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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Clifton Hill United v Moreland City, Quarries Park, 12/05/12

Tough choice today. Go to Altona to photograph Ballarat's famous supporters' couch or Quarries Park to see table-topping Moreland City's visit to Clifton Hill? The proximity and the cheaper ouzo swing it for me.
Moreland currently sit on top of SL2 NW. Their for and against (11 and 3) from 4 games looks very impressive when compared with the Hillmen's mid-table position (7 for, 7 against). The numbers suggest a Moreland 3-1 win.
Having seen both teams play this season I think it will be closer and if both play well a 0-0 draw is in the offing. Though Clifton Hill can win this if they play to their potential.
I'll be blogging from 2.30. 


Arrived in time to see Moreland ressies go 2-1 up from a well-hit corner. A major iPad malfunction sees me lose all my preliminary work (the spontaneity of which I'm going to have trouble recreating) and causes me to miss the lead up to the third goal.

The keeper brought down the Moreland striker for a pen and was red carded. 3-1. Clifton Hill coach very unhappy.

The game finishes 3-1 to Moreland City. Altona east reserves hammered 5-1 by the way.

Quarries Park really is a nice spot. Every view is scenic. And though the wind is cold and the skies are threatening it's a good place to be.

Clifton Hill in foreground. Moreland warming up at far goal in front of a parkland backdrop.

Managed to slip into the dressing room and get a couple of snaps.
The 2007 trophy for winning State League 2 and gaining promotion to State League 1
The club song on the wall. Are they aware that Bloody Richmond footy club pinched it from them?

 The match officials make their way onto the field.

They know how much abuse they will get so why do they do it?

Minute's Silence

Minute's silence for a figure attached to Clifton Hill. Their players have armbands.
An announcement would be helpful. Do they have a PA?

3.00 game underway. Clifton Hill with strong wind behind them.

3.01. Moreland free kick on right holds up in wind and comes down dangerously. Dealt with amid penalty claims.

3.03. Sustained pressure from Moreland. Number of dangerous free kicks. Not troubling Clifton Hill excessively.

Bobby. "I didn't touch him!"

3.06  Clifton Hill keeper nearly fumbles into his own net. Moreland looking the better team so far.

3.08  Good defending prevents moreland striker getting good shot away. Keeper saves.

3.09  All Moreland. But good break by Bobby for Clifton Hill on right leads to curling shot just wide left.

3.10  Another good attack from Clifton Hill on left.

3.12  Clifton Hill free kick on left results in weak shot just wide.

3.13  Clifton Hill kick 30 out comes to nothing.

Clifton hill now coming into their own. Game seems well-poised.

3.17  Moreland free kick on left. Glancing header wide.

3.21  Moreland forward attempts hand of god. Not effective, or dignified!

Typical light contrast on a Melbourne football afternoon

This is a good hard game. Lots of commitment from both teams.

3.28  Moreland free kick 30 out. Comes to nothing. Though Moreland are looking the more dangerous in attacking positions.

3.29  Injury break.

3.31  Moreland break down right. Comes to nothing.

3.32  Moreland break after good attack from Clifton Hill breaks down.

3.33  Bobby close from 20 out for Clifton Hill.

3.33  Bobby goes down theatrically. Though he was fouled. Kick from right palmed away by keeper.

3.34  Moreland attack down right produces clearance - though keeper had it covered.

End to end stuff now. Defenders not seeming troubled.

3.36  Long Moreland shot easily covered. Next wave: goal! Moreland 1-0. Missed it. Too busy typing to be able to describe it.

3.38  Foul by Moreland just outside area. Yellow. Kick to come. Good kick bent low around wall. Defender gets a foot to it.

