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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Newcastle: Looking for Foundations

I've started looking seriously at the Newcastle region's deep history in the game. 

I've consulted 
1. Mosely, 
2. Sid Grant and Harry Hetherington's 'History of Soccer in New South Wales' and 
3. the NNSW Heritage Cup website in gathering this information.

The first task has been to create a database of all the so-called 'heritage clubs' in the region, those over 100 years old. Using the Heritage Cup website we created a rudimentary database of the following.

Name Founded
Minmi Rangers/Wanderers FC 1884
Wallsend FC 1887
Adamstown Rosebud 1889
West Wallsend FC 1891
Edgeworth Eagles FC 1892
Merewether Advance SFC 1894
Dudley Redhead United SFC 1896
Cessnock City Hornets FC 1907
Wetson Bears FC 1907
Lake Macquarie City Roosters FC 1912
New Lambton FC 1917
Maryland Fletcher FC

  1. Minmi Rangers/ inaugural club.
    Also known as Thistles/Squashers/Clippers/Starlights/Wanderers 
    Won a raft of competitions -- the Gardiner Cup in 1892 -- club collapses before ww2
  2. Wallsend FC --- Rovers/Royals/Reds --
    Aside from Ellis Cup in 1889, didn't really start winning much until the 1920s 14 Major Premierships [11 Runners-Up], 4 Minor Premierships, 2 Club Championships, 65 Cups [13 Runners-Up],
  3. Adamstown Rosebud (momentarily Shamrocks)
  4. West Wallsend Athletic/Bluebells/Mazeppas/woodpeckers
  5. Edgeworth Eagles -- previously Young Wallsend
  6. Merewether Advance
  7. Dudley Redhead -- a merger of two clubs
  8. Cessnock (one time Bluebells)
  9. Weston Magpies/Albion/Bears
    founded 1907 in 1909 changed to black and white stripes under the influence of Geordie Bill Hindmarsh. Has to change to the Bears when the Maitland Magpies enter the competition
  10. Lake Macquarie
  11. New Lambton

The second task has been to revisit Mosely
Soccer in the Newcastle District had been organised by the Northern British FA since 1887. By 1900 there were fifteen teams playing in official competitions [6 of them survive] and by 1909 twenty-eight teams. [8 of those survive] In 1910 the Wallsend and District British FA was formed and took over from the Northern British FA. In its first year the new body raised the District’s number of soccer teams to fifty-two.
Third: Sid Grant and Harry Hetherington's History of Soccer in New South Wales on Mark Boric's site

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