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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Moreland City v. Fawkner Blues, Campbell Reserve, 19/05/12

Game starts at 3pm. Must be off. Top of the table clash and either team gets a good opportunity to put some distance between itself and third place on the ladder.

Arrive at half-time in the ressies. Two nil to Moreland.

Sheltering from the cold in the clubhouse, famously lined with football tops and team shots from Europe. No Sunderland tops I notice, I'll have to give them one.

What's that South Melbourne top doing there?

Flavor of the moment or more permanent allegiance?

Nice run through the middle by mc no9 results in saved shot.

Thought this Moreland free kick was going in. Just wide.

Moreland dominating. Look much better in midfield. Morealnd go on to win the game 2-0 with a third goal being ruled out for offside.

Moreland senior coach, Maurice Bisetto, before the game.

3.01. Game commences. Fawkner Cyanazzuris attacking clubhouse end.

3.03.  Fawkner attacking free kick. Offside.

3.04. Moreland attacking free kick from left headed away.

3.10. Good attacking period from Moreland. Neither keeper yet troubled.

3.12. Good free kick from Moreland right met by glancing header missed left.

3.13. Fawkner free kick from right. Met at back post. Headed into side netting.

3.17. Periodic Moreland control. Fawkner break defused.

3.19. Good composed defense from Moreland under pressure at left back.

3.20. Moreland Cross from right goes behind.

3.23. Dangerous  Fawkner free kick from left headed away well.

3.24. Good f cross from right beginning of sustained minute of pressure. Finally cleared.

3.26. Fawkner attacking well on right.

3.27. Good hard Fawkner tackle. Could have been carded.

3.28. Fawkner free kick30 out. Headed clear. Returned and a neat headed goal looping the keeper. 1-0 fawkner. Deserved lead.

3.30. Another good  Fawkner attack. Keeper out to collect. Moreland free from right headed over.

3.31  Long ball from Fawkner eludes everyone. Keeper out bravely.

Latrobe score against Altona east. 1-0.

3.34. Another good attack from  Fawkner. Moreland need to find something.

3.37. Moreland fc on right wing. Headed into side netting at back post.

3.39. Good attack by Fawkner. Breaks down through poor decision by f no 9,Stevie.

3.40  Fawkner corner from right. Cleared. Sliced volley goes behind for goal kick.

3.41. Fawkner fc on right wing. Floated into box. Headed clear. Moreland break. Put behind for corner. Headed wide.

3.43. No 19 from mc coming into his own. Fawkner break. Moreland Keeper saves from deflected shot.

3.47.  Fawkner still combing well and looking good in attack.

3.48. Half time. 

Fawkner deserve their lead. Have played pretty well without making the Moreland keeper have to work.

Here's a prediction. Moreland have a lot of to do. But they can do it. 2-1 after a bollocking in the sheds.

South Melbourne legend Jimmy Armstrong on an irregular visit to Campbell reserve.
He thinks Fawkner has the edge as do most of the 150 spectators.

4.04. Second half underway.

Who is Alan Lugg?

4.06  Free kick corner from right cleared. Fawkner attack again.

4.07. Fawkner No. 8 does all the hard work and has a high shot tipped over. May have been missing.

4.08. Moreland have trouble clearing the resulting corner. Rare attack from Moreland.

4.09. Fawkner free kick right. Cleared.

4.10. More pressure from Moreland.

4.12. Two Moreland subs. Very early but something needed to be done.

4.14. Fawkner free kick 30 out in front. About 30 over!

4.15. Yellow to Fawkner for crude tackle. Moreland free kick on left. Cleared.

4.17. Ridiculously high shot by Fawkner.

4.18. Magnificent off balance save by Fawkner keeper from a dipping swerving shot. It really was a classy save.

4.19. Moreland corner. Good sustained pressure relieved by defensive free kick for offside.

4.22. Another yellow to Fawkner. Moreland free kick 30 out.
Second yellow for dissent. Player claims it was only his first card as he leaves the field reluctantly.

4.24. Moreland yellow. Game on the edge of getting ugly.

4.26. Fawkner free kick from left. Headed clear.

Keeper saves well.

4.28. Good period for Moreland.

4.31. Fawkner free kick 25 out. Cleared. Another shot. Saved by keeper.

4.34. Moreland cross/shot juggled by keeper.

4.35. Fawkner keeper saves high shot on line.

Even though Moreland are going through a good period, Fawkner are not really struggling even with a man short.

4.38. Fawkner attack from free kick on left. Goes behind.

4.39. Moreland break. Corner on left.

4.40. Fawkner free kick 25 out on left. Headed clear. Defensive fc.

4.41. Moreland free kick near right corner. Keeper feels he was impeded but ball cleared anyway.

4.43. Moreland sustained period of attack. Not penetrating though.

4.45. Fawkner shot just wide.

4.46. Moreland great opportunity. Blasted into side netting.

4.51. Moreland free kick 30 out on left. Behind for corner. Good header just over.

4.52  Game over. Fawkner 1-0.

With a man over Moreland had every opportunity to take this game back. Fawkner's resilience won the day. This should send alarm bells through the league. Highlight of the day was that save by the Fawkner keeper.

Fawkner keeper congratulated by his new friends from the Moreland supporters.
Why is he still wearing that horrible strip?


  1. Lot of great banter, keeper and fans handled it well.

  2. Cacking myself.

    Who's Alan Lugg?