3.40  Long bomb free kick by Clifton Hill saved easily by keeper.

3.41  Two good Moreland attacks. Shot just over in the second.

3.42  Wasted long ball by Moreland.

3.44  Long Clifton Hill throw into box headed over.

3.45  Moreland keeper palms high ball. Behind for corner. Corner goes through box crossed back in and headed wide.

3.46  Half time. Clifton Hill needed to score there and won't be happy running into the wind one goal down. Moreland looked the better team but Clifton Hill very good at times. Bobby and the other striker always looked threatening.

0-0 at half time in Altona.

4.01  Second half underway. Moreland attack.

4.02  Clifton Hill Foul outside area. Moreland kick badly hit. Keeper gathers on second attempt.

Series of Moreland raids.

4.07  Clifton Hill caught offside.

4.08  Extravagant dive by Moreland player in box. Referee ignores it.

4.09  Moreland Free kick on right. Goes behind but Clifton Hill having trouble clearing their half.

4.11  Moreland free on left 25 out. Cleared for corner. Corner produces scramble and save.

4.14  Moreland keeper takes high ball. Another high ball attack from Clifton Hill comes to nothing.

4.17  Bobby temporarily back In a more defensive role. Clifton Hill having a better period.

4.18  Moreland attack on right through ball too long. Moreland attack on right. Breaks down.

4.19  Strong Clifton Hill defense defuses through ball.

4.21  Sustained Moreland attack results in offside call.

4.22  Moreland free kick on right down line. Produces cross that isn't met. Cleared.

Moments after the photo taken, Moreland player in foreground puts ball in net. 2-0.

4.26   Moreland attacking throw. Comes across goal and put into net from close range. Clifton Hill cry offside but it wasn't. 2-0 to Moreland.

4.28  Deja vu all over again. Keeper takes out mc forward and is red carded. Almost carbon copy of the ressies send-off. Free kick 20 out.

Replacement keeper saves kick well onto left post. Cleared. Use your imagination!

4.34  Moreland shot from left when cross was the cry from the coach.

4.36  Moreland attack down right. Defender puts behind for corner. Great double save by keeper. The second a great reflex save.

4.39  Long ball from Moreland. They don't need to do it.

4.40  Clifton Hill copy. Keeper deals with it easily. Moreland break and keeper fouled coming out for high ball.

4.41  Great save by Moreland keeper. Possibly Clifton Hill's only real chance of the game Behind for corner.

4.42  Moreland attack defused after foul on defender.

4.43  Beautiful touch by Moreland no. 19 to turn defender in area. Shot comes off his teammate's backside and is cleared

4.44  Moreland striker's control lets him down ball balloons behind.

4.45  Moreland no 19 heads wide.

4.46  No 19 again in thick of it down right wing. Skillful player.

4.48  Nearly time. More long ball. Weak shot from Moreland no. 19 easily saved.

4.49  Clifton Hill blast over after good attack and ref blows for full time. Clifton Hill 0, Moreland 2.

Even allowing for the extra man Moreland looked superior in most aspects. They had better midfielders on the day who gave the team their dominance. The game resembled aerial ping pong at times in second half. The wind will do that. And when you are tiring it's the easier option. Moreland sitting pretty at the top. Clifton Hill have to find something soon.

Oh and Altona and Ballarat played a 0-0 draw.

SL2 NW Ladder After Round 5

Moreland City SC 5 4 1 0 13 3 10 13
2 Fawkner Blues FC 5 4 0 1 9 3 6 12
3 Westgate FC 5 2 2 1 9 7 2 8
4 Banyule City SC 5 2 2 1 10 9 1 8
5 Altona East Phoenix SC 5 2 2 1 4 6 -2 8
6 Brunswick City SC 5 2 1 2 11 11 0 7
FC Clifton Hill 5 1 2 2 7 9 -2 5
8 Preston Lions FC 5 1 2 2 6 9 -3 5
9 La Trobe University SC 5 1 2 2 4 7 -3 5
10 Keilor Park SC 5 1 1 3 8 8 0 4
11 Altona City SC 5 1 1 3 3 9 -6 4
12 Ballarat Red Devils SC 5 0 2 3 5 8 -3 2

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