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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Victorian Soccer Fixtures and Results 1890

The teams in 1890 were

  • South Melbourne
  • Carlton
  • Rovers
  • Wanderers

Saturday 12 April
Players 3 Spectators 1 at Middle Park
Saturday 10 May
Rovers v Carlton at Middle Park
Rovers team: Newton, Hill. T. Clarke, Boden, Law, Plummer, Muirhead, Clarke, Bisiker, Lamb, Middleton.
Carlton team : Liddiard, Tunnicliff, Irvine, M'Kenzie, F. Beeson, H. Beeson, Bathgate, Nicholson. 
Saturday 5 July 
South Melbourne 4 Carlton 0 (George and George Cup) at Middle Park 
Saturday 26 July
South Melbourne 3 Rovers 1 (George and George Cup) at Middle Park
Saturday 6 September
South Melbourne 5 Carlton 5 (Beaney Cup) at Middle Park
 Carlton: Goal, Wilson; backs, Spence and Hunt; half backs, Donaldson, F. Beeson and Walker ; forwards, Bathgate. H. Beeson, M'Kenzie Nicholson and Irvine. South Melbourne: Goal, Salmon. backs, M'Pherson and Wridgway; half backs, Paton, Tunnicliff and Ross: forwards, Mann, Hartley. Johnston, Murray and Gibb
Saturday 13 September
South Melbourne v Carlton (Beaney Cup) at Middle Park 

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