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Monday, 30 September 2013

Victorian Soccer Fixtures and Results 1883

A number of scratch and practice matches were played throughout the season. They have not been listed below. I have listed the matches recorded as competitive, though I suspect some of them* are also practice/scratch matches. The game on 9 June is the very first recorded game of competitive soccer in Melbourne.

*Saturday 12 May
Anglo Australian Association FC v Richmond at Richmond Cricket Ground
Saturday 9 June
Anglo Australian Association FC 4 South Park  FC 1 at Richmond Cricket Ground

*Saturday 30 June
Anglo Australian Association FC 1 The Rest 1 at Richmond Cricket Ground [Weekly Times records it as Scotch v other members]
Thursday 16 August
Victoria 2 NSW 2 at East Melbourne Cricket Ground
The NSW team in Victoria Sydney Mail 3 June 1925
Saturday 18 August
Victoria 0 NSW 0 at South Melbourne Cricket Ground

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