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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Channelling Migrants to Sydney for Nefarious Soccer Purposes

Kevin Sheedy. All is forgiven. You were right. The Department of Immigration seems to have been involved in the illicit practice of moving English migrants to Sydney, in 1947, 66 years ago. Though perhaps the dept wasn't involved; perhaps it just turned a blind eye . . . OK, maybe it wasn't involved at all. 

This is from the Goulburn Evening Post, 15 January 1947.


Recently - Arrived Players 

SYDNEY: A report that Soccer clubs were inviting some of the British immigrant builders to leave Canberra and work in   Sydney may he investigated by the Soccer board of directors at the meeting in Sydney next Saturday. One club is said to have communicated with members of the British party aboard ship at Fremantle, offering jobs in Sydney to any with outstanding Soccer ability.
Some of the men, it is believed, are considering traveling from Canberra to Sydney at week-ends for matches. It was claimed in Canberra last night that a representative: of Metters, Ltd., interviewed a number of the men on the day of their arrival in Canberra, Including Eddie Robertson; formerly a prominent player for Dundee United.
The president of. the N.S.W. Soccer Association, Mr: C. Sullivan said last night that reports of  any move to take members of the party away from their employment at Canberra were, if true, "most distressing." The Soccer directors might find it necessary to adopt methods to prevent clubs from such action he added.

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