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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

100 Years ago today, 21 May 1920

Thanks Mark Boric

Argus, Monday 24 May 1920, page 11

Sufficient indication of the growth in popularity of the "soccer" game is found in the fact that, whereas in 1919 there were only eight teams, this year 10 are in existence, of which four are junior
clubs. The game has claimed the enthusiasm of many returned soldiers, who had opportunities to learn the art in England and "over there."
There were nearly a thousand spectators at Middle Park on Saturday, interest being centred in the match between Melbourne Thistle and Osborne House. The latter comprised naval men from the submarine base, Geelong, who were well supported in the crowd which lined the field. In the first half the two teams seemed evenly matched, and played cautiously from the kick off until Robertson, after a fine run through, scored the Thistle team's first (and only) goal. The submarine men rallied, and the spectators witnessed a dashing and scientific display of "soccer"-certainly the best ever seen at Middle Park. Rope defeated the Thistle goalie with a fine shot. At half-time the scores were equal; the work of both teams having earned great acclamation from the crowd. On resuming the "submarines" showed to even better advantage with the wind, and quickly took the aggressive, obtaining the lead, when the Thistle goalie kicked the ball on to one of his own men, and it rebounded into the net. Following a well-placed centre pass, Maxwell drove tbe ball through the Thistle posts, despite strong opposi-tion. Shortly afterwards the third goal went to his credit. Much could be said of the splendid play which the losers brought against the com-bined and determined attacks of the "submarines," particularly after Yates had added another goal to the naval men's record. The final scores were: Osborne House, 4; Melbourne Thistle, 1.
There was a fair attendance at the match between Windsor and Welsh United. A few moments after Windsor had kicked off against the wind Scotchbrook booted the ball to centre, where Hopgood snapped it between the Welsh team's posts. Generally, the Windsor defence was weak, but the forward counter-balanced with consistent pressure on their opponents' goal. Harris made the score even, but just before the whistle blew Dewey smashed the ball home for Windsor, following brilliant play by Corp. The scores at half time were:-Windsor, 2; Welsh United, 1. During the second half there was some dissention re-garding the decisions of the referee in respect of some off-side play. Windsor maintained their superiority, Dowey and Fraser registering a goal each. The final scores were:-Windsor, 5; Welsh
United, 1.
N. and D. beat St. David's by 5 goals to nil. The scorers were H. Weston (2), Miller (2), C. Grieves.

Fremantle Times, Friday 21 May 1920, page 2

The League tournament was advanced another stage on Saturday last. Claremont entertained Casuals, and a very exciting game resulted in a draw of of two goals each. Claremont missed two penalties, "Billy" Davis and Renshaw having left their shooting boots at home. Casuals are playing good football this season and should have something to say in the final stages. Rangers United played Training College on the Esplanade, where a good crowd witnessed a fast game. College have played many better games, and were defeated by three goals to one. For Rangsrs Paton was in fine form at back, while Jones and Roberts played well up forward . Perth City United and Thistle met on Wellington-square and a strenuous game not altogether free from blemish, ended in a victory for the City by 4—0, "Jimmy" Gordon and "Snowy" Hancock each scoring twice. Fremantle were extremely unlucky in having their game postponed owing to Perth being unable to raise a team without the Brothers Cruickshank, who have just lost their mother. All Soccerites join in sympathy with them in their bereavement. Thistle next week, boys! Roll up, we want a couple of points, and should be able to annex them. (By "Corner."). FREMANTLE ROVERS. Fremantle Rovers, "A" Grade, commenced the season badly with a lose against Thistle Juniors," on the Esplanade last Saturday—3-1. Being short-handed the Rovers had to play two of their second juniors— Hodge and Groves—who are far too good to play second juniors, and would make a fine addition to the first team if they could be persuaded to play for them. Messrs. Nester, Mountain Murray and Leake were by far the best, while Bancroft will make a fine half-back if he is only put in his right place. Ferridge, in goals, is not bad with his hands, but very shaky with his boots. Is it his new boots doing it? Legg should remember that when the Rovers play Thistle they don't play the grandstand. • iside'man's duty* is to fall back and help the halves. Hackett has got a roving commission, tthicli although in accordance with Fremantle's name, is 110 good on the field. -Don't forget, Nicholas, you signed a form for first juniors; if you plav "for seniors there will be trouble if you don't get a clearance. The team to represent- Fremantle Rovers against Perth City at the Esplanade, Perth, at 2.15 p.m.', will be as follows :—Pendy, Hodge, Clarke, O'Donnel, Galvin, Loukefi. Ryan, Bee Groves /captain), Legg, and Field; emergencies, Bancroft.

Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate, Friday 21 May 1920, page 2

To the Editor.
Sir-At the breaking up of the Moora Soccer Club in the early days of the war, Mr Bingham, who acted as secretary and treasurer of the club, left the whole of the papers concrning it, including a balance sheet with a Credit of £1 18s 8d in my charge. Subsequently I paid various accounts amounting to £1 6s which leaves a balance of 12s 8d, The whole of the accounts and correspondence are open to the inspection of those concerned, and I shall be glad if someone of them will make a suggestion as to what is to be done with the 12s 8d mentioned,
as 1 want the matter cleared up. It would probably amount to a beer each those of the members left in Moora. —Yours etc.,
Moora, May 16, 1920.

Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate, Friday 28 May 1920, page 2

Notes by " Centre "
Last week's matches resulted as follows: Wanderers, 5 goals, 11 behinds (41 points). Rovers, 2 goals, 12 behinds (24 points). Berkshire beat Coomberdale (scores not available). Wanderers undoubtedly proved the better team ; particularly was this so in aerial stunts. The black and whites appeared to have more than their share of the ball. They, however, were frequently penalised for flagrant breaches of the rules, and the sooner they obtain a better understanding of the rules of the game, the better it will be for the game in general. This remark applies equally to all the clubs. The game, as it is now being played in Moora, makes some of its old champions shudder; it is a mixture of soccer, Rugby, and our game well stirred up, and served to a suffering crowd of spectators.

Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser, Friday 21 May 1920, page 11

A practice match under Association rules will be played on the Armidale racecourse to-morrow (Saturday), when all intending players are invited to attend. Play will commence at 2.30.

World, Friday 21 May 1920, page 4

These teams met tor the first time this season on the Elwick Show Ground. St. George were without Almond, Mirrlees and Gould; and Hobart without J. H. Honeysett. Fletcher and Burton, nevertheless both sides were numerically at full strength. In the early stages of the game, Hobart. playing down the slope, did most ot the attacking, but were unable to score. In the second half the Saints had more of the game. and there were some exciting moments, first at one-goal mouth and then at the other. When full time was blown the score sheet was still blank. The game throughout was a good one, a notable feature being the improved form of the youneer players. The ball was swung about nicely. The older players showed early signs of "weanging," and occasionally faulty footwork, suggesting want of training and practice. Benson, St George's goalkeeper, called forth applause on one occasion by turning a shot round the post, having to go out "full length" to it. 
These two teams met at Lindisforne on Saturday for the first time this season. Both teams were strong, and as was expected a hard game was fought out. In the first half the combination of South Hobart showed to advantage, and they did most of the pressing. A nice run on the left wing resulted in Followes scoring with a good shot, Half time; South Hobart 1; Corinthians, nil. In the second half Corinthians tried hard to equalise but Griffiths, South's goalie, played a sure game. South spoilt several good openings by infringement of the offside rule. Final: South, 1 goal: Corinthians, nil. Mr. Lawrence gave every satisfaction as refereee.

World, Monday 24 May 1920, page 3

... It was decided to invite the British Association to meet the league next Friday night to make arrangements for the holding of a soccer match on the top ground on June 22 prior to the league match.

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, Saturday 22 May 1920, page 2

The Minmi third- grade football team lost six points as the result of the British Football Association's finding in regard to senior games played by their full-back, H. Willoughby. Willoughby withdrew from the team last week, and J. Auld was placed in his stead. The local team defeated Kia-Ora by 2 goals to nil, thus giving Minmi the only 2 points they now have to their credit. The employess of the Duckenfield Colleiry have 10 1/4 days pay to draw this rfiterioonth ils ?ing one f, the .:hrgoot pays diiwan atMml for sonic consIdert atble.tlr f'iho mole '~iheetlin rope brolte one aity. last w ee iied ,uspends d "ll operitions o l rtIre dey otherwile fill time nodIiage eveeteeted.

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