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Friday, 21 June 2019

100 years ago today 27 June 1919

The Herald (Melbourne)

Spotswood v. Albert Park, at Spotswood, Ref. Medlicott; 
N. and D. v. Footscray Thistle, at Albert Park, Ref. M'Culley; 
Preston v. Melbourne Thistle, Ref.- Downic; 
St. David's v. Windsor, Ref. Campbell; 
St. David's "A" v. Spotswood "A,". Ref. M'Kenzie.

Queensland Times (Ipswich)

My word, watching the crowd of "soccer" enthusiasts lining the Bundanba ground, last Saturday, reminded me of the many stubborn-fought games of British Association football I had witnessed on that spot. I was viewing the contest from the stewards' stand. on the Bundanba course, and the occasional glmpses I obtained, through a pair of glasses, were very thrilling. The barricklng was as lusty as formerly, and the ball seemed to be kept going between the two goals.

The Journal (Adelaide)

British Association.
The Cheltenham-Hindmarsh match at Cheltenham last Saturday attracted a great deal of. interest, and it is pleasing to note that the residents of that district, support the soccer game with enthusiasm, and have a keen sense of partisanship. It is a pity the Cheltenham ground is in such a bad condition, otherwise the play would have been of a character equal to any first-class game in the old country. As it was, there were flashes of scientific football at times, and the game was fast from the beginning. The home team were lucky to win at 3.2, for Hindmarsh gave them a gruelling right through, and the last point was scored with very little time to go. Hindmarsh have lodged a protest with the association gainst a goal notched by Cheltenham on the goal line, and it is likely that a replay will take place. When in doubt the referee should make it his business to consult both linesmen and weigh the evidence fairly before giving a decision, and in this case it appears that he awarded a goal before he was sure.

The Arrow (Sydney)


The Soccer Association have had a busy week-end owing to the holidays, and their games on Monday at the ShowGround were well attended. In the evening the dinner and social evening were all that could be desired, nearly 80 persons being present. Amongst the guests were Mr. R. Storey (hon. secretary of the N.S.W. Soccer Association). Mr. West (president of the Metropolitan Junior Soccer Association), artd Mr. S. Allen (assistant secretary of the Metropolitan Junior Soccer Association). All the officials of the N.D.B.F.A. attended while the president and secretary of the Northern District Referees Association represented their body.

To-morrow afternoon Holmesville and Adamstown are the senior teams occupying the Show Ground, and although the former were defeated by two goals to nil at their last meeting they have made big improvements as was shown by their 4 to nil victory over Minmi last week. Nevertheless they have a hard nut to crack in Adamstown who, so far, have not tasted defeat this season. Holmsville's incentive to play, however, is a big one as their last chance of capturing the Ellis Cup for this season will disappear should they suffer defeat. Hamilton will make the journey to Minmi to morrow, where Coppock and Co. are expecting to get both points from the Greens. Jennings will play outside left for Hamilton, Bywater half-back, and probably Sneddon centre forward, but they will find it a hard task to make the journey to Minmi and win. in fact their ability to do so is questioned in some quarters.

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