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Monday, 4 March 2013

International journal of the history of sport

The next issue is out soon and will contain an article by yours truly and a number of other, good soccer pieces. Make sure you check it out at your library. If its not available at your library, nag them.

The International Journal of the History of Sport
Volume 30, Number 5, March 2013
Australasia and the Pacific Regional Issue
Edited by Rob Hess 
The ‘Chimera’ of Origins: Association Football in Australia before 1880
Ian Syson
‘Connected to Something’: Soccer and the Transnational Passions, Memories and Communities of Sydney’s Italian Immigrants
Francesco Ricatti and Matthew Klugman
Against the Run of Play: The Emergence of Australian Soccer Literature
Paul Mavroudis
The Forgotten Grounds of Sydney: A Retrospective Overview of Select National Soccer League Venues
Les Street 
Organising Sport at the Olympic Games: The Case of Sydney 2000
Stephen Frawley 
Wicked Wikipedia? Communities of Practice, the Production of Knowledge and Australian Sport History
Stephen Townsend, Murray Phillips and Gary Osmond

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