Balgownie, winners of South Coast League Competition, outed one of the crack teams in New South Wales in the Gardiner Cup at Woonona. Pyrmont has to play Balmain Fernleigh in the final for the Metropolitan League Competition, which shows the quality of the team Balgownie has defeated. A very remarkable thing is that the family of Masters and Johnstons provided more than half of Balgownie's team, six in number, three from each family. This team has to play next Saturday at Woonona, and as Y.M.CA. has a hot team, this will be a great game. I understand Balgownie boys are in solid train and mean business. This is a good thing for Soccer players, as you must be fit to sustain the pace throughout. Let the other teams follow this lead; no doubt condition proved a big factor in the game last Saturday. If I were asked who I thought was the most conspicuous for Balgownie, I would point to the whole team; I have not seen a more equal lot of players this season; one thing is certain, I don't think we could improve their team by any of our other players. The crowd was all Balgownie's, and the excitement at Balgownie's first goal, which was got in the first 15 minutes, was surprising; men shouted, women clapped, while girls danced with joy. But when Moore scored for Pyrmont, equalising the score, quite the reverse was the case. But Balgownie never let up, and wired in all the time until Judy Masters forced the second goal for Balgownie. This was the signal for another outburst of cheers, almost doubling the first goal. Men rushed the field, and kissed and hugged Judy until the referee ordered them off. Cornwall, in goal for Pyrmont, was kept very busy, but proved himself a splendid goalie. Robertson, right full-back is a back of some class, who played the game of the day as far as the back division is concerned. Moore is a very clever forward, who does not need too big an opening to get there, and on the ball always; Hunter; Balgownie's full-back, was too strong for Black and Blake. McLean, on the right wing for Pyrmont, showed plenty of pace, as did Maitland, but old Dicky Johnston was their downfall. It was very easy to pick the best of Pyrmont; Moore and Johnston easily.

The other game, South Illawarra v. Gladesville, seemed to be very slow after the first game, but nevertheless this was an exceptionally clever game. This resulted in a win for South Illawarra by three to nil. A. Jones, the South's star performer, was again injured on the foot, but stuck it out in a determined manner. Lyons, the centre forward for Gladesville, sent a shot that made the bar dance for quite a time; six inches lower, no goalkeeper in the world could have stopped it. Rawle stood out as a terribly good goalie, stopping everything and using great judgment; also clearing well, which is a fault most of our goalies have; they seem to have no kick, and nine out of ten go over towards the corner. Killen, Gladesville's forward, put in some good runs, but very often overran the ball. Had Gladesville centred more, things might have been different. Lyons, in centre, is a player who can be relied on to place the ball in or around the goal mouth every time, an advantage Gladesville failed to realise. Another player who was good was the goalie for the visitors; he was hardworked, and saved well. A. Kerr was the mainstay of the Souths' backs; Critcher seemed to be very nervous, but for a third grader he is excellent. But these teams want the absolute best from the seniors. C. James was not up to Gardiner Cup form by a long way; this player appeared to have been injured during the game. E. Beadle was fairly good, but a little off; Learmonth was brought back centre half in place of A. Jones, but was nothing showy, although moderately good. Young Harvey is a great lad and a tricky player from the third grade. J. Muir is still going great guns, and scored with a splendid shot from a very awkward angle. Jock Carroll had to retire from a serious injury after playing a good game. D. Robertson's cannon shot was the feature of the day's play; nothing like it has been witnessed here since that fast shot of the old Woonona player, J. Parker, who was considered to be the fast low driver of his day. Robertson played a very good game throughout. This South team has been altered, and in my opinion considerably strengthened; A. James will fill the place of Critcher, while Snowy Haines takes C. James's position. Wagga Welsh will occupy the centre forward place; Harvey moves to inside right. The others remain as they were. This team meets North Sydney on September 6, at Sydney, and, I think, will add another victory to their number. Mr. R. Brown has been selected to act as manager to them during their visit, and he is sure to rove himself a very capable one at that. 

