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Friday, 11 July 2014

The Heavy Sleeper's World Cup Reviews

One of the features of this World Cup for me has been Paul Mavroudis' literary efforts, not from some exotic location or press box in Brazil but from his home in Altona. The Heavy Sleeper's World Cup Reviews (published by Shoot Farken) represent a combination of wit, intelligence, irreverence, sense and nonsense, relevance and irrelevance. They make for hypnotic writing bursting with value and pleasure for all who get to read them. Share this with your friends because it's the best writing I've seen from the World Cup.
  1. Brazil v Croatia, Spain v Netherlands
  2. Australia v Chile, Uruguay v Costa Rica, Italy v England
  3. Côte d’Ivoire v Japan, France v Honduras, Argentina v BiH
  4. Germany v Portugal, Iran v Nigeria, USA v Ghana
  5. Brazil v Mexico, Russia v S Korea, Australia v The Netherlands
  6. Spain v Chile, Cameroon v Croatia, Uruguay v England, Japan v Greece
  7. Italy v Costa Rica, France v Switzerland, Honduras v Ecuador
  8. Germany v Ghana, Nigeria v BiH, S Korea v Algeria, USA v Portugal
  9. Australia v Spain, Croatia v Mexico
  10. Italy v Uruguay, Greece v Côte d’Ivoire, France v Ecuador, Algeria v Russia
  11. Brazil v Chile, Colombia v Uruguay, Costa Rica v Greece
  12. Germany v Algeria, Argentina v Switzerland, Belgium v USA
  13. Germany v France, Brazil v Colombia
  14. Argentina v Belgium, Netherlands v Costa Rica

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