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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Melbourne Heart v Central Coast Mariners, bubbledome 28/10/2012

Won't be time-stamping my blog today - unless I get a request to do so.

This game is like a blank slate to me. Heart is the best and worst team in the comp and if last week's game is any guide the Mariners are the unluckiest. Who knows?

Pre game warm up and CCM doing this bizarre Morris dance/ring-a-roses routine.

Andy Maher, sokka commentator, in the broadcast room pre game

Vince Grella is officially introduced to the (very sparse it must be said) Heart crowd. The Ayr United supporter says "Wait. They will come." Not holding my breath.

Teams come out at 3.02. How big is Clint Bolton!

Waiting for Foxtel. 3.06 underway.

Early on Heart trying to play out from the back.

Heart player stops to see if he's onside and loses momentum after some good lead up work by Fred/Williams.

Good counter by CCM.

Good brisk opening without either team looking dominant.

Nice work by Heart ends with cross well gathered by Ryan.

Heart playing well. Good work on the flanks by both Behich and Williams.

Mistakes affecting the fluidity of play.

Garcia through on goal. Shoots wide. Ball gathered and crossed back in.

Heart playing very well but final ball is often poor.

Good cross by Williams well kept by Ryan.

CCM have a period of possession and pressure.

Bolton gives himself more work than he needed to do from a Bojic free kick. But gathers in the end.

Garcia having a bit of a moan when he doesn't receive the pass. Not a good look.

CCM free kick from left. Garcia heads clear. Return shot Driven high and over.

A lot of yawning in the media box. The Ayr united supporter thinks its a bit like a training game.

Macallister comes off and goes straight to the rooms. Tadic warming up. On in the 37th minute.

Yellow to mcbreen 39th minute.

Another good cross by Williams.

Colosimo booked 41st.

Great save by Bolton in 42nd minute from a point blank Sterjovski shot. Looked a certain goal to be honest.

Well plucked cross from CCM.

Half time. Lets hope they put something in the drinks to lively up the players.

Underway. Dugandzic on for Fred with a tight hamstring. Macallister had a rib injury.

More of the same. And then. Goal. Great free kick Bojic from ccm. 51st minute. Heart 0. CCM 1.

Colosimo gives possession away too easily.

Good work from Heart up right. Poor switch to left sees the ball out.

And again.

Heart pressure still not producing the final ball.

Ccm ibini on for sterjovski. 65th minute.

Tadic. How did he miss? Even Vinnie bangs the glass in frustration.

Vinnie Grella in the coach's box next to the media box.

Vrankovic on for Thompson. 69th minute.

The Ayr united supporter thinks the game has lifted. Yet snother chance squandered.

Crowd 6357.Is that the worst A League crowd of the season so far.

Another chance to Heart. Fair to say heart now coming in waves.

CCM Hearfield on for Rogic.

Heart doing most of the attacking but CCM making the odd good break.

Starting to feel like Heart won't score.

Behich and Garcia have both worked hard and are starting to show the effects. No subs available unfortunately.

Heart still showing brilliance capped by flat endings.

3 minutes add on time.

CCM  Anderson on for Hutchinson.

Full time. CCM win a lacklustre game. They didn't deserve it. Though Heart deserved nothing either. Perhaps both teams should have points deducted for that display. Heart showed some fire in patches but nowhere near enough.

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