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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Battle for Fitzroy Cricket Ground, 1927

This is an excerpt from a piece in the Argus 14 May 1927 p 22. It outlines the objection made by the VFL to the Fitzroy Cricket Club continuing to rent their ground out to soccer bodies. Even though it meant losing a deal of income the cricket club yielded to the pressure.

The reference to the "old trouble" suggests that this is not the first time it has been an issue.
Rival Code Seeks League Ground
"We have the old trouble again," said Mr. V. J. McDonnell, secretary of the League second eighteens, "for the Fitzroy Cricket Club has asked the Fitzroy seconds to vacate the ground on June 25 and July 9 for an international soccer game. "We understood that we had the ground for the season."

Mr. M. E. Green (Fitzroy delegate) said that the cricket club had full power to let the ground, except when the seniors were using it. He understood that the cricket club had arranged another ground for the seconds, and intended to compensate them.

Mr. F. Reid (Essendon) said it was "the thin edge of the wedge" in an effort to introduce a different code of football. The seconds were of very great assistance to the seniors, and the grounds should not be taken away from them.

Mr. McDonnell said that the Fitzroy seconds would benefit financially by going off the ground on the dates required, but were thinking of the good of the game.

Mr. D. Crone (Carlton) considered that strong objection should be taken to any League ground being leased to soccer or rugby football.

Mr. L. H. McBrien (South Melbourne) moved that the League write to the Fitzroy Cricket Club and the Grounds' Management Association to the effect that the League viewed with alarm the suggested action of the Fitzroy Cricket Club in proposing to let the ground for the use of a foreign code to the detriment of the Australian game. In seconding the motion, which was agreed to, Mr. Reid said the Australian game, and not soccer, was the source of the revenue obtained by the grounds.

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