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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Game That Never Happened is about to happen

What follows is some information on my book. It is about to be published at long last.

The Game That Never Happened:
The Vanishing History of Soccer in Australia

ISBN 9780994601933
Ian Syson
Category Football (Soccer, Association football)
Pages 192
Published 01/08/2018
Binding P/B
$ARP $29.95
ISBN 9780994601933

The Game That Never Happened finishes where many other histories of Australian soccer have barely even started. It begins in the mid-nineteenth century and concludes between the two world wars, when the game suffers from a massive and perhaps crippling collapse. Australian soccer’s prehistory and early history are vital but forgotten stories. If we are ever to domesticate what is still seen as a foreign game by many important historiographical, cultural and media narratives, this story needs to be told. The lie is that soccer is the game that never happened in Australia. That lie needs to be demolished.

The book is published by Sports and Editorial Services Australia 
and is distributed by Dennis Jones and Associates  
phone:  +61 3 9762 9100 email:

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