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Sunday, 9 September 2012

South Melbourne v Bentleigh Greens 9/9/12

Arrived at half time in the ressies. 0-0.

Moment in the ressies game

Bentleigh ressies up 2-1 after falling behind to a great free kick around and over the wall leaving the keeper without a hope. Greens looking more purposeful with the ball.

Full time. South 1, Bentleigh 2.

South and Bentleigh warming up.

This was the trip I've been resisting. I loved Bob Jane Stadium and I resented the changes forced upon the club by Eddie McGuire and company. The intimacy has gone - though the new stadium is impressive and the facilities are first rate. But I miss being able to stand behind the goal and goad the opposition keeper without shouting. Oh well. Progress.


This is a must win game for South. It needs to win today and next week by three clear goals over both games to guarantee a finals spot. Anything less would see it's fate in other hands.A failure to win today means the end of the road.

Bentleigh can virtually secure second place by winning. So it should be a cracker.

We're due for a 5pm start. Decent crowd building up. Around 1000-1200 in the end.

Toss made where the old centre spot would have been. South running towards the city

5.04. Off we go.

5.06. South free kick on right overworked and Payne goes for a run losing ball. Bentleigh press immediately and keep the pressure on for the next few minutes.

5.10. Good break down right by south. Cross hit well but straight at keeper.

5.11 Bentleigh corner left. Too long. Headed behind for goal kick.

5.13. Bentleigh corner right. South breaks. Bentleigh keeper comes out too far in clearing and south 7 shoots from distance. Only just wide.

5.17. Bad tackle on half way hurts Fernando. No card.

5.20. Period of control for south. Good long strike put behind for corner. Produces a weak header back across goal. Easily saved

5.22. South corner left. Cleared. Half break by Bentleigh. South back in control.

5.23 South free kick 25 out. Nice move. Ball cut back in. Fernando scoops over.

5.25. Nice build up by south. Shot from right blocked by defender.

5.27. Paul trimboli is in da house.

5.29. Another South free kick 20 out. Blasted over.

We're getting to the point where phrases like "turning this dominance into goals" come to mind if you are a South supporter.

5.30. Another good move blasted over by Fernando.

5.34. Yet another good South move. Keenan drives wide.

5.37. Bentleigh has a moment of pressure.

This game has 1-0 Bentleigh written all over it.

5.39. Bentleigh shot half saved by keeper. Cleared by Payne.

Bentleigh coming into their own.

5.42. Weak shot by Bentleigh over the bar.

5.43. Another Bentleigh shot cleared away. Free kick relieves the reassure.

5.46. More good lead up work wasted by South with a low percentage shot over the bar.

5.49. South free kick left headed behind. Corner results in Bentleigh break. South player carded after holding back Bentleigh player.

5.51. Last event of half as south hit a free kick straight at keeper and ref blows for half time.


6.06. Second half underway.

Got stuck in presidents room.

6.34. Tight constipated game. Interrupted by South's failures to shoot well. Getting immensely frustrating. South has 15 mins to save its season.

6.36. Bentleigh free kick 20 out. Cleared. Ball returned and Bentleigh player puts wide when goal is open.

6.38. Goal!!! To South. Vlahos at back post heads in Petrovski chipped cross. Good work.

South 1-0.

6.42. Burton misses sitter for South. Smart lead up but dumb finish.

6.45. South down to ten men. Trifiro off injured.

6.46. South down to 9 men. Tsiaris off after denying a goalscoring opportunity.

6.50. Now in added time.

6.52. Bentleigh score. Scramble in goalmouth. So good saves but pressure tells.


6.55. All over. As is South's season.

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