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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Altona East v. Keilor Park, Paisley Park, 7/07/12

Back at good old Paisley Park after 6 weeks away.

Arrived at half time in the ressies. Altona East down 2-1.

Keilor score a good goal despite great effort by keeper. 3-1.

All over.

The other Les Murray, aka Steve from Broady and his stats from the ressies game below
How could they have lost?
3.04. Underway. Phoenix running away from the golf course.

3.06. Yabio for Phoenix shoots. Tries to beat keeper inside post. Put behind for corner. Poor corner. Cleared.

3.09. Keilor corner cleared. Firm shot well held by keeper.

Good open game so far. Though my commo-fascist companions beg to differ.

3.21. Piledriver by Bourakis for Phoenix from 30 just misses right hand post.

3.32. Close shot by Keilor. Just wide.

3.33. Massive uproar. Was it a dive by the Keilor player?

3.35. Good pressure by Phoenix. Results in corner.

3.36. Free kick Phoenix left. Too long headed behind for goal kick.

3.41. Nice interplay up front for Phoenix. Out for corner. Foul in box fk to Keilor.

3.45. Goal to Phoenix. About 6 unnecessary passes before its slotted from a metre out. 1-0.

3.49. Keilor corner. Reminder that they had poor field position towards the end of the half.

3.50. Half time. Altona East lead 1-0.

4.07. 2nd half underway.

4.08. Phoenix break left. Cross missed. Should have scored.

4.09. Keilor scores but goal disallowed. Not clear why.

Keilor have lifted in response.

4.16. Keilor now pressuring. 2nd firm long shot in two minutes smacks of desperation.

4.18. Phoenix fk 30 out. Floated in and cleared.

4.19. Keilor break. 2 on 2. Feeble shot straight at keeper.

4.24. Keilor break. Put behind for corner. Corner cleared.

4.26. Phoenix corner left. Into side netting.

4.30. Good break by Phoenix Yabio cuts back in shoots. Cleared. Return shot wide.

4.35. Good goal to Phoenix. Cross to Yabio. Cut back to Galea. Sidefoot placed beautifully into side netting. 2-0.

4.41. Yellow to Keilor.

4.44. What looked a certain goal to Phoenix just wide. Unmarked man in box.

4.47. Long shot from Keilor. Desperation.

4.48. Another looping dipping shot from Keilor. Just wide.

4.53. Keilor yellow.

4.57. Keilor kick. 25 out. Goal. Well taken. 2-1. A twitchy time for Phoenix.

4.59. All over. Phoenix win 2-1. Probably deserved to win as well.


  1. Miss your blogging from Tassie, Ian, but enjoyed your report of the Phoenix game.

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  3. You know that Keilor Park in the Austrian team don't you?