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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Brompton Park and Ted Rowley and the 125 White Cedar Trees!

Rowley Park Speedway in Brompton was named after Mr Enoch Proctor (Ted) Rowley one of Australia's best known goalkeepers in the early days of Australian soccer.

During his eight years in Kalgoorlie (where his uncle lived) he became almost a legendary figure in the soccer world being regarded as WA's best goalkeeper, He also played 1 game of Aussie Rules kicking 10 goals but gave the game away and sticking with the round ball.
On 3 August 1941, 125 white cedar (Melia azedarach) trees were planted in honour of enlisted soccer players in 2 rows at a ground owned by the SA Soccer Football Association in Brompton Park, Brompton, Adelaide, South Australia.
In 2019 this is located on Torrens Road between Kennington Ave and Coglin St in Brompton, Adelaide.
It appears that the rows of trees are to the left of the image along Torrens Road and on the Coglin Street side.
For the record, by November 1941 - 150 players and officials, 35% of the membership and officials had enlisted in the fighting forces of WW2.
Surrounding streets and parks are named after Ted Rowley including Rowley Lane (Brompton), Rowley Terrace (Woodville) and Rowley Reserve (Woodville).
And what of the 125 White Cedar trees?
It seems that these trees (and their seeds) still exist at the John Hindmarsh frontage, Rowley Lane and have spread through to Coglin Street.

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