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Saturday, 14 July 2012

FC Clifton Hill v Fawkner Blues FC, Quarries Park, 14/07/12

Off to Quarries to see if Fawkner can get the three points and close in on Moreland City. If Clifton Hill can't get the 3 points today their promotion hopes will be slim. So there's a lot at stake.

Arrived at 2.15.

Fawkner ressies up 2-1 with about 15 to go. Clifton Hill arguing among themselves. Neither team looking likely.

All over. Fawkner win 2-1.

Team sheets are below.

A very young referee (who had a good game btw)
Fawkner leaves the dressing room.

3.00 underway. Clifton Hill defending the clubhouse end. Free kick Clifton Hill in good position on right taken quickly and wasted.

3.03. Bad Fawkner tackle results in handbags. Free kick to Clifton Hill on half way.

3.05. Defensive free kick taken by Tyrikos.

Clifton hill having slightly the better opening exchanges.

3.07. On cue. Fawkner break. Keeper calls for it and nearly mucks it up. Out for throw. Fawkner bring it back but Clifton Hill free kick.

Fawkner player Baross given yellow card for wearing skin colored shorts that are normally unseen under his blue shorts. Coyness forces him to the dressing room to remove them. Fawkner down a man for 2 minutes. 

Back Baross comes, sans leggings.

Game a midfield tussle so far.

3.12. Fawkner free kick 25 out on right. Floated in and keeper takes on the full.

Two biggish teams tending to cancel each other out. Fawkner trying long balls that Clifton Hill have managed to defuse. Though the feeling is that one may yet work. Clifton Hill not penetrating at all.

3.20 Fawkner's McNamara: "where's the fookin tempo!" good question.

3.23. Dangerous Fawkner free kick 20 out. Headed back. Keeper saves fumbles cleared. Return shot saved and cleared.

3.24. Clifton Hill free kick 30 out. Floated in and put behind unnecessarily for corner. Corner cleared.

3.27. Fawkner free kick 30 out on right. Headed behind for goal kick.

Fawkner looking the better team. Their keeper has had nothing to do while the Clifton Hill keeper has been very busy.

3.31. Clifton Hill corner right. Ronald McDonald punches clear.

3.32. Normal service resumed as Fawkner attack. Cross from right over forward's head. Out for goal kick.

3.33. Beesley on for Clifton Hill. Replaces Sharkey.

3.34. Clifton Hill free kick left 20 out. Blasted over.

Where have I been moment #564. I asked the Clifton Hill subs why Bobby wasn't playing. "He's left the club and gone to sunshine!"

3.36 Fawkner cross. Header on target. Well held by keeper.

3.40. Fawkner shot from distance sliced wide.

3.41. Fawkner's McNamara not happy with offside call.

3.42. Fawkner cross from left headed behind for corner. Foul by Fawkner in box releases pressure.

3.43  Rare Clifton Hill penetration deep on right. Nothing comes of it.

3.45. Clifton Hill's Dohi looks a good player. Not getting much chance to show his skills though.

3.46. Half time. 0-0.

A tight tussle that Fawkner shaded. Clifton Hill with little sense of penetration will need to figure something out if they want to win this. Fawkner has probably played too much long ball. Better football might have seen them score already.

4.00 2nd half underway. Fawkner dangerous immediately.

4.01. Clifton Hill free kick 20 out on right. Weak. Cleared.

4.02. Fawkner free kick. 25 out to right. Low rocket. Well parried. Keeper gathers returned ball.

4.06. Good lead up work by Fawkner. Weak shot. Easily saved.

4.07. Clifton Hill counter. God crops from left. Gathered and cleared by lb.

4.08. Fawkner corner after good lead up. Headed over.

4.10. Clifton Hill shot just wide.

4.11. Fawkner free kick 30 out on right wing. Crossed. Headed back and after a bit of a scramble poked in.

Fawkner lead 1-0.

The goal hasn't changed the character of the game. Fawkner still dominant though Clifton Hill looking slightly dangerous at times.

4.18. Fawkner free kick 25 out on left. Shot takes slight deflection and saved easily.

4.20. Dangerous cross from Clifton Hill's Dohi. Kennedy off his line well to intercept.

Fawkner keeper, Kile Kennedy still in his pink gear.

4.21. Clifton Hill press again. Kennedy does well to prevent corner.

Clifton hill looking much brighter this half.

4.23. Clifton Hill muck up free kick. Fawkner break and Baross breaks and scores in one-on-one easily lifting it over advancing keeper.

Fawkner 2-0.

Clifton hill fight back. Two attacks in a row crosses from the left gave proved dangerous. Fawkner saved by a deflection and then excellent keeping and poor reflexes from the Clifton Hill forward. Offside in any case.

4.28. Clifton Hill corner right. Scottish centre half, McKlusky nae fkn happy! Nothing comes if the corner.

Clifton Hill don't seem to understand how dangerous they have been on the left. Dohi starting to have an impact. Fawkner starting to seem a little edgy. Not panicking yet.

4.33. Word through that Altona city are up 1-0 against Phoenix.

4.38. Clifton Hill yellow. Kennedy not happy that ref hasn't played on. Free kick results in blast over bar.

4.40. Clifton Hill Sabonovski off. Fakos on.

4.41. Promising Clifton Hill move called back for offside.

4.43. Fawkner 15 off 20 on.

4.43. Fawkner capitalizes on poor punched clearance by Milliaras. Good interplay and shot across keeper is wide.

4.45. Clifton Hill offside again! It's as if they don't know the rule.

4.46. All over. Fawkner win 2-0. And they deserved it.

Apart from a brief period Clifton Hill just werent in it. Fawkner should probably have won by more but they'll take it I guess.

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