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Thursday, 24 October 2019

100 year ago today 24 October 1919

Newcastle Sun, 24 October 1919, page 5


Soccer Code

The fixtures are: — Kerr Cup Final. — West Wallsend v. Balmain Fernleigh, 3 p.m.; referee, Mr. W. Stott; linesmen, Messrs. R. Sklllings and R. Gall. Hamilton v. Adamstown, 1.30 p.m.; referee, Mr. W. Hughes. Both games at Show Ground.

The Kerr Cup final, which will be played on the Show Ground tomorrow will officially close the season. The game, and the importance of it, should make a fitting termination to what has been a very successful season. 

For the Kerr Cup final the two teams who met in the State final will be matched. Balmain Fernlelgh are the undisputed premiers of Sydney, and the winners of the State championship. West Wallsend finished at the top of the Newcastle table and wound up by winning the Ellis Cup. They suffered their only defeat this season in that much discussed State (or Gardiner Cup) final, but are the premiers of the Newcastle district. Both teams will be at full strength. Fernleigh will include Half-back Allen Ferguson, who recently became a benedict, and he will replace Sid Storey. The Sydney team will be F. Storey (goal), H. Fisher and H. Batten (full back), E. Ferrier (captain), K. Leadbetter and A. Ferguson (half backs), P. Lazonby, J. Adams, H. Porter, F. Hancock and F. Yabsley, forwards. This team is identical with the 11 which defeated West Wallsend in the last final. West Wallsend will play W. M'Kenzie in goal; W. Lee ana H. James, full-backs; J. Coutts R. Sneddon, cap tain), A. M'Kay, half-backs; W. Smith, B. Kaiser, T. Coates, T. Sinclair, D. M'Lauchlin, forwards. This is their Ellis and Gardiner Cup final team. 

Coutts, returning after a fortnight's rest, reports that the bad back is nowa good one again. The Kerr Cup will be presented to the winners immediately after the game and to ensure a winner double extra time will, if neccssary, be played. Captain A. A. Stirling has promised to make the presentation. 

The history of the Kerr Cup is short. It was presented to the N.D.B.F.A. in 1914 by Mr. W. Kerr, of Sydney, it was put up for senior competition and won by Merewether in 1914, and again in 1915. Owing to the war it was not competed for in 1916 or 1917. But in 1918 it was played for in a knock-out competition and won by West Wallsend. 

This year's finalists both had three teams to beat before they reached the final round. Westy defeated Wallsend, Annandale and Pyrmont, while Fernleigh beat Adamstown, Sydney Y.M.C.A., and Minmi. A word of advice to the locals might not be amiss. Play two backs — not one. Fernleigh are fast, and the one back game is the worst possible thing to play against fast forwards — it leaves your goal too open. So Messrs. Lee and James remember this, or Kerr Cup will find its way to Balmain. 

The early game will be between Adamstown v. Hamilton combinations. Adamstown will select from Smith, Cassidy, C. Davies, Lambert, E. Liddle, W. Liddle, Ford, Stewart, Grey, Bush, Jenkins, Eggleston. Hamilton will select their eleven from their seconds, thirds and juniors, and so should give Adamstown a hard game. 

An Old Enthusiast 

In the invitation to Mr. Stirling to present the cup to tomorrow's winners the association's choice was popular. Andy is one of Newcastle's old Soccer players and when with West Newcastle was one of the best inside forwards in the State. He played with West Newcastle the year (1898) they were beaten In the Gardiner Cup final by Pyrmont Volunteers. At that time Dinnie Hamilton, now secretary of Adamstown, was also in West Newcastle Club. This reference will no doubt awake memories among some Soccer old hands, who are still active followers of the code. Men such as Brolgy Elgey, that great goalie, John M'Cartney, the present patron N.D.B.F.A.; Ted Buxton, present vice-president N.D.B.F.A.; Sam Genge, and a host of others, all 'bobbers' of the Show Ground stand to day. Andy Stirling was also treasurer of the association last year, and was re-elected this year, but resigned owing to business claims and his many friends will be glad of the honor accorded to him. 

Adamstown Carnival 

On Saturday, November 8, Adamstown Club will run that patriotic carnival off. The A.I.F. team will be selected by the soldiers' representatives and the Rests team will be selected by the N.D.B.F.A. selection committee. The game will form part of the sports which will include the final of the five-a-side competition and various other events which will be advertised in this paper. 

Balmain's Record 

Should Fernlelgh win the Kerr Cup they will have created a wonderful record, in that they entered three competitions — Sydney League, Gardiner Cup, Kerr Cup, and won them all. They say they are sure to create the record.

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