A great game was provided by the Schoolboys in the inter-district game at Woonona, when the South schools were too good for the north, winning by four to nil after a splendid exhibition. The selection committee were on the ground to select the team to travel to Sydney. A special feature of this game was the boy Horton, in the goal for Norths; he seemed to be everywhere at once, and stopped dozens. The game that people are patiently waiting to see is North Illawarra v. Granville tomorrow (Sat.) in Sydney. This team from the north is a very good one, and will with just a small amount of luck get well up in the Gardiner Cup. Everybody is well aware of the quality of Granville. This team was tipped to win the Metropolitan League Competition, and at one time was on top of the competition list, but that fiend, the flu, got amongst them when they were the most urgently needed and spoilt their chance. This was the team that played Cockatoo Dock when the spectators rushed the field and the game had to be abandoned; any how, as good as they are, they are sure to be fully extended when they meet our North Illawarra team on Saturday. As a preliminary game, Woonona A. v. Thirroul will be played, starting at 1.45. All the rest of the competitions are off, except Schools. Mr. J. Phillips, who acted as referee, was in his glee while refereeing the school district game last Saturday, and the boys learned very much from him as no point was too small for him to explain to them. Mr. Thos. Simmons acted as referee to Pyrmont v. Balgownie. and gave great satisfaction. Mr. W. Cunningham, the secretary of the Referees' Association, also examining referee to the Illawarra District Association, refereed the South Illawarra v. Gladesviile game, and nothing passed him on either side. Soccer seems to be only in mid-season yet, as the Nurse Cup has to be disposed of. Nominations for this cup are rolling in; such teams as Y.M.C., Granville, Pyrmont, Adamstown, Lithgow Thistles, Gladstone Rovers, Cockatoo Dock, Balgownie, Woonona, Thirroul, Corrimal. have promised to play, which means that the best Soccer teams in N.S. Wales will be brought to the South Coast. The Troutt medals will also provide something for the second grade; that is, the present third grade, who will automatically move up, to seconds after the conclusion of the present comp. This competition for Troutt's medals, which was at first fixed for all-comers in the second grade, and third grade on this Coast, has now been confined to the Coast teams. Following are the teams to represent South Illawarra against North Sydney at Sydney Sept. Oth: Goal, G. Rawle; backs, A. Kerr, A. James; halves. S. Haines, A. jories, E. Beadle; forwards, j J. Muir, G. Harvey, W- Welsh, D. Robertson, S'. Learmonth ; reserve, J. Kerr; manager, R. Brown. Selectied North steam to play Gran ville at Sydney, to-morrow (Sat.) : — Goal, lies Hume; backs, S. Broadhead (captain), A. Marr ; halves, A. Warner, T. Gibson, J. Birch; forwards, J. Watts, T. Hay ton, T. Green, A. Veigel, T. Evans; reserves, J. Roberts. Balgownie team to play Y.M.C.A., at Woonona tomorrow: Goal, Bell; backs, Hunter, H. Masters; halves, R. Johnston, A. Masters, J. Harris; forwards, J. Masters, W. Johnston ,D- McMahon, D. Ward, H. Johnston.

Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), Friday 29 August 1919, page 8

The English newspapers continue their campaign against waste. ......., millions of washleather gloves tied in bundles have been used by the men as footballs.

Daily Herald (Adelaide, SA : 1910 - 1924), Saturday 30 August 1919, page 7

Sturt v. Cheltenham, at Wayville. Cheltenham-Richardson, Cameron, Roberts, Jackman. McLaren, Sheppard, Robertson, Watson, Wilson. Morrison, Tridmore. Reserves-Teague, Wainwright. Meet at Adelaide station, 2.30.

Swan Express (Midland Junction, WA : 1900 - 1954), Friday 29 August 1919, page 4

Tomorrow the Midland eleven will line up against Claremont Juniors in the second round of the Challenge Cup at Esplanade at 2 p.m. Players to catch the 1.23 p.m. train from Midland. Kick off at 3 p.m. sharp. Both elevens will be at full strength, and a good game is sure to be witnessed. The local lads will select their team from the following: Clarke (2), Bond, Motteram, Wilderspen, Burge, Hodgson, Christian, Oswald, Treacher, Wright, Brackenridge and Oswald. In the new Masonic Hall every Saturday evening the soccerites intend holding a dance, and roll up and make it a success. The weekly dance will commence on Saturday, August 30, at 8 p.m.; ladies 6d., gentlemen 1/-. Don't forget to come along and enjoy yourself; good floor music, and all the latest dances.

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